Mediterranean in Hong Kong

It was still the second day of our trip and it was a rainy day. Or rather, it started to drizzle at some point, quite a consistent one at that. We were thinking of where to go for dinner, and somehow ended up traipsing up and down the streets of SOHO trying to look for some place for a meal. As it was a Sunday, many places weren’t open or we couldn’t really tell. We finally popped into a bar/restaurant of sorts, serving Mediterranean food, or was it Lebanese.

I remembered having Lebanese food only once in Singapore, at this restaurant at One Fullerton, though I am not sure if it’s still standing today. Eateries in Singapore come and go too fast.

On the whole, I think I am rather fond of eating so most types of food actually go pretty well with me!

We ordered just 2 items to share, an eggplant hummus dip and skewered chicken. I didn’t expect the eggplant to come as a dip, though I should have known as the dish was listed under “Dips”. Ok, silly me. Anyhow, it was served with a basket of tacos, which initially we were thinking if we could ask for refills, but then we ended up not finishing the basket anyway so this was already quite substantial!It was really dark in the restaurant, so this was the best I could muster after editing the exposure of the photo. The skewered chicken, or actually I don’t recall its name, but it’s supposed to be something like what you would expect from kebab meats. It came all nicely chopped up already on a plate, making it much easier to eat, such as with the taco! It came with a small pot of yogurt-based dip too that was pretty nice and tangy.
Our drinks. A mocktail and a mint tea. The mint tea was of course, as you can probably tell, really strong on the mint factor because of all those mint leaves we are seeing in the glass. On such a cold, rainy night, this was just the thing that could provide some warm comfort.

Our eggplant hummus dip and the tacos! I think it could have been my fondness of breads and such that I am so enjoying this dish. I think I can just eat this without having any of the meat.  Close-up. There was some salsa in it too.
And the glorious plate of chicken, well-marinated and roasted just right! Looking at it, it was a pretty big plate of meat that we also couldn’t finish everything. 

Medz, Orchard Central

After such a long time since it opened, I finally had the chance to try this eatery with a concept similar to that of Marche. When this was first introduced in Singapore many years ago when I was still a student, i.e. the concept of a dining hall with several food stations and you just pick what you want to eat from any of the stalls, pay by having the price charged to a card that you are issued with upon entry, and then settle the bill when you leave. It was a great idea for gatherings with friends where food variety is present and nobody needs to eat the same thing that one restaurant serves. I can’t remember if Marche at the basement of the then-Heeren, whatever it is called now, was the pioneering F&B outlet to come up with this concept in Singapore, but these days it isn’t that uncommon anymore.

Medz serves mediterranean food and as much as my diet these days comprise mainly stuff that some people call baby food, hamster food, or such, I do enjoy Mediterranean food to a certain extent. I haven’t been much to these countries though, only Spain, many years ago, and I think the paella (plus sangria of course) is amazing. Tapas are also a great way to eat, similar to the side dishes of a Korean meal that I love!

At Medz, after ordering your food, you don’t have to wait in line and be shrouded by the fumes and cooking smells at the stations. A buzzer device is issued so that you can go sit down and wait or go order other food. The thing is, waiting times are really long, or maybe it’s because it was a weekend night; we easily waited 30 minutes for each item we ordered! 20130701-094426.jpg

And at long last, the food were ready! Only good thing was that they were done at about the same time, so here’s presenting the chicken paella and rosti with pork sausage. 20130701-094439.jpg

The portion of the paella is actually not that huge but sharing is recommended because you wouldn’t want to just eat all that rice on your own and not have anything else would you? It was not bad, but I can’t remember how the paella I had in Spain tastes like but the rice grains were a little tough in this dish that we ordered. The chicken that was in the paella was three large pieces; I thought they’d be diced or at least be served in smaller pieces.20130701-094451.jpg

And the rosti, which I think portion is also smaller as compared to Marche’s, but is nevertheless still very filling because it’s pure carbohydrates, and oily of course. The rosti wasn’t really that fantastic, despite the long wait-time. It felt a tad too soggy and mushy, so that even the exterior that was supposed to be crisp didn’t feel like it at all. Besides the fact that it was too soggy, the entire dish felt like it had been drenched with oil.20130701-094503.jpg

These were the only two items we ordered, and the total bill came up to be about S$30. It’s not overly expensive, but for the length of time spent waiting for the food and the quality, I think it wasn’t really worth it. Fortunately, the food wasn’t the main purpose of the night because I had a great time, a few solid hours, catching up with a friend I hadn’t met in ages, as we just chatted non-stop from the time we met until we bade each other goodbye.

On a side note, the dessert counter looks really enticing though, with the cakes, pastries, waffles and crepes. Believe it or not, I actually did not have a single crepe when I was in France for two whole weeks! Now, I’m slightly regretting not just grabbing it from the roadside stalls along Champs Elysees. Oh well, maybe next time, if anyone wants to go to France/Paris for a vacation maybe I can tag along!

Perhaps I will give Medz a second chance with just the desserts and see if they are any good. While I was googling for Medz, it seems like “Medz high tea” is a popular search-time, so maybe their desserts are good.