cruising towards nothing

I haven’t been in much of a mood lately to blog, or perhaps the energy level is so low that frequently when I switch on the computer at home in the nights, I’d most likely be spacing out in front of it as I trawl the Net for nothing in particular, while mindlessly clicking the mouse in endless games of Bejeweled Blitz on FB, even though the time would have been better spent on shut-eye instead. But I suppose sometimes, I just want to revel a little in the quiet of the night when everyone else is in slumber, because it does help in letting me wind down as well.

Not sure if it’s going to sound a tad embarrassing but it was only last weekend that I came into possession of 2 Muse albums, Absolution and The Resistance, and because they were on a promotional sale at HMV where I got 2 for $30. Now ain’t that a good bargain. I thought of getting the rest as well but didn’t want to lug home too many things that day, so I left with 2, and my friend bought Black Holes & Revelation, so perhaps it’ll make more sense for me to borrow them since I don’t really want to hold on to the physical CDs. Lack of space, my constant excuse.

And it was only on that Sunday that I realised how long it has been since I last stepped into HMV, because I knew from eons ago in school that they sell magazines, but books? There were various authors’ titles on sale, amongst which were Haruki Murakami, Kazuo Ishiguro, Sophie Kinsella, etc. I wanted to get 2 of the titles from Ishiguro that I have yet to read but again (referring to above excuse) I refrained from doing that.

Sunday was a lazy day even if though I seemed to have done quite a bit of things. Got up really early for a short run at the gym before the lunch wedding that ended before 4pm, then headed to the Esplanade for a spot of Chinese tea-drinking (and more eating). If Ed Harcourt’s show that evening wasn’t sold out, I might have joined my friend for it. So it was an early evening home after a second consecutive day of grocery shopping; I must say I think I’m getting more domesticated now! But really, hardly. Guess what I bought… juice, yogurt, bread, cheese, junk food. I wished I had a porter with me because each time I buy a carton of juice that has an odd volume of about 1.8 litres (or thereabouts), I can’t load anything else!

And so… that’s about the weekend that just disappeared in a flash. Time is just slipping through my fingers at such an alarming pace that I don’t even have time to breathe before Monday swung by once more.

sound bites

I was first introduced to Muse some years back by the ex I believe. One of the really great things about being in that relationship was the vast musical genres that I was exposed to because he’s quite into music in some ways, and often made me sample many of those songs that he liked. Good and bad in a way, but this isn’t about discussing relationships, so we shall move on.

I liked their Time is running out from the Absolution album that was released in 2003. Apparently, according to Wikipedia, the band that hailed from Devon, England, has been around since 1994, but yes yours truly isn’t that advanced when it comes to discovering new music, so it was only 10 years and 3 albums on that I came to know about them, and how infectious their music can be. Their brand of music is labelled alternative rock, and rightly so, in ways that I actually can’t describe. Haha. The lead vocalist has a haunting quality to his voice that reminded me of Brett Andersen from Suede, although it doesn’t have that whiney melancholic twang to it as compared to the latter, but nevertheless mesmerising and extremely captivating. The way he lends his voice to the song made it sound so hopeless and sad, and yes I know it sounds odd but I am really into such depressing music, regardless of the lyrical content because I seldom read into lyrics.

I don’t think I have their Absolution album, although I might have it on my iPod, but I haven’t followed-up on their music since. In 2006, they released the 4th album, which I totally wasn’t aware of, and then in 2009, Resistance was launched. It was at Wala last Saturday that I got to know of this track on their 5th album, Uprising, and it was amazing. It’s made to be a rock anthem, the way the drum beats form the background for Matthew Bellamy’s deliverance of the song, it is just perfect. And I am so crushing on his voice right now, I am wondering if I should head out to the stores to get my hands on the album. I have never heard them in concert before, though I believe they were on our shores to perform previously, and if it’s something recent, it would be such a great pity…