Menya Sanji, Orchid Hotel

There is this other ramen stall at Orchid Hotel with ridiculous queues each time I walk past, and I think it’s the Keisuke Tonkotsu ramen. I haven’t tried it before so I can’t comment if it is good or not, and it has been a while since I last had any ramen I think, but I hate queueing in general, so I never really considered having lunch there. There are a couple of times when I walked past and it was not crowded, but I wondered if perhaps they had already closed for lunch, or maybe they were sold out. Another shop that sells gyoza also sees quite turn-offish queues so again that isn’t a shop that have entered within my realm of consideration. In fact, I was not that keen on checking out this shop too, Menya Sanji, because we had to wait. But since we were the first in the line, and my colleagues were ok with the supposed short wait, I went along. The shop is really tiny, which explains the formation of queues during meal times I gather, but we were a little late for lunch that day so maybe that is the reason why we didn’t have to put up with longer queues.

Menya Sanji sells a variety of ramen, and some of them, from the pictures, look really sinful with fatty pork slices that I am not a fan of. I just don’t like the texture of fatty meat, even if they are supposed to be really good, and it isn’t because I am some health freak who cannot touch fatty stuff (think of all the roast pork, aka bak kwa that I have been having on an almost nightly basis for supper).

20140220-133015.jpgSo I decided to order the bukkake ramen, which is a version of dry ramen that comes with a sauce, three types for you to choose from, that you have to pour over the noodles, mix them up before eating. It reminded me of Tetsu, but the sauce is different and for Tetsu I think it’s eaten by dipping the noodles into the sauce like for Cha Soba.

Let’s take a closer look.

20140220-133022.jpgI actually quite enjoy this type of ramen, because maybe the fried spring onions gave it a nice flavour and in general there were several types of ingredients included. I won’t mention too much about the egg, as though the white was delicious, the yolk was unfortunately already in a near-solidified state, i.e. fail. I love the noodles though, which I was a tad surprised that they were cold (thought they’d be hot), but they were very Q and springy. The fact that they didn’t stick together in clumps made eating really easy and a breeze, even though I had not used much of the sauce provided. This comes in 2 sizes, a standard at S$9.90 and a large (costs S$2 more I think). It looks deceivingly small but the standard was more than enough for me, even though there was no soup/broth to bloat me up. My colleague thought they’d be insufficient noodles so she ordered the large and ended up with a lot of noodles left over. But I think she didn’t really like that it’s cold so maybe that’s why she didn’t finish it eventually.

It’s worth a try, and service is courteous and more or less prompt, at least it seemed like they try to be very prompt. And there is complimentary free-flow of water if you need!