baglusting (continued)

I don’t know if wordpress restricts a post by length, but I thought that maybe by adding a new page I may get a little push that I need to update this space more frequently. There are just these few pages that I have created and are still in sort of a state of WIP. Gosh how that word reminds me of somethings that I really do not want to be reminded of. Nevertheless, here we go!


I won’t deny that I love Prada. During a certain period of my life it was THE brand for me because of the kinds of bags they create, classic and smart. There were the seasonal fun pieces but I don’t have a large shopping budget to indulge in seasonal pieces. For me, bags are all about timelessness and versatility.

I think I bought this way back in January 2008when I was on vacation in Hong Kong; not from the Space outlet (don’t think they have it there anyhow or I’m not sure). I remembered always feeling very lured by the Prada shops when I walked past them so when I popped into the store in Central, I just couldn’t help getting something. It has a great size and shape but the design of it plus the leather it was made with meant that its opening wasn’t very friendly. Many times, I have been scratched by the zipper while trying to put/get things in/out and the zipper can be a bitch to close. Also, the handles aren’t long enough for me to carry the bag comfortably on my shoulders or maybe my arms are just too fat for me to be carrying the bag that way. I still love this bag though but lack of use and good maintenance has caused the leather to acquire an odd smell… so perhaps I will need to send it to the professionals for cleaning.


Coach has really nice and colourful bags but I never really got around to getting them because I always felt them to be too pricey locally or at least outside of the States. I have a couple of them that were from the US but since I don’t go there often, I don’t own many Coach bags.

In November 2011 I was holidaying in New York city and well what’s a trip to NYC without visiting the Woodbury premium outlets? I spent a few hours there on a really cold autumn day and bought this. 

It’s really not a looker because this is a very basic black leather tote. It has a good size that isn’t too large (although I considered a larger size but decided otherwise eventually) and I can actually put many things into it. I have used this bag rather frequently since buying it, because I feel comfortably enough to bring it overseas with me on work trips and just abuse it any which way. Haha. And oh yes, it has some compartments, 2 side pockets and large pocket at the back, with some additional smaller pockets on the inside of the bag. I really dig bags with compartments because they make searching for things so much easier!


Along with Coach, Kate Spade is another brand that boasts colourful and fun-looking bags that I have always considered getting if not for the price tags. Somehow I just don’t feel it justified to pay the kind of prices here in Singapore, or even in some other countries I have been to where the prices are much higher than that in the States. So back to that November 2011 trip to NYC where I bought the Coach (pictured above), I snared as well a Kate Spade bag at a steal. It was on a further markdown at the Premium Outlets, and if I recalled correctly, this was only about US$100!


It is another black bag sure, and it isn’t fancy or anything but this is a great value-for-money bag. I love its size, despite that it doesn’t have any top closure, but it is extremely roomy and I can fit so many things in it. Besides, due to its material it is lightweight and easy to carry; it’s one of my daily work bags in favour of the leather darlings that are so heavy and require more tender loving care. So a tip if you are heading to the U.S., don’t forget to check out the outlets for some great deals if you are a bag hag like me, or some sort of reformed bag hag.


Indeed, when I mentioned that I won’t stop at one, I really didn’t. I really love the buttery feel of the leather of this range of Balenciaga bags. However, I really don’t know how to go about maintaining them, because the very first City that I have, after my use and abuse, has now become a tad distressed, in a not-so-good way. Its handles have become so soft that I am worried the non-leather parts, i.e. the thread-like thing that is woven about its handles, or even the leather on the handles themselves, may just start to disintegrate. I am the worst person when it comes to caring for my bags so now, I have to start thinking if I really want to add on to the Balenciaga family, or even worse, my family of bags.

But anyway, let’s turn our attention back to my third BBag, something I got for myself as a birthday present in July 2012 when I was in London for a business trip. Finally, I have the chance to visit the store on my own to get the bag! When I asked the SA to see the colours they have for the part-time in regular hardware, I was really wow-ed by the drawer that opened up to show the entire range they carried, from the lightest shade in yellow to the darkest black, there must have been at least 20 different pieces in that drawer! I had a really tough time but chose a safe colour that wasn’t black.


This isn’t the best photo that I can get of the bag, but at least it’s still a picture of it. I like that the part-time is more spacious than the city, since it is longer in its width, but shorter in terms of height. Also, for this model, even for the regular hardware the handles are longer than the city, so you can easily fit the handles on your shoulders without feeling like the bag is being sandwiched by your armpit. Now that Balenciaga has made some changes to the bags in terms of the hardware and the likes (which I read up about recently but forgot), maybe in 2013, I will still get another BB? Let’s see.


Here’s my 2013 birthday present for myself!


When this was launched a while ago (can’t remember exactly when, 2011?) I was quite tempted to get it because although I wasn’t that much into the Longchamp Le Pliage craze, I actually do have a few of them. It’s a great bag that’s very utilitarian and I have come to rely on the piece that I got from the Amsterdam airport very much whenever I travel because it’s roomy and light! I held back on this, knowing that since it was full leather, it also will mean that the price will accordingly not be as affordable as its nylon counterpart that almost every single femae owns at least one of. Finally, while I was in Paris last month I finally made up my mind to get it. And why not, since there was also the added benefits of a tax refund and Euro is not as high as it was before. The first colour that caught my eye was a very nice mustard that leans more towards the bright side, but knowing how light-coloured bags are a sure hit for dirt, I opted for a safe choice. Deliberated on taupe/khaki but finally decided on this navy-ish colour. I don’t know its exact name since I can’t seem to find it online (and don’t think it fits what I see as Bilberry on the website) but I’m rather happy with this purchase, which is actually smaller than the usual Le Pliage medium of the nylon range.

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