Shimbashi Soba, Paragon

Two of my friends gave me a treat last Friday and suggested checking out Shimbashi Soba in the basement of Paragon. To be honest, I have never stepped foot into this place despite that I think it has been there for the longest time, although I don’t know why. I do quite enjoy Japanese food, and among the noodle varieties, soba and ramen are the type that I prefer as compared to say, udon.

This is my order of the san zai soba, a huge bowl in fact, that comes with a very flavourful and savoury broth despite that it really is just soup noodles with lots of mushrooms and some vegetables. 20130723-084243.jpg

We ordered some sides, and among the three items, this was the most popular; battered and fried hotate. The batter was thin although not very crispy, but the scallop within retained its juiciness and it was also very generous in terms of size! 20130723-084259.jpg

We thought we ordered grilled teriyaki chicken, and when this was served we checked if this was the right thing, which was confirmed. But don’t you think this looks more like tori karaage than teriyaki grilled chicken?20130723-084311.jpg

It was as well coated with some flour and fried, strangely, since the name evidently said “grilled”. It wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t crispy despite that it appeared deep-fried but to their credit, I think it was drizzled with teriyaki sauce.

And lastly, the tempura moriawase, consisting a couple pieces of prawn, the usual vegetables and maybe one piece of fish. Not the best tempura I had of course, but not too bad. At least it was not dripping with oil so overall I still quite enjoyed it.20130723-084322.jpg

I can’t really recall for each item how much they cost, but price level tends towards the high side, because one simple bowl of soba without many ingredients (if any at all) already costs more than S$10. There were more elaborate ones that could set you back by S$30, and the sets also around that price range or even more. To their benefit, the soba was good. I loved the consistency of the noodle and the broth did not feel like it was laden with MSG, at least I didn’t feel it. But the sides were a little lackadaisal, or they were just ordinary. Still, it was a treat and the evening was well-spent, not so much focused on the food but the company and the chatter we shared.