I have a problem with snacking; the need to constantly munch on something. I wonder if it’s due to the fact that I am frequently and easily bored. So I brought some animal biscuits and mixed nuts to the office the other day. Well, the biscuits are not the healthiest snacks anyone can think of but they are really fragrant and the shape of the biscuits help to break the monotony of the day somewhat. A small treat for myself that day! 20130802-091452.jpgObviously, I didn’t have all these snacks pictured on the same day at the same time. I received some Smarties one evening in Jap class from a classmate. There wasn’t any special occasion, but sometimes the people are pretty generous with treats. I used to buy stuff for them too when I travel, but these days I have kind of stopped with the practice because it became a bit of a burden at some point to have to consider getting something for them on each trip that I went, and the class started to have some changes in terms of the student mix. It’s weird to buy something and just distribute it to selected people but some days I don’t know exactly how many are going to turn up. Maybe I can continue with it again, since I don’t travel that often now, otherwise it really does become a chore.

20130802-091504.jpgThen these! Well, we can find this in our supermarkets locally too, I saw it in Isetan supermarket the other day, but this box was from my colleague, air-flown halfway around the world! Note that the words below the brand are also different! I checked out the one in Isetan, and that row of words was in English. Haha.

20130802-091513.jpgI keep this box in the office, and I am consistently having a couple of these each day. OMG, think chocolate, hazelnut and caramel, every day. I can just about imagine all the calories that are being added to my waistline gradually. =/

Anyway, snacks are supposed to make people happier, momentarily or otherwise. I snacked a lot today, as I thought about what I had… pop chips, mixed nuts, haw slices, chocolates, … I can’t even remember all that I have had. And to add to the list, I had an apple, a slice of papaya and a plum. And then before that I actually ate sushi. This was just evening.

Seriously, what’s wrong with my body and strange obsession with constant eating?