junk food cravings

Once in a while I do suffer from attacks of cravings for junk food. You know, things that have little to no nutritional value, but instead can be of extreme detriment to the body in terms of transfats. It isn’t even healthy fats, like Omega 3 from fish, but rather, unhealthy fats that will cause a lot of harm in addition to of course making one grow fat. I used to be uncontrollable where junk food is concerned; I could finish a large pack of chips at one sitting, and rationalise to myself that it is ok because I am replacing a meal with that. Maybe the calories work out to be the same, or even less, if we were talking about an all-out meal, but even the same calories could mean very different things for the body. If you consume a portion of steak with salad that perhaps contain the same number of calories as a pack of chips, it isn’t rocket science to know which fares better for your body.

donuts But where cravings are concerned, the thought about health and calories can just go out the window completely. I wonder if sometimes I have controlled too much, that there can be very strong urges to just lose control and indulge in the sinfulness of gorging on junk food. Yet I know that the high from its consumption doesn’t last long, and in fact makes me feel worse after. Stress can lead to irrational cravings, and I have read that cravings sometimes tell us about something that the body is lacking. In my case, what am I lacking? Or has stress culminated from some areas that is wreaking havoc on my face, and also internally where these cravings are concerned?M_MsI have not totally sworn off junk food of course, especially not chocolates. How can anyone not like such a wonderful thing? I have so much chocolate stashed away in the fridge that despite knowing that some are long past their expiry, I just keep them there. I guess to me, it doesn’t matter that they may be past the sell-by date because as long as it looks edible still, it’s ok to me. :p popchips

Chips. Sigh, I have such a love-hate relationship with you.