time sprouted wings and flew away

What happened to time? There are days… too many days, when I have felt that time is passing too fast, or has passed too fast that I have lost the ability to get even a weak grasp on it.

It felt like so long ago since I returned to Singapore, yet actually I have been back for less than 48 hours. The bumpy flight touched down before 6 in the morning, I got about 3 hours of sleep when I got home and headed out to watch… yes, SS4 at the SIS! Last year I caught SS3 with complimentary tickets; this year I paid the full price of the tickets. I think it was well worth the price, not just because the concert lasted 4 hours but I think it was an excellent concert. No doubt I didn’t know many of the songs and really had no idea what they meant, but the energy coursing through the stadium, the effort that the boys were putting into the 4-hour long concert, draining themselves of every ounce of energy, that is something to be admired and appreciated. Although, I felt it was somehow a little different from how I felt last year. Maybe I was just tired because I hadn’t had much sleep and none on the flight back, but I thought the crowd wasn’t as high as what I had felt when I was at the YG Family Concert at Saitama Arena last month. While at the SIS, I could really see how different they were in size. When I was in the Arena, I couldn’t even see that well the singers on stage. Here in SIS, I could see most of them, and most of the times I could even make out their facial expressions, particularly because they were coming much closer to the audience.

At the YG concert that also lasted 4 hours, there were more people performing so they took turns and definitely had their share of resting time but the audience never let up. They were so high throughout the entire concert even if we couldn’t see very well the people on the faraway stage, and they cheered for every single performer who took to the stage, no matter if it was Big Bang, or maybe someone less-known. Well we have all heard of how great a concert crowd outside Singapore can be and I got to experience it first hand just about a month ago. It was truly amazing, and I think we paled in comparison. But we tried hard too. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it even though I was really feeling my energy seeping out of me in each passing minute and second.

So today… I decided to do some personal stuff, and now it’s already half-past 11. Time just slips by so fast. I need better time management I think. Especially now that I have less time around here, I need to have better control of my time and how I spend it. There are so many distractions and commitments here back home that I can’t really seem to be able to have time for all of them. Actually even while abroad, without all those distractions, there were also days I wasn’t able to manage an 8-hour night of sleep. Probably I really have time management issues and I seriously need to re-think the way I spend my minutes and seconds. It isn’t like I have done much though because it certainly hasn’t felt like much.

What’s happening to time? Has the Earth’s daily orbit become shorter gradually that what seemed sufficient before is now not enough? Or is it just the concept of time running out on me?

Super Show 3

Yesterday was literally a wet, wet day. From when I woke at 8am in the morning despite my very reluctance to drag myself out of bed, it rained. I had wanted to go for a class at 11, but I hadn’t wanted to stay out for a longer period of time than required since I had a manicure appointment at 5…

So I still got myself out for a 1145 class, in spite of the pouring rain that just wouldn’t stop. After class was over and I was deliberating going to grab coffee or go shopping in the meantime, I got a message about free tickets to Super Junior’s Super Show 3 at the Indoor Stadium. I thought for a while and then thought why not since it was free, but it was at 4pm (strange timing for a concert) that meant I had to reschedule my manicure. And so I did.

It was quite a rush to the concert, because we had to go back to my place first, go to pick up the tickets and then fumble our way there in the rain. Eventually, we only got to the venue at 4pm. But as we all know, concerts never start on time, and so this didn’t. There were quite a number of latecomers as well, which I guess was due to the incessant rain that kept falling and only perhaps stopped intermittently. We got seated, and boy the stage layout wasn’t anything I had seen before at the indoor. The entire lower arena had a cross-shaped stage that led from the main stage at the back, along the sides, up to the front. With this set-up, most of us were guaranteed views of the boys, although some of them got better views because they rushed down to the railings to get close-up photos of the passing SuJu member, who were sometimes kind enough to stop and pose, and some even took over the fans’ cameras and did self-shots for them. Now that’s what I call professional entertainers. Of course, we didn’t join in the mayhem in running up and down the steps to the front, even if I had internally wished to because I think it’s not very befitting of my age to do that. Plus I am really quite tired and not in the mood, it was enough to just sit and watch, either the stage or the giant screens perched on top of the main stage on either side.

The concert, at close to 3 hours including 2 encore tracks, was pretty entertaining and enjoyable. Even though I didn’t participate in the fan screaming (that threatened to burst my eardrums really), I still liked the experience, my very first at a Korean concert. And you know what, the only song I knew from them was the famed “Sorry, Sorry”. Period. The rest of the songs were rather catchy fast numbers, and they also did some solos that were mostly slow songs, and there were a few of them who could sing really well. But a boyband isn’t a boyband if the concert is not there to tease the fans with the cheeky bantering of the members on-stage, and then there were those moments where a couple of the members took off their shirts to reveal extremely well-toned abs that can really make one drool. Haha. Ok, I’m being very graphic here, and although I have always maintained that I’m not keen on muscle men who are all sinewy and just brawn, I do appreciate well-defined pectorals on a lean body! And then I wondered if I could even achieve something close to flat abs; I don’t need a 6 or 8, or usually for women, 4, -pack, but I would like to have toned abs without the tummy. Hmm. A bit impossible I would think. Haha.

I can’t believe that it has been raining since Friday and except for the occasional short break the sky is still crying.