formula one in Singapore

The fourth F1 night race in Singapore concluded last night and as per past years I was only more than eager to be out of the City Hall area. I’m not really a fan of F1, even if somehow I believe more Singaporeans got to know about F1 and started to be interested in it after we started hosting it.

I used to take an interest in it during the hey days with the lethal combination of Ferrari and Michael Schumacher, but with his retirement went my interest too. I don’t know why but I just wasn’t that keen anymore, and I’ll blame it once more on my too-short attention/interest span. I just don’t take a very extended interest in many things in my life. Sad, but true.

So this post is actually not so much about F1. Haha. I was actually more interested in the other events that were organised in conjunction with the F1, such as the concerts, but as they were all held outdoors it meant that again my keenness to attend them plummeted. I was initially quite keen to go catch (my current favourite) K-pop boyband Big Bang’s GD&TOP (and SeungRi) in concert on Friday night, and also Linkin Park (seems like I have liked them for a long time now, which is good news for me, means I do take a longer interest in somethings after all!) but these plans didn’t materialise eventually.

There were also a lot of other events taking place in the big name clubs about town of which I am no part of because I am already no longer that keen in clubbing, not that I ever was very keen to begin with, and because I’m not really a somebody to be part of that scene.

But on Friday evening I finally met up with someone I haven’t seen for such a long time. If I hadn’t initiated the meet-up, well it’s anyone’s guess if we’ll ever get to meet again. Sigh. Anyhow we met really early and by the time the night was almost over we were already done with 2 bottles of white wine. But I wasn’t really that ready to call it a night yet even if I had a morning class on Saturday, so we took a long walk in the warm night and ended up at City Hall, because I wanted to see some night scenery. What better place to do it then at one of the highest points of the city?

The lights on the race track were still on when we went up, and it provided a really stunning contrast against the rest of the city that was already turning down the lights.

But elsewhere it still seemed like a lot of activity was on-going.

The music playing that night was great for a couple hours of dancing even when I was completely oblivious to the crowd on the dance floor whom I didn’t want to be a part of. It feels awesome to let go and dance once in a while and get myself all tired out from moving to the beats. Of course it wasn’t easy to then pull myself out from a realm of enjoyment and surrealism and anchor my feet back to the firm ground, go back home and sleep for 4 hours before waking up still in an inebriated state for lessons. My head was throbbing from the too-much-alcohol the night before but the dance beats were still reverberating at the back of my mind.

in the mood to share

My friend once mentioned about her unease in sharing things online. That was about the time when I started blogging. I tried several portals but eventually came to WordPress where I’ve been for a while. It’s not the best but since it is free and I’m not willing yet to pay and tweak with the codes, I can make do for now.

It led me to think if by blogging do I share too much of myself which I’m not sure whose eyes are reading. There is a reason why I don’t usually post pictures of myself on the blog, and don’t go into the details of the work even if I rant a lot about how I feel about it in general. When I decided to do away with the privacy settings of the blog this was how I thought I can maintain a little semblance of safeguard for myself in terms of unwanted eyes reading what they should not know about.

But I don’t mind sharing photos that I’d taken of places I’d been and things I’d done. It’s a way of documenting my memories too, which if this isn’t sucked into the black hole of cyberspace, I can always return to reminisce or simply to just jolt my memory when it starts to fail.

Remember what I said yesterday about scratching the diet plan? This thing below will have you ditching any thought of losing weight because it’s so yummy. Cheese fondue, made from a seasonal French cheese, baked and melted to creamy perfection; good for having with bread or even on its own. 

But no, last night I stuck to the original plans and went for yoga class; I didn’t regret giving up the beer for yoga because it felt good to just stretch and still sweat a bit, although I sort of got bored after a while. Perhaps two days in a row of classes by the same yoga master wasn’t such a good idea because things started to get repetitive even if the classes were supposed to be different. Or maybe not. Hatha flow yoga as compared to hatha beginners yoga, not too big a difference, except that on Tuesday night the class was a little more challenging and I even attempted once more to do the headstand. But of course I didn’t succeed, I only managed to go into sort of a half headstand with the tips of toes still touching the ground.

It’s Formula One weekend this week and the road closures have just about disrupted the commute patterns of the City Hall and Shenton Way office workers. Congestions were reported in the news, along with people being late for work. F1 came to Singapore in 2008, and even though I left a company I was working for in the City Hall area towards the end of July 2008, the entire area was already abuzz with activity in preparation for the inaugural night race. I was glad to not be caught up in all the congestion even if I was trapped in a cab for more than an hour when I was supposed to be travelling to One Fullerton for a dinner during the period of road closure.

I always don’t get around to doing it although I’ve thought about getting a room with a view for the F1. It would probably cost an astronomical sum for something like this:

I think we have a pretty swell city view at night, don’t you think? I love city lights, there’s no denying that. So sometimes when I go to places where the night is dead and dark I get really bored of the place. It is good once in a while to be away from the city and revel in the tranquility of island life such as the various beach resorts around but you can’t ever take the city out of me. It shows in the places that I always return to for vacations; I don’t mind if these cities are frequently crowded and everyone is in a perpetual rush as long as I am not a part of it.

And how exciting it is that after the F1 (which doesn’t actually excite me that much anymore now), next week is C’s wedding! Ok, this picture below was from my bro’s wedding about three years ago but it’s the only wedding-related photo I have with me right now. 

The weather seems to have taken a change into something gloomier and wetter. I’m all for the cooler temperatures but I don’t fancy getting my feet and shoes wet from the rain especially when working days mean I have to be walking in the rain (even with a brolly) for at least a good ten minutes to get to the office. Which was why this morning, I decided to cab to work. It’s extravagant I know, but there are just some mornings you don’t feel like taking the bus, especially mornings like these when I wished I was still in bed sleeping. And it’s really not that expensive if I were to compare this to learning how to drive and getting a car, together with the associated costs… I took a cab to office and even with the 35% peak hour surcharge, I still got a decent amount of change back from $10!