weather finally got to me

A few days has passed since the last post, and all for good reason. I finally succumbed to the flu bug that has been making its rounds everywhere, especially within the office. Although I am rather proud to say that I seldom fall seriously ill because generally I am considerably healthy (or that I would like to think!), I think my body is sending me strong signals to rest, even if the lack of rest is because I am spending time doing other good things like learning and exercising. It probably started on Monday when I developed a slight sore throat, which was a pretty rare occurrence because that kind of sore throat I experienced typically only happened after a bout of cold/runny nose, which in this case did not happen. It gradually got worse, and after that a cold set in, body aches, and possibly fever I don’t know, I just felt feverish and achey all over and my head on one day, threatened to split open, and all that despite that I had errands to run. I couldn’t really stay home and rest on that one day that I was at my sickest, with a throbbing head and a hazy consciousness, because just a day after that I was due to make a 18-hour trip, flight and transit times inclusive. Well, that is just part and parcel of the job, sick or not I still have to go.

Falling ill is really not a great feeling, which proves to me again that it is important to eat well and live well. The other additional thing I need is to sleep/rest well.

So the other day I posted the picture of the Kit Kat that a girlfriend brought back from Japan, and I couldn’t resist having it (maybe this contributed to the worsening flu situation but oh well, sometimes they can cure too, who knows); check out the interesting sakura-flower patterns on the chocolate bar! 


I must really give it to the Japanese for placing such emphasis on the little details, that’s why I am always going a little overboard when I visit Japan and end up over-indulging on their snacks that are all over the combinis and supermarkets. Last month, I bought this strawberry-flavoured Pocky, and the really cute thing was that the biscuit was made in the shape of a heart! I don’t know what the reason for this was since we are still a couple months away from Valentine’s, but it was just something I thought was rather funny. Heart-shape or not, it’s not going to affect how I feel about eating it, I just like the strawberry flavour of it. 20130113-192534.jpg