our beautiful city

Someone asked me recently I think, or maybe I imagined the question, I can’t remember. My memory seems to be failing me of late. But I was asked if I could choose, where would I want to live. Honestly, I can probably think of several cities that I love and would enjoy living in, temporarily for a while, maybe months or years. But I haven’t really lived that long in a different city outside of Singapore to really know the difference, yet I think right now, my preference, despite all my gripes, is still Singapore.

Almost on a daily basis, I get frustrated by the crowds that seem to be making our little city state smaller than ever. Every each way that I turn seem to be crowded and so we are frequently subjected to bad rush hour conditions where trains are packed, roads are congested, and even in the malls and streets, you can’t walk a short distance without having to side-step someone who may be blocking your way because they are walking too slowly or walking a fashion that is oblivious to the surrounding.

I complain about the high costs of living that leads me to the constant problem of balance I can’t find in life. The want and desire to break free of the chains of loathing against the need to earn a livelihood. Sure, we can definitely survive on less but the question is, do we can to do so comfortably?

Laments about the weather never cease. After so many years, I still can’t acclimatise to it, and when I’m outside I feel that it’s too warm but the moment I step indoors, the excessively cold air-conditioning sends chills down my spine instantaneously. It is no wonder that we tend to fall sick so easily because the body just isn’t tuned to adapting so quickly to temperature changes so often during a day.

Yet… I am still thankful for Singapore and what it contains or not. It is my home and as of now, I would like to think that it will always be my home. The convenience of this tiny little red dot, the general sense of safety, and in its own unique ways, the beauty of the little things that I enjoy when I am not overwhelmed with self-pity over my own predicament.

It is a general past-time to complain and grouse. We see it so often in and out of social media. Facebook and Twitter seem like platforms for people to air their frustrations, and even when we engage in banter with friends or acquaintances, it isn’t unusual that the topic turns into a complain session of sorts, about the city, the authorities, and so on and so forth. I think the majority of us, or so I think, are still thankful for being where we are, although there are some, maybe a growing lot, who are eager to pack their bags and leave. Despite that sometimes, I feel like a foreigner in my own home country, I think migrating overseas will not make things any better. At least I am privy to complain about anything back home, but if I were to move somewhere else, I will have to put up with the xenophobia of the people there, at best, or suffer the consequences of racism or intolerance. It is not news that such occurrences happen in those cities that people think of when they want to relocate.

So… for now, let’s just appreciate the beauty that is in our home. 20130711-151633.jpg

it’s october!

Well we’re already into the third day of October and it hasn’t taken me all of two days to pass and a post I made late Saturday night to realise this. I just ran out of ideas on post titles.

The weather recently is just acting strange, what’s new with our weather? Over the last few days it has been raining in the early part of the day, usually before or during dawn, then in the afternoon it can be hot and humid like anything. Yesterday was no different. I woke up groggily in the wee hours of the morning to close the windows before stumbling back into bed, then waking a couple of hours later to a rather cool morning. In fact since I was pretty much in an air-conditioned environment thereafter it was nice and cool all the way till I got home after lunch and groceries.

So in the evening I headed out again for Oktoberfest! Ok, honestly it’s just an excuse; we don’t need Oktoberfest to drink but somehow it gives us an additional reason to be drinking on a Sunday maybe. A lot of people thought the same since at 5pm, Paulaner at Millennia Walk was pretty much packed! There were only a handful of empty tables left but fortunately we got one on the inside.

Then we went for a walk. I hadn’t been taking much walks recently somewhat and I really missed walking about the Esplanade area. It was quite a breezy night, thankfully, and especially since the sun had set I think it probably helped bring down the temperatures by one or two degrees. Haha. As we were crossing the bridge from Esplanade to One Fullerton because yours truly was having a cake craving, we were unexpectedly treated to a laser display by MBS! I knew they have such shows but it still caught me by surprise somewhat because I wasn’t looking at the time.

I thought it was spectacular just standing there on the bridge watching the laser beams with quite a strong cool wind blowing (even some of the remnant sprays from the Merlion further down, yes the wind was that strong at one point). I think I probably won’t get tired of seeing all these sparkling lights illuminating our night sky, even if it’s so energy-consuming and commercialised. Things generally look better in the night, and with all the adornments that come in various colours of orange, blue and green, etc., they beautify these things even more.

Just a few more weeks to go before I go on holiday, I can’t wait. It’s been such a long time since I last went on holiday that I’m getting withdrawal symptoms!

formula one in Singapore

The fourth F1 night race in Singapore concluded last night and as per past years I was only more than eager to be out of the City Hall area. I’m not really a fan of F1, even if somehow I believe more Singaporeans got to know about F1 and started to be interested in it after we started hosting it.

I used to take an interest in it during the hey days with the lethal combination of Ferrari and Michael Schumacher, but with his retirement went my interest too. I don’t know why but I just wasn’t that keen anymore, and I’ll blame it once more on my too-short attention/interest span. I just don’t take a very extended interest in many things in my life. Sad, but true.

So this post is actually not so much about F1. Haha. I was actually more interested in the other events that were organised in conjunction with the F1, such as the concerts, but as they were all held outdoors it meant that again my keenness to attend them plummeted. I was initially quite keen to go catch (my current favourite) K-pop boyband Big Bang’s GD&TOP (and SeungRi) in concert on Friday night, and also Linkin Park (seems like I have liked them for a long time now, which is good news for me, means I do take a longer interest in somethings after all!) but these plans didn’t materialise eventually.

There were also a lot of other events taking place in the big name clubs about town of which I am no part of because I am already no longer that keen in clubbing, not that I ever was very keen to begin with, and because I’m not really a somebody to be part of that scene.

But on Friday evening I finally met up with someone I haven’t seen for such a long time. If I hadn’t initiated the meet-up, well it’s anyone’s guess if we’ll ever get to meet again. Sigh. Anyhow we met really early and by the time the night was almost over we were already done with 2 bottles of white wine. But I wasn’t really that ready to call it a night yet even if I had a morning class on Saturday, so we took a long walk in the warm night and ended up at City Hall, because I wanted to see some night scenery. What better place to do it then at one of the highest points of the city?

The lights on the race track were still on when we went up, and it provided a really stunning contrast against the rest of the city that was already turning down the lights.

But elsewhere it still seemed like a lot of activity was on-going.

The music playing that night was great for a couple hours of dancing even when I was completely oblivious to the crowd on the dance floor whom I didn’t want to be a part of. It feels awesome to let go and dance once in a while and get myself all tired out from moving to the beats. Of course it wasn’t easy to then pull myself out from a realm of enjoyment and surrealism and anchor my feet back to the firm ground, go back home and sleep for 4 hours before waking up still in an inebriated state for lessons. My head was throbbing from the too-much-alcohol the night before but the dance beats were still reverberating at the back of my mind.