hello once more

Just realised it has been a week. And I didn’t really miss it because mostly I am just distracted and feeling tired. I’m not sure why but I feel lethargic every single day and I swear that every passing second I am just struggling to stay awake it’s like someone injected sleeping pills into my bloodstream on a constant basis.

Finally taking a break from travelling for work. Enjoyed the short weekend trip to Hong Kong tremendously, I think it was one of the best combinations and formula for a holiday and I only wish I could have such holidays more often, but hopefully with a better spot of weather, lesser rain, lesser heat and humidity please thank you!

After catching Rum Diary on the flight, got another dose of JD in Dark Shadows. Must say that he’s looking good but in Dark Shadows I got reminded of Edward Scissorhands and Sweeney Todd all at once. I didn’t particularly think this was a stellar movie even if it boasted big names in its cast, who were we thought, under-utilised. Then I also decided that I was not going to miss another movie that I would have liked to watch in the cinema with the big-screen experience. The Avengers has been on my to-watch list for a while and with all these super heros thrown in what more can we want? Perhaps I expected too much from it or my fatigue got the better of me but I just thought the lead-up to the action towards the end was a tad slow and draggy. There were some funny moments though, and although I have never watched any of the Iron Man series, Robert Downey Jr. is awesome in this role. I would have preferred Edward Norton as the Incredible Hulk but Mark Ruffalo exuded a different kind of charm as Dr. Banner anyhow. The rest of them were also great to watch so probably it was just the story-telling that got a bit tired.

It was an activity-filled weekend that just passed and it felt like I did so many things even though once again, I had to miss church service. Let’s see what happens next weekend. I desperately want to go and get some shopping done but I’m terrible when it comes to wanting to do things because then it never happens. I tried this weekend and went home empty-ended except for food. Guess that’s where the priorities are now.

New Year’s Eve

Yes I know it’s not even Christmas yet and I am already talking about New Year’s Eve?

Well yes and no. It’s a movie called New Year’s eve, your typical feel-good movie starring lots of actors/actresses that weave a few stories together, usually with happy endings that puts viewers in a nice festive mood. The last one I remembered were from the same people, Valentine’s Day, and I cannot at this moment recall, but there must have been other such movies before. It’s like the Chinese equivalent of the 贺岁片 that we used to watch during each Chinese New Year, usually put together by Jackie Chan.

When I first saw the poster, I already told my friend that I wanted to catch the movie, whether or not it’s going to be a nice show. That was really besides the point, because to me this counted as a sort of chick flick, and at this time of the year when my mood is generally good since I love Christmas and year-ends so much, this will be like the icing on the cake for me. Bimbotic as I may sound, I do enjoy watching such chick flicks with girlfriends, munching on pop corn and just all of us feeling warm and fuzzy inside from the happily-ever-afters.

So anyway I didn’t start the movie feeling good but at the end of it, it made me feel better already. That’s the thing with me, moods come and go easily, unless it’s something major like… something that has been residing in me for the longest time that I can’t shake off. Yet. It was a Tuesday night when I watched the show but yet when we came out of the cinema at about half past nine, there was a crowd waiting to go into the theatres like it was a weekend night. Seriously?

But I too feel the holiday mood, and although I had work the next day, we still stayed out for a little while more, to grab a late dinner before finally going on the home-bound journey.

I never thought I’d think this, but Zac Efron, post-High School Musical and with shorter hair, actually looks decently cute in the movie. In the show, he is like a bit of the himbo but yet with a rather good heart, going all out (although it was all for a purpose) to help fulfill the resolutions of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Ingrid. Well wouldn’t we all wish for someone to help us achieve all our resolutions in the span of a day. But this is a movie after all, and what happens in the reel world usually does not transcend into reality. But we can always hope for a miracle one day.

Besides the feel-good factor that the movie invoked, I think what made me like it even more was how it was set in New York Times Square and that brought back fond memories of just over a month ago. What I wouldn’t give to go there again…

plan to have no plans

Before the last weekend began, I think I had grand plans on what I had wanted to do, but as with the greatest plans things didn’t turn out as planned and so deviations occurred.

It has been raining so much lately, and towards the end of last week on both Thursday and Friday evenings, I thought so much rain had fallen that maybe there won’t be anymore rain for a while. Well, I was wrong because this morning there was yet another downpour that left my shoes all soaked and now I’m still hoping they will dry in airconditioning. I really hate the feeling of wet shoes and now I think I will bring a spare pair and leave it in the office for such days.

Weekends always seem to fly by especially when they turn out unexpectedly busy. Spent Saturday running around various places, with the highlight being the BBQ. We were thankful for the dry weather during those few hours, even though we were adequately sheltered. It wasn’t until after lots of food, wine and cake and half a movie and I reached home that it started to rain.

Didn’t plan to do much on Sunday but turned out that I headed out at 9am and it wasn’t until almost 11pm that I called it a day.

Caught Tatsumi last night and I think my Japanese really suck because half the time I couldn’t understand what the dialogue was about if I hadn’t read the subtitles. Sure, I caught a few words here and there but other than that, I wouldn’t have been able to grasp the gist of the stories if I hadn’t read the subtitles. So even after more than three years and two successful attempts of the Japanese Language Proficiency Tests, I am still nowhere near a beginner’s comprehension of the language. I wonder how long it will take for me to be even slightly conversant in it, and as well, how long it will take for me to attain that kind of levels where Korean is concerned.

our beloved pirate

I almost forgot that it was already the fourth instalment of the Pirates story, because it really didn’t feel like it, and although much of the past three have probably grown foggy in my hazy memory, I didn’t forget that the main draw of the series was and still is, the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow, the one with the trademark dark-lined eyes, with the braided beard, the red bandana-alike headgear, and definitely the lazy drawl of the spoken word with an unmistakable swagger that can only be him.

It was supposed to be this show that we would catch at the IMAX theatre at the newly-reopened Lido cinema where I used to catch many movies in years of yore, but since I was unable  to book the tickets early and we didn’t want to risk a neck ache from sitting in the front 2 rows, we decided to opt for a normal movie instead. And it was still good. The movie, at 138 minutes, didn’t feel like it to me, even if it wasn’t the fastest-moving of plots that I’d watch, but somehow it managed to keep me entertained throughout most of the duration of the show, and at the end of it I still didn’t think that four parts were too much.

Just before watching the show, I remembered saying that I hope JD doesn’t disappoint in this show, because as of late I haven’t really been enjoying his movies that much, and of course I didn’t even catch The Tourist, although I was told it was a rather interesting movie (I just cannot imagine the pairing somehow). And so he didn’t. Maybe after catching this, he’d go back to being top on my list of favourite actors, but he’ll have to share it with LD, because the latter had so many movies that just sealed the deal for me, especially with the recent ones that I really liked.

So we shall see what new movies come out next from either of them. For a while, I think I’d just have to deal with watching other movies. Yes, I hope to catch Transformers, X-Men, Harry Potter, and I can’t remember what else. Yea yea these are the commercialised blockbusters, sure, and I’m just a typical movie-goer!


Gosh, I can’t believe it has been an entire week since I last blogged. Yes, I was tired of a lot of things, and to a certain extent there just wasn’t much to write about.

At this point, my life is pretty staid because day in and out, I will be making a tedious commute to the office, spend a few hours in a freezer-like environment, before thawing myself out in the perpetual sauna that Singapore has become in the last few days.

I penned a couple of long wordy entries that I just deleted away though, because I felt it was pointless to write about them since I would rather just keep the comments to myself. So… what has been happening in this boring life that I call mine?

Went to cast my vote for the first time in my life, although it wasn’t exciting or life-changing. To me, it was more of a necessity to vote rather than me being in anyway passionate about politics. I wasn’t, am not, and probably never will be. As much as this round of elections garnered a lot of attention at the national level all the way through the community as can be seen and heard almost everywhere I go to, I still am not interested in it at all. I believe everyone just wants the best for the country that we call home, just that the way they go about it is different, so everyone has their own opinions and thoughts about the scene and so be it. There really is not much point getting all rifled up for nothing.

Caught the Last Bladesman starring Donnie Yen on Saturday, since I was in bad need of a cool respite anyway. It wasn’t too bad, because although if you ask me about Chinese classics like Romance of the Three Kingdoms or the likes, you will most probably draw a blank, I really enjoy movies that are adapted from these classics, or rather anything adapted from historical events. Maybe it’s an easy way out of learning about history in bite sizes, since I gave up studying history after Secondary 2 because it entailed too much memorising that I wasn’t at all fond of, although what I chose eventually also involved a lot of memory work. I loved Donnie Yen in the 2 Ip Man movies but watching the Last Bladesman was like watching Ip Man fighting with the crescent blade (this is what the huge sword/spear thing is called based on a quick scan at wiki), so it was a bit weird.

Spent the rest of the Saturday evening wining and dining at Wala, where Luthfi from the Common People was standing in for Shirlyn that night. The repertoire of songs was definitely different from the usual Saturday night gig by the Unexpected but it was still all good, although perhaps the chemistry seemed a little different. And I think we encounter the oddest people at Wala! How many times has it been since we met strange people?

And tonight, courtesy of my dear cousin and F3, I got a pair of complimentary tickets to watch Hurts live in concert at the Esplanade! I really love their songs and especially Theo Hutchcraft’s vocals! When I first heard them, I thought they reminded me of Depeche Mode, infused with a little bit of New Order perhaps? The concert was a really short one at about 60 minutes, but the crowd that turned up was definitely not disappointed at all! I would say that most of us are still pretty reserved in showing our love for the performing band, but well there is some improvement because I saw a number of people up on their feet and getting all excited each time the first few notes of a song were played. But from where I was seated the spotlights/strobe lights (or whatever) on stage made it extremely painful (on the eyes) to focus on the stage and the band because the lights are shining into our eyes and they are just too glaring for comfort. Theo’s microphone-swinging reminded me a little of Brett Andersen when they were here for concert eons back when I was still in school, albeit the style of swinging and perhaps the manner differed greatly; compared to Brett’s languidness, Theo’s antics were a tad more erratic and forceful. I hope they will return for another concert in future!

Marvel Comics

I went to catch Thor in the cinemas today, not knowing at all what it was about (pardon the noob here) but because I wanted to watch a movie and I have heard some rather positive feedback about it.

It was only when screening started did I realise that this was part of the Marvel Comics publications, from how all other movies adapted from Marvel started, with the coloured pages flipping rapidly. Even then, I still had not a clue what the story was about.

So sometimes, I like to go into a cinema without expecting anything. It is good in a way because more often than not, I will end up enjoying the show more than if I had set a certain bar for the show only to end up being disappointed, such as for movies that were adapted from novels that I had read; those usually end up in disappointment, one of the most recent examples being Never Let Me Go. I felt the movie totally did not do any justice to the book at all.

I will try not to spoil the movie for anyone who is reading this and is planning to catch the show soon. Basically, what I love about the movie was the creation of Asgard and how beautiful and grand it looked with all its golden opulence. It sort of reminded me of movies based on Greek mythology, or for that matter, shows that feature the Gods. The storyline itself isn’t something unpredictable but it was the whole interplay of fantasy and reality in the movie that appealed to me as well, someone who always wants to believe that there is more than just us in this stratosphere. It helps of course that Chris Hemsworth, the actor cast as Thor, is all kinds of hot, with a rippling six- or was it an eight-pack that we got a nice glimpse of early in the movie, haha. I’m typically not for sinewy, muscular guys because I think I prefer them leaner and definitely less beefy, but this role calls for size like this. And I thought he was cast perfectly!

In the past few months, I have already watched Natalie Portman in 3 movies! I think I might have missed Love and Other Impossible Pursuits that was probably already taken off the screens, but she’s such a wonderful actress to watch no matter which role I have seen her in.

Just the other day I thought… when the relationship between a couple break down, they break up. So what happens to other kinds of relationships? When 2 persons somehow feel that they should not be in that relationship anymore, is there also a need to ‘break up’? In the case of the employee-employer relationship, of course the break-up comes in the form of resignation/termination depending on who is the initiator, but what about others? As time goes by, we tend to keep fewer and fewer people around us, due to a variety of reasons. People get hitched, they drift apart, you feel you don’t really know them anymore, or simply things just change so that you don’t feel the same way as before. Nothing lasts forever, not in this world where changes occur everyday and every second.

the green mermaid

One of my friends who is probably the friend whom I’ve known for the longest time, since primary school, is celebrating her birthday today. Happy Birthday, L. I doubt she’ll get to read this because she doesn’t know about this blog I think. Doesn’t matter, since I think she should be enjoying her holidays in Hong Kong right now, and I sent her a birthday wish this morning. 🙂

I was out last Saturday and having the usual cuppa, also in a bid to keep awake after being rudely awaken at about 7 in the morning and then unable to get back to slumber, and I saw this on the cup:

I read from Starbucks’ FB page some days ago that they had adopted a new logo, but when I saw this somehow it just came across as being incomplete, like a work-in-progress sort of thing. S said it looks bare, as though the cup is now just asking for you to decorate it with your own doodles and the likes. Which, for all you know, may be the intention behind the revamped logo, but it will take getting used to because the old one with the words arranged in a circular border around the mermaid has long since been the definitive logo of Starbucks coffee for me… so well this is gonna take some time.

Caught a couple of movies over the weekend, Forever, and Rango. They weren’t the best of movies that I’ve watched, although it could be due to the weariness that I was feeling throughout the whole of last week. Forever is a locally-produced movie by Wee Li-lin, and as much as I felt that the 90-minute show seemed a tad draggy (blame it on the showtime and dinner), it was a pretty good effort because the show did make me think a little about the plot and what the actual links between the roles were. Rango was not your typical animated feature as well, and frankly one of the main reasons for catching this was because Johnny Depp was the voice behind Rango, though it was only at certain parts that I could identify the voice as his. The setting of the story had the languidness of the desert that kind of introduced another element of lethargy to me, but it told the story of an accidental hero and how he got there, so parts of it were still pretty interesting.

I liked how Saturday turned out eventually, spending time with a couple of friends, idly catching up over coffee and then beers, throwing in a movie along the way, and having great music as an accompaniment. Simple enjoyment, I like.