Ya Kun Toastwich

No I am not about to write a review on Ya Kun Toastwich because I have never tried their food before, except for toast, possibly just once. Most other times I have been there only for the drinks.

The first time I came across Ya Kun Toastwich was while out for lunch at NEX, and this store is located in basement 2 of the shopping mall, in a far-flung corner near where one entry/exit point to Serangoon MRT is. It is pretty near to the checkout counters of Cold Storage, and nearby there is also a Burger King, Mr. Bean, Chewy Junior, etc. if anyone is interested to know. At first glance I thought this seemed different from the usual Ya Kun stores I have been to, because the menu looked different, with all the types of cooked food that they serve up, like laksa and mee siam, sandwiches, amongst others. You can see the full menu here, which also isn’t that extensive, but at least you have some other choices available if kaya toast and its various incarnations are not your cup of tea, or coffee. But seriously, Ya Kun’s toast is easily one of the best that I have had. I don’t know about you, but I really like it the way they did it, with the brown bread sliced into half down the middle and kaya plus a slab of butter sandwiched in between, and very well-toasted till crisp. That’s why it has to be eaten fresh because once the crispiness is gone only hardness remains. I have tried toast from other such local cafes like Toast Box and Killiney, but theirs are lightly-toasted at best.

So anyway, I thought this Toastwich was a one-of-a-kind franchise who decided to up the ante and include more stuff on the menu to make it more comprehensive to pull in a wider crowd, and as well the furniture looks different from the usual white table top with square wooden stools. The whole ambience of this outlet feels a little less localised. And like I just found out courtesy of Google, there are actually three such outlets over the island, NEX, Harbourfront and Fusionpolis; it is no wonder that I never really knew of Toastwich’s existence.

Drinks-wise, I can’t really comment since I admit just as much that I am no connoisseur. The drinks aren’t too bad, at least by normal Ya Kun standards to me; some days ago I was at the Ya Kun that in the basement of United Square (next to the roast meat shop) and the drink was quite bad. I ordered a teh c kosong and what I got appeared to be a teh-flavoured c kosong; the colour was so light it already looked wrong from the outset. Even the normal teh my colleagues ordered looked somewhat more like teh c. Perhaps that was a way to save on the tea, but really, I thought evaporated milk was expensive since drinks with “c” are always priced higher (about 20 cents) than the normal drinks, so wouldn’t this increase their cost of sales significantly?

Oh well, it isn’t my business so to speak, but the drink was pretty bland so that was one of the rare times I did not actually finish my drink. Anyway, the Toastwich’s takeaway cups look different too!