a major case of baglust

Purely for my own warped indulgence, and to give all my lovelies a space in my virtual world, gradually but eventually. :p


This picture isn’t very well-taken and it totally doesn’t do the bag justice. But I think this is one of my most well-used bags. Like I said, I am lazy when it comes to changing bags and I am used to now liking bags that come with a shoulder strap that can leave me hands-free. My friend helped me get this from London in January 2010, and since I got it, I have brought it along with me overseas to Japan, Hong Kong and Korea, braving biting single-digit temperatures and extreme humidity. No wonder the leather is at the current state it is at now, and my friend made it worse by commenting on how dry my leather looks as compared to the buttery feel of hers. But I still love my regular-hardware Anthracite city a lot. Not sure which year it was from but this first one made me fall in love with Balenciaga bags and their slouchy laid-back feel, and I knew just then that this wouldn’t be the only one I have.

And indeed I didn’t. In the same year, I got my 2nd Balenciaga though it was already year end in December 2010 when I did. I had a friend who was making a stop in London enroute coming back to Singapore from a biz trip so I asked him to pick it up for me. I’m thankful that I have friends who are travelling around all the time and still think to ask if I have anything I need from these places, but I’d wish that I was the one making these biz trips instead. Ok, that is a sore point and it just makes me feel terrible. So it is with my friend’s judgment that I got the Rose Gold Giant City in Praline, because I was deliberating between Noir and Praline. The rose gold coloured studs are really pretty IRL, although this picture doesn’t do it justice at all, and the smell of new leather is simply heaven to my olfactory senses. Perhaps because it is new, the leather is still pretty stiff and thick, because my first Bal is already very well-used and distressed. The Giant City is also heavier, but I loved that the top handles are slightly longer so it makes carrying on the shoulder easier as compared to the regular. I’m already contemplating a third, but I don’t know if I should get yet another city, or a part-time / velo. Hmm.


A friend helped me to get this from Heathrow in July 2008 I believe. The pound was at a low then although it hadn’t as yet then reached record lows like what it is at now. I loved this jumbo caviar because the size is just about right for the lots of things that I always need to bring around, and the shape of the bag holds everything in their place nicely.

I picked this up at Selfridges London while I was there in July 2009 for a trip when I was on that 5-month break from work doing absolutely nothing. It was rather pricey for a clutch because I suspect it being made in lambskin has something to do with it. It feels really great to touch because lambskin is so soft but yet I’m constantly in a dilemma cos I can’t put that many things in it, and I don’t have that many dinner functions to attend where I wouldn’t be required to carry the usual stuff around. But it’s a beauty, although I have used only all of twice or thrice I believe.

I bought this during the same July 2009 trip but when I visited the flagship at Rue de Cambon in Paris during the end part of my trip. It was quite an experience shopping at that store even if it looked like all other Chanel shops, because this was where it first started, wasn’t it? The only piece that was available left in the store on that day, and I totally adore the rich blue colour that wasn’t too bright or light. Blue is a nice colour I like for my bags, as you will find out later when I post more photos of my bags. The caviar medium is a tad too small for my day-to-day use although it may mean I need to streamline on the number of things I bring out.


The next one is a solo, lonely bag. There was once when I was totally enamoured with the Bittersweet bag and on a whim that day at Isetan, I picked up this huge light blue bag with burgundy trimmings. If I remembered correctly, that was in early 2007 or 2006, and the skin I heard was elephant skin. I’m quite sad that one side of the bag has turned a tad yellowish that I can’t remove even with professional bag cleaning, although that isn’t the reason why I haven’t been using this bag recently. It’s quite heavy, considering the amount of leather that goes into it, and the strap with the metal thing also makes the bag heavy even when it’s empty! So you see, the 2nd blue bag of the collection, and more to come!


I had been wanting to get a satchel bag for a while, and when I spied the Mulberry Alexa in the magazines and online, I sort of fell in love with it. I even put myself on the waitlist in Singapore when I popped into the store one day to find out that the bag wasn’t on local shores yet. And somehow by some stroke of luck, I went online to the UK store and saw that they had this in-stock. It was the most expensive item that I have ever bought over the Internet (save for air tickets), and it arrived all the way from UK to my home in about 3 days. This happened in September 2010. I love the oak colour but the strap of the bag is a bit too long for my short frame, and it tends to get a bit heavy as well so it doesn’t seem to carry well. No matter I still love this bag a lot, as during this phase I am really into this type of look – the not-too-girly-bordering-on-adrogynous look. If there is even such a thing. Was toying with the idea of getting another Alexa in a different colour in the smaller size, but I think that is a crazy thought, perhaps a Proenza would be a more logical choice.


Have I ever mentioned that I love Prada? Yes I do actually, although it doesn’t mean I don’t give love to the other brands. I love bags. Period.

December 2006. Made a trip to Hong Kong and when I was out shopping and saw this, I just couldn’t resist it. It isn’t much cheaper buying from Hong Kong, but as with Prada stores, each outlet doesn’t necessarily carry the same range or models, or so I was told or think, so I just bought it. I think it cost approximately S$2k after conversion and it’s one of the priciest Prada bags that I have. You can’t put too many things in it by virtue of its flat shape and it tends to get heavy if you burden it with too many things, which will then add pressure on your shoulder if you’re using the long strap to carry it. Love it for the colour and there was this time I didn’t consider the big jacquard logo too ostentatious/attention-grabbing. I still don’t actually but it hasn’t seen the light of day for perhaps at least a year because yours truly is lazy like that.

This is one of my favourite Prada bags, as with most Prada bags I have anyway, because it’s one of my most-loved brands. Well, I do have quite a number of brands that I adore, but that’s another question for another time. So, this was actually a gift from J in 2007 and the bag comes with a detachable strap that you can use to carry it as a messenger/sling abg. I like that it is extremely versatile and has a nice square shape to contain most of the knick-knacks that I carry around on a daily basis. It has even accompanied me abroad for work or leisure and functions perfectly as an everyday bag! Of course, it being black also means that it matches my wardrobe to a T.

From the photo, the colour of this bag looks a tad odd, because I don’t know if I should be describing it as pink / purple / brown / nude / otherwise. This was one great bargain I got from Tokyo in December 2008, because Prada in Takashimaya was having a sale and this was at 40% off, for a full leather bag! Although the opening of the bag isn’t big enough so it makes putting in / taking out things a bit difficult at times, it’s good to prevent pickpockets in that way I would suppose? But the shape of the bag lends itself to innate roominess that I appreciate immensely (as with most bags that I like), and the single top handle also ensures that it won’t inadvertently slip off my shoulders when I’m using it, as with a lot of double-handled/strapped bags that I have. It’s Prada, so I’m not complaining.

prada_tessuto_vit_daiSometime back, I read off someone’s blog about the Space outlet in Hong Kong. I have been to Hong Kong more than 10 times in my life so far and I have never been to any of the outlets, because simply put I don’t really trust buying from outlets. I had been to the Gotemba outlet in Tokyo near Hakone, and left without buying anything, although I sort of regretted. This was the third time I went to the Space outlet, only difference was, I was alone on this trip, and I emerged with a conquest. April 2011, something that I vaguely remember eyeing on the previous trip and was so happy that it’s still on the shelves; even if it means no one else wants it but I like it enough to want to bring it home with me, and so I did, and the best part of it was that its price did not even bridge a 4-figure sum in SGD.


Was this the MM or the GM that I bought? I cannot remember, honestly, but it’s one roomy bag that I have that makes it a very good choice for bringing around whether to yoga class locally or when I travel abroad. The drawback is that when you fill it up with too many things the thin straps make it a bit painful on your shoulders, and it doesn’t have a zip closure so it could compromise the safety of your belongings. Typically when I bring it overseas it’s to places that are considered safer, whatever that means. I bought this in Tokyo in December 2008, before it made its way to local shores. I should have gotten it earlier in May 2008 when I was there on a business trip and it was just launched, because the JPY was “cheaper” at that time, so I ended up paying a premium for a bag that was rumoured to have been made in China instead of the French or Spanish factories of LV. No matter, I like this bag too for its roominess and versatility, even if I have become less enamoured with the brand in recent years.


It took me 10 trips to Tokyo before I finally made up my mind to buy a Head Porter bag in February 2011. All this while, I had really liked their understated and utilitarian designs, especially the soft nylon material that lends itself to a resultant lightweight bag that is at the same time comfortable to carry. It may seem a bit out of place when you compare them up against the rest of the bags above but nonetheless it’s one of those bags that I love toting around because of its roominess and not having the burden of weight. It was a bit embarrassing that on that same day, I went into the shop in Harajuku 3 times and finally bought the bag after a period of consideration – very unlike me where bags are concerned but there is always a first no?


The very first of the lot that joined the Agnes B. family at home! I was on a business trip in Hong Kong in August/September 2006 when I was out shopping one of the weekends with two of my friends and decided to get this. Back then in the shop, this bag came in three colours, beige (pictured here, although some like to call it grey), black and purple. They were giving me their comments on the colours but eventually I decided, with their help, on something safe but not black. And so it is, beige was the colour I picked. This is again one of my most well-used bags for travelling and exercising, because its material is light, and it is very spacious! It does get heavy eventually when I overstuff it, which I try to do less of these days because I still want to continue using the bag and not have it wear out so fast from my abuse. It also comes with a long strap for slinging purposes, so you can carry the bag various ways for versatility! Plus the bag contains several compartments that are very useful for someone like me who have too many small knick knacks that I need within convenient reach/access. I know I can solve this problem with the many pouches that I have, but it’s easier to have something in a compartment, than to have to fish out a pouch to say, retrieve a pack of tissue paper, nay?

Bought in Tokyo in March/April 2007 while on a trip there to catch the sakura blooming! As compared to Hong Kong, I think Japan has it even cheaper but of course, around this region I would think SG is the most expensive, as always.

But I have grown to love Agnes B. bags even if I try not to buy them anymore. Most of the ones that I have are considered pretty lightweight and makes for easy carrying around, knowing as to how I always have a lot of stuff in my bag, and they are utilitarian and mostly understated, yet still with an occasional hint of quirkiness and fun.

I don’t know what got into me to get this beige canvas bag then as it easily lends itself to getting dirty, but it’s a fairly good size for work except that height-wise it is not the best for A4 things since the top part will probably be peeking out.

This next one is great for travelling because it is so light, and it comes with an additional strap that you can use to sling across your body as a messenger bag. The only not-so-good thing about it is that the bag is slouchy, and when you put too many things in it, it tends to just mess up your belongings, and therefore it can get very frustrating trying to search for something in all that mess, although it is not something a bag oganiser can’t solve. The bag is extremely roomy as the base is all of 5″ thereabouts, and many a time in the past I have used it as my yoga bag because it can contain the yoga gear with the shower stuff, the water-tumbler and all the rest of my things that I always lug around. And the best part is, these bags are even exactly expensive or bank account-breaking!

6 thoughts on “a major case of baglust

    • I haven’t for a while. Cos I sent it for cleaning some time ago, think maybe it was about a yr or 2 back, then I stopped carrying it. Haha. Cos it’s heavy, and i don’t want to ‘dirty’ it and send for cleaning again.

      Yep. You’re reminding me that i’m neglecting some of my loves. :p

      I love all of them equally but it means I have to spread my love a little bit more thin. Hee~

  1. hi! so you went to Gotemba in Japan! i’m planning to go there next month! were there a lot of bags being sold in balenciaga, prada and gucci? or was it mostly apparel?


    • hi! when I went to Gotemba outlet it was Oct 2009, so I really don’t know if they have changed much since then.. But I did check out the Prada store when I was there and it’s pretty big with quite a decent collection of bags. I don’t recall if there is a balenciaga boutique there though, cos I wasn’t that much into the brand yet then. Sorry I can’t really be of much help.. Hope u have fun in Japan and may you find some great buys at Gotemba if you’re heading there!

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