the healthy part of eating

Some pictures of the healthy things that I eat, generally on weekdays. Haha. Weekends are times to indulge but weekdays are the days to make up for them.

Fruits galore. I love them, even if the repertoire of fruits that I used to eat were pathetically small, but since a couple of years ago I have learned to appreciate a wider variety and it was then that I realised how much I had been missing out!

20140624-163329-59609054.jpgGreens, again, were something that I came late to appreciate and enjoy. I like eating vegetables all along, but again the types of greens that went into my system were limited. These days, I eat quite a fair bit of them, things that I never thought I’d eat, such as brinjals and lady’s fingers! Now my favourites are actually broccoli and cauliflower, many types of beans and of course, Japanese sweet potato (the yellow-fleshed type) and pumpkin. The list can go on, but what I once thought of as a waste of money (i.e. salads) now I can have them every single day of the week. If only they weren’t so expensive as compared to other kinds of lunch options, and if only I weren’t so lazy to make my own.

20140624-163328-59608974.jpgThis is some chicken and sausage salad of sorts from Podi located in the basement of Raffles City. It isn’t the typical kind of salad I’d have as this is a little more oily due to the stir-fried chicken but once in a while I think it’s good to have some change.

20140624-163329-59609013.jpgAnd I visited a new salad place near the office, recommended by a colleague. Yay to more salad shop options and hopefully there can be more low-cost variety too!