spring is here…?

How is it that the weekend passes so quickly, before I can even pause to take a breather?

And it is already March! As I suppose that some other parts of the world welcomes spring and bids adieu to the cold wintry climate, we are dreading the onset of hot humid climate here in Singapore. Over the last week, the temperatures have gotten gradually higher as is the humidity level. Although there are still bouts of storms, the atmosphere isn’t as cool as during December and January for sure. Even most part of February was pretty awesome, except that I hate to be commuting when it’s raining cats and dogs because even with an umbrella, you are bound to get really wet when it rains here.

Again, the weekend saw me being extremely busy, which explains why I don’t usually blog. It isn’t like I have hordes of people to meet, but I just keep myself occupied, gainfully, during the weekend. I did meet up with some friends, some I haven’t seen in more than a year I believe (omg, it has been that long!), and went for Turkish food at Sofra at Shaw Towers. Honestly, I cannot remember its name, because I know it is Shaw-something, but I always cannot recall what’s behind, since in Orchard, there is a Shaw Centre and Shaw Plaza somewhere? The last time I visited Sofra was years ago, although I believe I have been there perhaps at most twice. For it to still be there after so many years, it has to be of a certain standard I gather. We ordered some food to share, including my friend’s highly-demanded hummus and the sesame bread that comes in a big poofy serving. The food that we had, sorry no pictures because it was pretty dimly-lit in the restaurant, which comprised a pide (Turkish pizza), chef’s plate (various mixes of kebab meat), a dish of potato gratin and lamb (cannot recall its name, sultan’s plate or something) and a salad platter (which also had hummus, grilled brinjal amongst others). There was this yogurt drink that my friend ordered, which we were forewarned would be a little salty but my friend didn’t catch that comment, so we were surprised at its taste, like yogurt laced with taste of olives. Weird.

After dinner, we proceeded to Tom’s Palette on the ground floor for ice-cream. It’s a busy store, with people streaming in non-stop in groups. One of my friends mentioned it has grown in size, from a tiny hole-in-the-wall shop to its current size that can accommodate bigger groups of people with proper tables and chairs. They have very interesting ice-cream flavours, including a salted egg yolk (of course I didn’t try it, it is just really weird to have savoury ice-cream don’t you think). I just ordered straight off the look and name of the flavours without testing which is better. They come in sizes of small, medium and large and for each, you can mix up to a maximum of two flavours. I got a small cup for S$3.40 and mixed Earl Grey tea and Rum & Raisin. The Earl Grey is pretty strong, and I got it because I missed Fauchon’s earl grey ice-cream so much, and this came quite close but towards the end it just felt a little much, like it is just strong and intense but nothing else. The Rum & Raisin is good, with very obvious traces of alcohol in it. Most of us stuck to safe flavours, and there was someone who tried an apple rosemary flavour which was not really creamy enough, i.e. it felt more crumbly than creamy. Overall, we think the ice-cream wasn’t too bad but don’t get what the hype about it is about. For S$3.40 for a small cup that is probably just a little more than a scoop of ice-cream, I thought it’s quite pricey, or have I been too out of touch with ice-cream?

Anyway, I got a chocolate gift last Friday! Will try it someday soon I hope, there is still a lot of chocolate lingering in my fridge, most of which I think have already gone past their expiry dates. But where chocolates are concerned, and especially refrigerated ones, I think it is fine to eat them even when expired. Someday if I develop some condition for eating expired food, you all know what’s the cause.  20130304-110628.jpg