flying solo in 2011

This is probably my most image-heavy post ever in my history of blogging. I can’t remember if I have ever posted anything else with as many pictures as this… though by standards of the online community, this isn’t much. But by my standards it is a record. I would rather write than post pictures simply because it takes less effort to write than to crop my pictures, choose which ones to post and then upload them here. It is a little tedious and I am very lazy, even if I know everyone prefers visuals. But tonight I don’t feel like ‘talking’ as much.

Twelve months in a year, fourteen cities including home, which I am sure you can spot from the pictures. It is that obvious.

Je suis fatigué.


We had some time to go sightseeing during the weekend when we were in Mexico City, where it was highly recommended that we do a day tour to Teotihuacan. You can read more about it from Wiki, not that I did before or even after, but just seeing these things for real was impressive enough for me.

This is the Pyramid of the Moon, which based on wiki, is about 50m in height. It wasn’t such a difficult task climbing up since this was the first one we ascended, and we couldn’t go all the way up to the top due to some works going on, possibly archeological stuff since this is afterall a UNESCO site.

The Pyramid of the Sun was the next one we went to, much tougher to conquer than the Moon, at 75 m high and being the third largest pyramid in the world. We managed to go all the way up to its summit with lots of rest stops in between, and parts of it were rather steep, not unlike those precarious slopes that we have climbed at Ang Kor Wat.

Honestly, these are the first pyramids that I’ve seen in my life, not having even seen those amazing sights in Giza, wondering when that will ever happen in my life. As with all pyramids, these are built for religious purposes, and the entire grounds were pretty massive and is a large complex for the Teotihuacanos back then. I’m not a great history buff but just looking at these huge structures and trying to imagine how they would have been built in the past, without the aid of the kind of modern technology that we have today, just makes me convinced that nothing is beyond mankind.

It’s a wonder that they have survived time and erosion all these years, maybe not without the help of preservation efforts of archeologists and historians alike, but it’s a covermark of resilience that we are seeing here.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to witness such a miracle/masterpiece in this trip that was entirely unexpected and which I did not even look forward to. It’s just making the best of what we already have.


My shoulders are aching like crazy but I’m too lazy to head to the gym or to yoga classes today because I have to go for another class at 7-ish tonight that I really am again very lazy to go to just thinking about it. But I’ve already missed a Jap class due to the Mexico trip so well, I have to drag my ass there even if I didn’t feel like it.

I managed just some hours of broken sleep on plane, and watched some movies, although… it seems like I have watched too many movies lately, or rather they didn’t have that great a selection anymore that on the last leg of the flight back from Narita back to Singapore, I actually didn’t want to watch anything because there wasn’t anything left that I felt like watching.

That said, I finally caught the Lincoln Lawyer, twice actually, once on my way there on SQ, and because they were showing it as well on the UA flight from LAX to MEX, I watched it too since it was a communal kind of screening on that flight.

The first thing that hit me when I got out of the airport was how warm it was. Initially I had thought that Mexico City was going to be really hot because somehow we just had that perception that it’s all hot and dusty there, don’t ask me why but it was rainy season in the 2 weeks that I was there, so perhaps it was a stroke of good luck for me that the temperatures never went above 30, and usually it’s hovering at about 20 or less in the mornings and evenings. I don’t think I’d ever go back there again if I had a choice because the time taken to get there already can kill me, but I really miss the warmth of the people there. It’s a different kind of culture that I experienced, and as much as the work wasn’t enjoyable at all, especially when I still felt disgusted that I was working till almost 2am on one night, the other bits of the trip were more or less acceptable, if not great.

Gotta get ready to head out soon in a bit, so shall write more next time. I don’t think I’ll be posting much pictures from trip since most of them are already in Facebook, so we shall see if I become less lazy. Hahaha.

homebound, soon!

I haven’t been posting for the longest time ever. The last entry was dated last Thursday, I can’t believe it!

So anyway, I’m heading home tomorrow! Not really looking forward to the flight back, because it is going to be yet another endless journey of airports and aircraft cabins with stale air that will then leave my skin dry like a prune and yet oily like anything. But yes as much as I am not looking forward to the lousy weather that I have been hearing about for Singapore online in Twitter and the likes, I am still missing home quite a bit, 13 hours away!

Coming to Mexico City changed my perception of the place, a lot. Will talk about that later. It has been quite a stressful and hectic 2 weeks, with this week being worse than the last. I couldn’t imagine myself working again such long hours, 16 hours at least, from 8-ish in the morning till 130am at night. More than 100 findings and 4.5 hours later, almost everything has come to sort of an end, and it’s 638pm now, and the whole office is almost empty, except for me and the consultant, with some other office folks who are still around. Well the colleagues are due for a night flight so they have gone too.

Ok, I think I should head out for some fresh cool air and not-so-enjoyable traffic, then I can be on my way back to the hotel to pack before psyching myself for the extremely long way home.

And oh. I know I don’t like what I do for a living, and I sure know a lot of people don’t think much of what I do, but it still pisses me off when someone just disparages my line of work. It’s a livelihood afterall no? I’m trying to make the best of it here anyhow.

Buenos días

I just found out what Good morning in Spanish was, that’s how limited my knowledge of Spanish is except for Hola!

So I have been tweeting rather frequently about Mexico City sharing photos on Twitter and Facebook, and have gotten quite a number of my friends commenting that I seem to be enjoying myself here. Well, I can’t deny part of the enjoyment because weather here is great except for the rain. I don’t really like rain that much when I have to be outside but the even-lower temperatures that rain brings is much welcomed, not that it is warm to begin with here. Everyday, I’m having a sub-25 temperature that is really excellent and which I wish we could have in Singapore. This morning it rained in the early hours so it got even chillier.

The food here is great as well. I’m told Mexican food is a lot about meat, and I’m thankful I’m no vegetarian. I love my meats even if I am not exactly considered a very major meat-eater. On Tuesday we visited a taco bar for lunch and had really yummy tacos that didn’t cost too much. In total with a 10% tip, we paid about 120 MXN (Mexican pesos) each, which translates to less than S$15. Then yesterday we went to a slightly fancier place for delicious wraps, salads and stuff that were supposedly healthier but still tasting fantastic.

I’m not talking about the work yet. Because it hasn’t reached epic proportions for me to not be able to contain it within. As long as it doesn’t threaten me into melting down it’s safe to keep it inside. But as well, I am still suffering jet lag; even if I am able to sleep properly for about 6 hours each night with a couple awakenings in-between, I still wake up each morning feeling extremely woozy and tired. I’m looking forward to going home still, although just thinking about the flights makes me wince. I overheard a conversation in the breakfast room this morning where someone was wishing her friend good luck with jetlag as her friend was going to fly to Hong Kong (she mistakenly thought Singapore at first which was what got my attention haha), and I thought, oh finally there is someone with the same kind of situation as me! Although I guess there may be lesser connections for her since we don’t have direct from LAX to SIN on E. Sigh…


I hate jetlag.

After flying and stopping-over and transiting for what felt like forever, it was at about 1am on Monday morning that I arrived at the hotel in Mexico City. It was actually rather cold when I was waiting for the pick-up sent by the company, and even though I was dead tired after more than 30 hours without any proper sleep, I still had to unpack, shower, etc., before finally plopping into bed just before 3am.

I slept and awoke several times, worrying I’ll oversleep and deliberating on the time I should go to the office, but finally dragged myself out of bed at 11am the next day. It was about a long half-day spent at the office, before my other jetlagged colleagues decided to call it a day at 7pm. Frankly I was more than ready to leave at any time but we were in a meeting all the way till about 645pm. It wasn’t until about 1130pm that I finally was ready to sleep; don’t ask why. So I fell asleep promptly but somehow woke up at 230am, and that was it. I tried valiantly to go back to sleep but ended up tossing and turning for what felt like ages. It’s now 1030am. Wish me luck in staying awake during the course of today, because I have no idea how long the colleagues intend to stay in office today…

On the other hand, Mexico City was quite unlike what I’d imagined it to be. And definitely the temperatures were somewhat unexpected. Thankfully I don’t have to be outside for long because without the sun in the sky, or even with sunshine in the early morning, it can be sub-20.