i’m on a roll

For some time, I have been exercising excellent control over my cravings and addictions. Well, actually it is never up to me to do it because in the flesh, we are weak. But I know that it is ok, once in a while, to just indulge. Which is what I have been doing, although maybe a little too often and too much. I have recently found places that serve shoestring fries, my favourite type. I don’t fancy chunky fries for some reason, although I don’t mind eating them but they kind of remind me a little of potato wedges and I am not a fan. I know they are still potato, deep-fried ones, but I still prefer them in this form.20140518-230716.jpgAnd no thanks for any truffle oil or the likes, I prefer my fries plain, neat, whatever you want to call them. Basically, you just need to fry them and serve them up to me without anything. I don’t even want any salt on them, which was why in the past when I go to Mac’s I always try, whenever I can, to request for unsalted fries, which also meant I can get freshly-deep-fried French fries! And the places that I found that serve these shoestring variety of fries know all about value-for-money because they charge a fair amount and give me a whole humongous plate of them I’d guesstimate it to contain at least 2 large packets of Mac’s fries. Gosh.

What are fries without beer to accompany them. Yep, to me, beer is the complementary item, not the other way round. Best of all of course, is the company to have the beer and fries with, while catching up on our lives. Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!


Paulaner Brauhaus, Millenia Walk Singapore

Sometimes, I wonder if seeing such pictures from me more often signify a good or bad thing.

The small and the big. Strangely, the stereotype always stick. The service staff would serve the 0.3L to me and the 0.5L to the man. In this case, they were wrong. I recalled once when I was at a pub with my cousin and he ordered a wine (or a cocktail I couldn’t remember) while I ordered a beer and I think the first instinct was that the wine was coming to me, but the service staff was smart enough to ask before setting the mug/glass down.

20140306-090528.jpgI found the shoestring fries that I had been missing, and this was an awfully huge-ass ginormous portion that was well worth the $11.50 paid for it. Just thankful there was someone to share the calories and guilt.

20140306-090544.jpgLet’s see what happens. Habits die hard and I thought I’d already kicked this habit, especially when I could even go a few months without touching alcohol over the last couple of years.

oddity of the elements

It has been raining on and off pretty much but like a friend tweeted, it’s weird that it is still very warm and humid. Truth is, that’s the way our climate is I suppose. Even if it’s raining heavily, by the time the rain stops and the earth dries up, and the sun emerges from behind the clouds, the entire atmosphere will start to warm up. I miss times abroad when in bright scorching sunshine, the temperature is still at a biting 2 degrees celsius.

This morning it started raining way before the sun rose, and even when it was time to leave the house for work it was still raining rather heavily. I’d resolve to minimise, as much as possible, my incidences of cabbing to work. It isn’t expensive to take a taxi to work from home, and since I don’t do it everyday it certainly is manageable, but I would still like to have it more as a luxury than the norm. But with that kind of rain we see, it’s quite off-putting just to think of taking the bus to work and having to walk the long way to the office, because I know the legs of my trousers and my shoes will just get wet.

So… Oktoberfest! I told my friends we are not people who need any valid reasons to drink. We are not alcoholics but somehow it has become a part of our lives to have alcohol on-and-off. There are just so many things we can do in little sunny Singapore.

Off it was to Paulaner for drinks on an early Sunday evening. I’ve come to really like evening times, dusk to be exact, when the sun is setting and just before it disappears completely beyond the horizon. But as with most beautiful things, it is always too fleeting, just like how ice, cold beer doesn’t stay that way for long. Beer that isn’t cold just tastes bad.

This was the special brew for the Oktoberfest; I still prefer the usual lighter golden-coloured one that always order but we just thought we’d give this a try.

She said she was very hungry, so we ordered a Bavarian pretzel in addition to the sausage sampler platter. It was almost tasteless, though rather chewy, and oddly with salt grains.

And the sausages. They are actually quite oily, and if I remember correctly, Brotzeit serves nicer sausages. We actually were deliberating between Brotzeit and Paulaner but I picked the latter eventually because I hadn’t been to Millennia Walk in a while and I found Raffles City area a little too congested and busy.

Read this the other day: “If someone wants to be a part of your life, they’ll make an effort to be in it. So don’t bother reserving a space in your heart for someone who doesn’t make an effort to stay.” So everyone should do their part and make that effort; sometimes I think I have tried hard enough but the other party probably doesn’t think that I have done enough. What do you think?

only the appetite that is healthy

Remember I mentioned about my diet plan? The below are the reasons why I should go on a diet, and as of today, just the 2nd day into the week I think I have failed terribly. This just shows how weak my resolve is in the face of glorious food.

I really like the sandwiches at Joe & Dough, and the bonus factor of the coffee art on top of my rather-strong cup of latte! The downside is that this place is quite pricey and it’s a very small outfit!

Never knew why it always is on a Wednesday but according to my friend, Wednesdays are the mid-week when people take a breather from the usual routine and start winding down to the weekend. Maybe.

Marche apparently sells coffee in the mornings. But the cup is not exactly friendly to the touch, since it doesn’t come with any jacket for me to carry from 313 to the office so I had to rely on a makeshift java jacket using the serviettes that they gave me.

I never used to like naans that much, I wonder why, but from last Saturday’s lunch I think garlic naan is pretty yummy, especially eaten with the gravy from the fish head curry!

And after a really good movie on Saturday night, I had a quiet dinner, with some nibbles of the toffee pudding that my friend ordered, which I felt was like a cake because I had thought of pudding to be less spongey with a more watery consistency.

With the strange weather these days, Singapore is still a very hot and humid place wont to high temperatures. The best way to cool down in the heat, albeit a very lousy way for weight-watchers, is beer, which often demands the accompaniment of bar snacks like fries and in this particular place, expensive sausages.

So that was last week, and there were more that weren’t pictured as evidence of my gluttoning. I wanted to curb my eating but like I said, my appetite is the only part of me that is in perennial tip-top condition. Yes, even when I am sick I still eat like a growing adolescent. Yet the body’s metabolism hasn’t been able to remain the same. I had a pack of MSG-laden pretz last night in class because I just couldn’t resist snacking since I was so tired. And today I had wanted to keep lunch simple but this morning, something happened that made me really upset and somehow all that emotions were channelled into food cravings, and thus I ended up with these…

Honestly, just either one of them with a cup of coffee is good enough for lunch, but I had both the muffin and the apple crumble, and they are both huge. The apple crumble is also a tad sweet although it has very generous servings of apple pieces in it. So did they make me feel better after eating? Not really, because I probably felt more guilt from snacking than the sugar high that might have resulted. But the lunch company did a great job in alleviating some of the frustrations though, because I still believe that talking it out is cathartic in its own way, even if I have told myself to cut down on the talking so that I don’t burden everyone around with my incessant grouses.

And by the way, this doesn’t belong to me, either the iPad, or the Maserati pictured.