a state of comparison

How often do you hear people comparing one thing with another, one person with another, so on and so forth? It goes that it is with comparison that we can more confidently make an opinion of which we prefer, favour, dislike, etc.

I was watching this teen idol drama (ok, go ahead and laugh but they can be therapeutic in their own ways, believe it or not) where this guy tells a girl he likes and who likes him back, that as much as he can’t ignore his ex-crush when she comes to him after quarreling with her boyfriend, he feels more ill at ease when he knows that this girl is upset, and his heart aches more for her. Well, I suppose some girls will probably swoon at that, especially when the person speaking these lines own a good-looking face, but that’s besides the point now. I was quite taken aback by her response, which stated that she doesn’t care for his feelings in that case, because if he can only realise that by comparing her with the ex-crush, then she doesn’t want him at all. Hmm. Food for thought?

Anyway, I was at my usual Kronenbourg-drinking hole on Saturday, having come out from a very angsty week that somehow warranted some beer methinks, and the Unexpected band was playing. They are one of my favourite local bands in addition to Timmy Band and more recently, 53A (although I only like the latter in a full band), so being able to chill out on a Saturday night to beer and nice music was one of my life’s enjoyments. I was comparing the 2 bands (Unexpected and Timmy) in terms of the songs they sang, because at such live gigs, there are some songs that will inadvertently do their rounds as sort of live band anthems, a very good example of which would be “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. I preferred Timmy band’s version of this song, by the way, because Ngak’s voice in delivering the song win hands down over Simon’s. No offence to the latter, but perhaps Ngak being the lead vocalist of the band makes the difference.

After the 2nd set ended past midnight, I thought to head home since I’d already been there for a number of hours and was honestly struggling to keep my eyes open by then. Somehow, time at Wala passes really fast, because even as I may stop counting the drinks that I consume, the minutes and seconds just tick by without even me realising it and soon it’s time to go home. On the way back, I was thinking how alike and different the 2 bands are… they both play live sessions at pubs and such, and definitely I’ve heard Timmy more than Unexpected since I frequented Wed-night Wala during the period when I bumming around, but the sound of the Unexpected seemed more rock? Based on the songs that they sing anyway, on the few occasions that I’ve heard them. I should probably check out more live acts, although there are some that just don’t do it for me. And oh, being someone who doesn’t listen to radio programmes at all, I think live bands provide a very good source to learn about songs that I may like.


Ok I know the post-title is quite the odd thing to put since it’s Friday. But I wanted to write about something else. And I’m a little bored currently, trying to keep my eyelids from shutting altogether.

I commented before to a friend how it always seem that when we do drinks during the week itself, Wednesday seems to be the popular choice, as with a lot of many other people. She replied that it’s to break the monotony of a week, and which better day to do it than on a Wednesday? Tuesday’s a bit too early into the week since there are still 3 more work days to go, and Thursday’s a bit too late since Friday is just a few hours away.

So this Wednesday that just passed, we gathered again at one of my favourite Wed night watering hole, Wala Wala, at Holland V. I have been there on other days and it’s still good because of the happy hour beer promo that saves me lots of money (although if I don’t drink I can save even more), but Timmy Band plays on Wednesdays! They didn’t disappoint yet again, and I think I actually stayed all the way till the last set was done just before 1am. The last set was a very short and abrupt one, cos I think it was to recompense for a longer 2nd full-band set. But anyhow, it was great to eat and drink and catch up with friends while good music is being played in the background, or in this case on stage in the foreground.

Best part is… they played some of my favourites that night: my current happy song of the moment – Hey Soul Sister by Train, and Fix you by Coldplay. Of course nobody can beat the way Chris Martin sings this song (duh it’s a Coldplay song afterall), but it was a good effort nonetheless and I had requested this song weeks before for W’s birthday but it wasn’t played then!

gone too fast

The weekend is gone, just like that. I talked about not feeling the difference between the weekday and weekend because all the same, my mood is just bad because of you-know-what, but like everyone knows I am fickle-minded like that, I think I still love my weekends. At least the very thought of not having to wake up and the first thing coming to mind is “I don’t want to go there today” cheers me up a little.

I had a lot of beer this week, again. I’m not really talking about a lot as in, I drank a few kegs, although I think to some, the amount of beer I have in a week can easily be the amount they drink in a mighty long time. I decided I needed a break (from whatever) on Wednesday and headed off to Wala Wala for some nice and cold Kronenbourg Blanc. I swear, this is the only beer that I have had so far, that really has what it claims to have i.e. a fruity flavour. The fruit beers that I have ordered before at Brewerkz are still very bitter and typical-beer-tasting. The best thing about Wala is the 1-for-1 during happy hours until 9pm, and I like the type of music the band plays on Wednesday. They had a substitute drummer this week and he’s quite cute! So usually, Wala was where I spent a lot of my Wednesday nights last year during the time when I gave myself the long holiday from work. And it was also where I consumed so much beer, probably the most in my entire life in that short span of time, imagine us doing at least 3 sets each? That’s 6 pints of beer, *burp* O_o

So anyway, I think the picture here is rather badly-lit because it was so dark where we were seated away from the stage and the lights. But I like how they have the “refreshing” word printed across the top of the glass, it’s totally apt for the scorching hot weather we have been having of late!

Due to the amount of junk that have been going through my digestive system, although I suspect they are not really going through since I seemed to be experiencing a bout of indigestion, I thought I’d have something lighter for lunch on Friday. I ended up with this:

Not really much lighter if you’d ask me. I like doing salad-lunches at Spinellis because the outlet that I visit is usually quite empty and not busy like the usual Starbucks or such, and they serve quite tasty salads, the only ones that I truly like because they are not all just green raw vegetables. The salad was ok, but it was the chocolate cake, which was really creamy and rich, in the background that probably threw the entire equation off-balance.

And I followed this with a really heavy dinner. Indigestion anyone? Haha. Ok, I concede that I don’t have great control where food is concerned, but seriously just a point to note: do make reservations for Friday night dinners because everywhere seems to be packed with people. Gosh. We wanted to have dinner at Double Bay but the indoor seating area was full, and sitting outside was just out of the question for me because it was just too blardy hot even though the sun had long since set beyond the horizon. We tried our luck in vain at several places before finally stumbling across this place at Chijmes called Capella, that serves Italian food.

I’ll post the photos of the food when I find time to get the pictures out of the camera , but generally I like the ambience of the place. It’s nice and relaxing and because it wasn’t too crowded, it was suitably quiet for dinner. I think their olive oil and balsamic vinegar tastes weird though, like my friend described, the oil seemed to have gone bad, but we ate some of that, and since neither of us had the runs later on, I guess maybe it just tasted that way there. We had a prawn salad for starters, followed by a seafood linguine with tomato base and a sea bass. The food was rather decent but the price tags are none too friendly. Perhaps that is expected of Italian restaurants but with a 15% discount we got from a credit card, the bill came up to be about $90.

Of course then we headed for a drink and some junk food thereafter just like the week before, which was when i discovered Brewerkz actually serves a fruit brew with Blackberry flavour. I thought I heard wrong, that the server had meant blueberry, because seriously who hears of blackberries, other than the phone? And it turned out I heard correct, and it really was blackberry, but it was bitter, so I think I still prefer Kronenbourg Blanc any day.

Sunday being Mother’s Day, the brother decided to get the family together with aunt’s family out for lunch since they are so busy they could only make it for lunch on Sunday. Initially we were supposed to convene at Mayim at North Point, which I’d heard serves quite good chinese food. But they don’t take reservations and my brother is not really the sort to want to go to a restaurant to queue up for food, so we changed the location to Jurong Country Club instead. Talk about big changes! We went to this place called 福临门 that my SIL’s friend recommended for dim sum, and the food, I felt, wasn’t as good as the last dim sum we had together at 黑社会 at Vivocity, plus the speed of their service leaves much to be desired, even though the restaurant wasn’t even operating at full capacity. But it was a nice afternoon after the heavy rain on late Saturday afternoon that left the skies still cloudy on Sunday, so before we ate we took a walk around the club that boasted a nice lush golf course.

Headed off to town for my weekly caffeine dose, and since I thought it wasn’t so sunny we could do coffee at Starbucks just next to Orchard Parade Hotel. Well, it’s mainly an al fresco place because there are only 3 tables indoors that are almost always taken, so we sat outside facing the street, watching people and cars go by as we talked. It felt great (I am running out of adjectives to describe feelings, places, food, etc) to be able to just sit and chat like we didn’t have any worries in the world, or rather that for that moment we could just cast everything aside and ignore the pressures of life that we are faced with and the troubles that are niggling at us everyday. Then it got too warm for me possibly because I started talking about stuff that fired me up, albeit not in the good way, so we left to seek solace with airconditioning comfort.

We are always in a dilemma when it comes to thinking of dining places, and we walked a lot and thought a lot before we finally settled at Swensens for dinner. I was still feeling stuffed from dim sum and whatever remnants of indigestion I had, so the prawn and fruit salad seemed like a great choice. Except, I am not really a big fan of raw vegetables as I mentioned before (I think), and as much as the prawn was not too bad with the miserable pieces of mango tossed in, it still didn’t make me feel like I had eaten something worth the stomach space. The mango yogurt dressing was quite tangy and refreshing though, and I suspected perhaps I had to drown my greens in it for it to taste decent because they gave me such a big portion of the sauce that I probably only used 10% of. Haha.

It was then off to Paulaner for (more) beer while we watched the Barcelona F1 race where Mark Webber took the top podium spot right from pole position! It got pretty exciting towards the end because Lewis Hamilton, who was in 2nd place, crashed in the last lap, which earned Alonso the 2nd spot and Sebastian Vettel the last podium place. Schumacher came in 4th as a result, which I think is still a very disappointing display from the ex-champion whom I liked so much in his glory days!

And then, I thought I’d indulge myself for breakfast this morning because I felt quite depressed about heading back to work. I managed to stave off food during the beer session since I was already bloated with all that gas, and Starbucks is too far away for me to walk without breaking into sweat, so BreadTalk bread and good old local tea would do for now.

I was reading a friend’s blog the other day and chanced upon a song in her playlist that I really liked. It sounds kind of sad, although I haven’t checked out its lyrics, but it was a bit of that type of song that I told my friend, when I hear its melody I just feel the sense of despair and forlorn that makes me wish I could die. Maybe not such a good idea for a song but weirdly these are the sort of songs that I can enjoy for a longer period. Happy songs just don’t do it for me. And as we walked along the streets on a cool Sunday night, I thought that we have a rather beautiful city here, it’s just that we are too busy with our misery to take notice of it.

christmas is coming!

And why am I so excited about it when we don’t really celebrate it in Singapore? I don’t know, but I really like it. Think I’ve probably talked enough about it, but I can’t stop. I like the cool weather that is usually associated with this time of the year, the bright lights decorating buildings and streets, the festive mood permeating the air, and the joyous christmas tunes that just make me feel warm and fuzzy. WordPress’ loading page has snow flakes floating across the screen, and it makes me wish I could see snow falling from the sky. I have not even seen snow on the floor. 😦

I had 3 bottles of beer last night whilst listening to Timmy band at Walas. I like live music, and they are one of the best around here I think. It helps that it was a cosy catch-up session with the drinking pals, although I would have wished that I didn’t have to wake up early for work today.

I wish I could be sitting in a warm cosy room with a fireplace, tucked in a large armchair reading my favourite books, with jazzy yuletide tunes playing in the background, and with snow flakes adrift in the night outside. Oh, doesn’t that paint a picture perfect of Christmas? Or does it read more like a children’s story?