the rabbit with an X for a mouth 

One of my favourite characters since some time ago has been Miffy, the rabbit that hails from the Netherlands, created by Nick Bruna, with an “X” for a mouth. At least it has a mouth, not like Hello Kitty, the cat without a mouth. Haha.

I remembered that since young, I have liked characters like Snoopy, the beagle without a mouth and speaks with thought balloons. Then there was Garfield, the fat lazy cat. No trend detected there.

So anyhow, I seem to have a fondness of rabbits, whether it’s Miffy or rabbit-print stuff. The only thing that I’m not that keen on would be probably real rabbits. I am not an animal person, or for that matter, pets person. It isn’t that I dislike animals but I just don’t fancy taking care of them or want to have the commitment of looking after them when I don’t know if I can even take care of myself. It could be a poor excuse for being commitment-phobic but oh well. We all have our preferences.So I got a Miffy toy for my birthday this year! Somehow, it looks a bit sad? Like how I generally feel these days perhaps. Or maybe because it was sitting beside the huge-ass slice of Apple Crumble but yet can’t have it!

Thanks for the thought and the gift. With some people, things just always feel the same despite a long bout of absence. I suppose it isn’t the frequency of meeting up that makes the difference, but the fact that we make the effort when we can.


In addition to this cheerful vase of flowers, I got some other well-meaning gifts for my birthday too! Maybe the biggest presents these days come from myself since I would know best what I want right? Gone are those days when you receive tonnes of gifts from the groups of friends and from the beginning my family don’t have the practice of gifting. But I did get a small red packet from mum though, for well wishes and good luck.

One of my friends know that I love toiletries, in the form of bath toiletries or body lotions, and got me this new item from Crabtree & Evelyn. I haven’t used Crabtree’s products for a while because recently I have been using shower gels from the BodyShop and Dove (drugstore brand that works fine too!) so when I am done with those I will move on to give this a try! 🙂20130808-082552.jpgThe steamboat dinner at my bro’s place was also some sort of a gift-ceremony because July sees birthdays of three members of the family, myself included. So my sister-in-law and brother were so kind to not just host us for dinner, but also got each of us gifts. These were the ones I received, and each comes personalised with a handwritten message within, one by my sister-in-law and another by my brother. 🙂

20130808-082604.jpgI haven’t read them yet, as with some other books I have, but for sure I will get down to them soon enough, I hope!

template change!


Actually, there aren’t really that many changes. I am using a normal free account on WordPress so generally the options are limited, but I think still adequate for my use currently. I chose to stick to my usual dark colours for the scheme just because I am a fan of dark colours. Since 2013 is coming, it is a good time to make some changes don’t you think? Toyed with the idea of injecting some brighter colours to the blog, but then usually a blog like this at least, is like an extension of myself and my personality of sorts. So going by that, a darker coloured theme seems apt. I am not wearing black all the time because of its heat absorption quality that can potentially kill me when I am out under the sun, but actually I love wearing white, which I don’t know if it is a result of the school that I attended back then which had an all-white uniform? Probably not. But I like wearing white tops, because mainly I am lazy when it comes to having to mix-and-match colours, and when you wear something white on top, it’s almost idiot-proof what other colours you can wear on the bottom.

So… in the last post, I talked about finally stepping into Scotts Square. I think I will continue to head there, even if it’s just for Maison Kayser, despite the just-alright experience from my brief visit. I give second chances, most of the time. And there’s Wild Honey there too, which, to be very honest, I have never ever tried, despite all that I have heard. The thing is, where food is concerned, now I am only attracted by cafe-type food and drinks, e.g. coffee, bread, cakes. I enjoy food in general, but these days my appetite can be quite odd, and I heard Wild Honey serves up huge portions of breakfasts, which is a bit of a no for me because I am quite sure I would end up over-eating and suffering from indigestion subsequently.

Nevertheless, they had a pretty nice Christmas tree in Scotts Square. This picture totally doesn’t do its beauty any justice but I suppose white trees that are lit up are the kind of trees I like. The traditional green trees with more conventional decorations are ok too, Christmas is just an easy season to like many things.


I have a very strong urge to buy myself a Christmas present, even though I know perhaps the Tokyo trip recently that included the BigBang concert in the Tokyo Dome can be construed as my Christmas present for 2012 to myself, but I just feel like getting something more tangible. Yet I have no idea what to get. Popped into Tiffany & Co., Mont Blanc and the likes, but either I don’t see anything that I fancy or the price tag is just too staggering. I was quite drawn to this Bvlgari ring I saw but I don’t know if I need (read: want to pay for) another ring, particularly when I am someone who, where accessories are concerned, I don’t really wear that many of them.

le mois de juillet, le deuxième épisode

Happy first day of August!

I had been away the last few days baking in the sun, to quote a friend, on the sunny beaches of Phuket. Now it is back to reality. I will endeavour to keep up to speed with the posts so that Phuket doesn’t fast become a hazy memory.

If I have not already repeated myself enough, July is the birthday month of myself and many others. And since it is the birthday month I always tend to give myself the legitimate reason to indulge in shopping and eating. Met up with a friend for lunch one day and on my request we went to check out the Muffinry at Telok Ayer Street. I had read/heard about this place and being such a huge muffin fan I was really eager to try them out. More on that in a separate post, but these were the things I got to try, the Fig (and I think it was supposed to come with earl grey taste too but I can’t remember now) muffin and the lemon tart. As much as it would have been great with a birthday candle, it will look rather silly. But still this was the first birthday treat (that I demanded)!

I always have this warped idea about birthdays and cakes, so on another day that I went for a movie with fellow July baby, I thought to get a slice of cake to go with the coffee we had. The carrot cake I chose was disappointing, because it was really dry. And still no candle!

Finally stepped foot for the very first time into Loof, after so long and after they had a retrofitting sometime back. I kind of like the place because it feels cosy and nestled within several buildings yet it isn’t like the sky has been obscured entirely. Perhaps the fact that the night wasn’t too warm (yet) made it a little nicer. I tend to stay away from such rooftop bars because most of the time in Singapore it is just too hot to make alfresco dining/drinking impractical for someone with a low heat tolerance like me. Besides, when you consume alcohol it is only natural that your body temperature will as well go up, so bring on the air-conditioning already!

Finally, after catching the DKR (which I found was a nice wrap-up to the story from Christopher Nolan’s perspective but somehow seems to lack the excitement of the second part with the Joker in it), I got my other birthday treat at Mikuni. We didn’t order a lot but the food portions filled us up so much there was little room for dessert thereafter. So no cake.

So that concluded the treats and ‘celebrations’. But what are birthdays without presents!?

And of course, this, from myself.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, presents and treats! July hadn’t been too great because of some happenings that marred what was supposed to be a happy month for me. But the birthday meet-ups more than made up for those unpleasant moments that I hope to leave behind really soon.

back in those days…

Hope everyone had a great Christmas break over the weekend! It was a wet and cold Christmas eve but after that, Christmas and Boxing days were pretty much dry and a little humid but generally still windy and cool to a certain extent. It was already kind of warm today with the sun bearing overhead. I just hope that the cool season is not over so soon because if so, coupled with the start of 2012, it’s really going to make me more depressed than the Londoners are over the gloomy seasons.

Couple of weeks back I caught a Taiwanese movie called “You Are the Apple of My Eye” (also known as 那些年,我们追过的女孩。 I think). My friend mentioned that it was said this movie would bring back past memories of school days, although I wondered how and when, because obviously our school days and their school days were so different. But then I saw one of the songs from the soundtrack on AMPed and downloaded it, and while listening to it, indeed bittersweet memories of the school days, probably mostly from my JC days, started popping into my mind. It isn’t so much the movie and what transpired in it that brought about the flashbacks but perhaps lyrics of the songs that did it for me. I had quite a bit of fun over the two years I spent in the school that was predominantly hailing from Chinese schools, although in each year, the kind of memories I had were vastly different. In the first year, it was all over the newfound freedom of being in a JC as compared to being in secondary school, hanging out with new friends and doing lots of silly things together. Then in the second year, I think we all moved on and I made new friends, and together with my new friend then whom I’m glad to have kept until even today, we did quite some fun things together as well. There were the happy and sad times that I recalled but that was all part of growing up.

So this post wasn’t meant so much as a reminisce-the-past post as it is supposed to be about the Christmas break that I just had. I had been lazy over the last few days so I haven’t been blogging. So much for my initial resolve when 2011 started that I’d have one post per day. I realised it was going to be too tough especially with me travelling so often, sometimes without proper internet connection to do any decent posting… but there are really days when I have nothing much to write about.

This was a rather peaceful and quiet Christmas that I had. Friday evening was spent sitting till my butt hurt in a hair salon in town. The entire town was abuzz with activity while I just parked myself in the salon for 3.5 hours, getting my hair done with something I hadn’t planned to. No, I didn’t perm it or anything but it got shorter though I think maybe I can still have it shorter now since the hairdresser decided to go ahead to rebond my hair. I was mad pissed for a while because I had not asked for that, and am now not exactly a fan of flat lack-of-volume hair because it makes my face look rounder and plumper than it already is. But what’s done cannot be undone, so I can just accept it and move on and be glad that yes my hair is now more manageable.

And could you imagine that on the morning of Christmas eve, yours truly was up at 7am and out for class at 9am? Indeed. The school doesn’t close for Christmas eve so half of my class gathered for lesson and then after that I was off to shop for a last-minute gift for an exchange and also lunch in the Orchard area that started to get grossly crowded from about noon.

Had dinner at a ramen stall in Central mall before heading to the sake place for the Christmas meet-up, where I realised that some people don’t really fancy receiving chocolates in gift exchanges. What do you guys think, is it a bad gift to get for an exchange where you aren’t sure who are the people attending? We played Bingo after the countdown and I won a Starbucks card preloaded with $30 of value! Isn’t it the perfect gift for a coffeeholic like me? 🙂

This picture is anyhow taken in November last year when I was on holiday in Hong Kong! This year the Christmas cups are different.

And this too.

It was interesting how my friend mentioned just now while sending me home that it seems like a long time since she’d driven me home. It’s true we haven’t met in a while, and I blame it on the travelling. Maybe I also haven’t been conscientious enough in trying to meet up too because some days I just get so tired from running errands and doing some personal stuff when I’m home that I tend to neglect the people around. Sorry guys, my bad. You are all really important and I will try very hard ok? We were just talking about New Year resolutions and I was still telling her how I think I can cut down on some of the things that I usually list in the resolutions because there is no point, either because they will be fulfilled anyway or they will forever be an outstanding item. But now… hmm, I think that’s something I should consider working towards.

And… this year I don’t think I’ve gotten myself any proper Christmas gift. I don’t count the stuff bought in US or the Netherlands as Christmas gifts because they just don’t feel like it. I’d wanted to get myself a necklace but popped into Tiffany both in the US and also in SG and found nothing nice. Considered Bvlgari or Cartier but I think I can’t afford that. Then I thought about a watch and gave up thinking because I still can’t make myself splurge on a proper watch. So no, I’m still present-less. One of my friends got me eyeshadow from Paul & Joe though and another got me word magnets! Thanks dears! I also got some chocolates and cookies from the office peeps that will ensure I pile on the calories while trying to stay awake on those dreary afternoons.


I wonder how long it’s gonna take this time, to recover. I hope it’s soon though otherwise I’m really not sure how I am going to survive the flight.

I got myself a new pair of earrings! Actually, I stopped buying earrings as fervently as I used to. In the past whenever I travel somewhere I will always try to return with some accessories, with earrings being the top item that I will buy because they are the things I wear on a daily basis. Recently I cut down on that a lot because I realised I have a lot of earrings that I don’t wear, not because I don’t like them anymore but because I am just lazy to have to dig them out from wherever I have kept them, so mostly I just wear whatever is within easy reach.

You can see how bad a state my camera is in, or maybe it’s just my lousy skills in photographing the gift. Anyhow, it’s a pair of custom-made earrings, a combination of black onyx and pink rubies, yellow sapphires and mandarin garnet. I only knew when my friend told me, that as I knew it with ruby being the birthstone for July, the traditional birthstone is actually onyx. She knows me well in thinking I probably am less inclined to wear a red stone on me on normal days and so I got the black onyx for the main stone for my earrings!

I haven’t worn it yet since as I mentioned before, am still being lazy even where accessorising is concerned. Which kind of also puts in the group of can’t-be-bothered people where fashion is concerned. My cousin has a fashion blog and she’s really into fashion and all, together with a lot of her family too, and sometimes when I read her site and various other fashion sites I feel a tad bad for always taking the easy way out where dressing-up/right is concerned. Maybe I just don’t have the fashion bug in me, since I already profess to have very potent travel and bag-shopping bugs in me, perhaps they leave little room for anything else. Ok, I know, excuses. I do think of trying on many occasions but I still found the courage to overcome discomfort (due to the sweating induced by our very unfriendly climate) from trying to walk the fashion way.