Festive shopping!

The year-end is always a time when the shopping malls are thronged with crowds, whether they are people out shopping for Christmas presents for friends and family, or simply people out to snare a good bargain or two due to the slew of year-end/season-end/whatever-else sales. For me, I shop throughout the year, but generally towards the year-end and of course carrying forward into January (an excuse for CNY shopping then), shopping seems like an inevitable, must-do activity. Even though the malls are packed with annoying crowds and the cashier and gift-wrap queues are horrendous, if I exercise a little patience, they can actually be bearable and in some cases I even enjoy all that buzz that adds up to the festive mood.

But this year, I have not really done much Christmas shopping. Well, before I went to Shanghai, while I was milling around the shops at the airport, I’d actually bought myself a Christmas gift of sorts, but other than that, I have yet to really go to the shops to get anything. Maybe this year, there isn’t really a pressing need to get gifts but we’ll see. Due to some unexpected twist of events in the last couple of days, a trip that I’d planned got postponed so it means that I have a few days to head to town and perhaps get myself into the yuletide mood, see whatever there is of┬áthe Christmas light-up and buy some gifts.

It is also different this year because I didn’t get anything yet from Crabtree & Evelyn. In past years, I’d join my friend for the Members Preview/Sale and get some toiletries and also their delicious cookies. This year I didn’t because apparently, a toiletries set I bought last year has not been opened yet. I got a travel set consisting of some items from the Pomegranate range last Christmas and I’d only just taken out the Hand Therapy for use when I went to Shanghai recently.


I am really glad that this item, which I first discovered a couple of years back, made a return last year, or is it now part of the permanent range, but anyway I really love the scent, even more than my original favourite that was La Source. It contains argan and grapeseed, but in general what I like about this scent is that it has a tinge of sweetness in its smell, yet it is not too strong, and still provides a fairly refreshing feel. The hand therapy isn’t the best of hand creams that I’ve used, but it suffices to a certain extent although it does leave a little greasy trail for a short while. Nevertheless, this is my new favourite from C&E!20131204-153902.jpg