Forgotten love… MBMJ

Many years ago, or maybe it wasn’t so long ago… I used to really like stuff by Marc by Marc Jacobs because of its quirkiness. Back then, there was often a regular update of their designs by a new mascot that they would use, whether it’s a Miss Marc or Mr. Actually, I’m not sure if it’s Miss or Mr, but I thought sometimes it looked like it could be a male. That was what drew me to the brand anyway but after some time, I dropped off. It probably isn’t sustainable for my wallet anyway haha, and to be very, very honest, I don’t need so many bags / earrings / pouches / accessories / what-have-you.

Some time back, I got to know that they are going to discontinue the line, as in this sub-line would be consolidated into the main Marc Jacobs brand. I am not a big Marc Jacobs fan simply because I don’t follow it and am generally not a fan of any single brand. It’s about affordability, one thing, and of course, I prefer diversity and variety. It’s more practical anyway. It was only recently that it became clear to me that this quirky brand is going to be no-more, and of course with most of such occurrences it means existing products become sought after since they will no longer be produced. It’s not about it becoming a collectible (these are not Chanels or Hermes) but rather this quirky brand would just disappear. And the most important thing, the remaining products are typically sold at discounted prices! Call me a cheapo but if you can get the same authentic thing at a fraction of the original price, why not? Savings are always good. Not thinking about the ‘savings’ from if I don’t buy them at all. That’s another perspective.

So after what seemed like a long time, I decided to splurge on bags again! I can’t remember but the last time I bought a bag was probably last April when I went to Tokyo? And it was an Agnes B. tote that wasn’t all that pricey. Compared with what I used to buy, that was really a fraction. With MBMJ this time, I bought two at a go, from different sources though – one online because there was a further promotion from the website I got from, and another from Isetan as they were also offering it at a discount.

Check out both my buys, pictures taken courtesy of


The one on left is fruit-print canvas tote with lemon/lime prints all over. I really liked this when I saw it online, although what caught my attention in the beginning was the white/cream version that carried cherry prints instead of lime. I decided to get the black version because we all know how white or cream based canvas bags are a disaster waiting to happen over the longer term.

On the right is similar to something that I already have, a cushion-y tote that’s so soft and comfortable to carry, not to mention light. I was told that this is a bit more fragile as compared to the one I currently have so I was advised to not overload it for example, with a laptop. I had wanted to get the medium-sized tote for this but as I was carrying it, the sales assistant told me the smaller version compares better with my current piece and the medium would be a little too big because of my size. Well, I won’t call myself petite or anything but tend towards a thinner frame now so probably the medium-sized tote would overwhelm me.

The combined prices of both of these bags probably add up to just 10 percent, or definitely below 20 percent, of what one of those past bags cost. Of course neither of these are leather so that explains the lower price tags, but leather bags are much harder to maintain and heavier to carry. Also, with these it just means I won’t feel as much heartache when they become worn with use and they are more utilitarian and versatile for my daily usage!

should i or should i not

I was browsing. And I came across this.

I saw this in Hong Kong last month and didn’t feel the urge to buy it because well, it just doesn’t appeal. But somehow, seeing it again, I thought maybe, just maybe, it should join the family of MBMJs. It’s a small family, but a happy cheery one at that. So, should I or shouldn’t I? After all, I’m currently lacking a roomy tote, and this definitely beats the dkny tote that I was initially contemplating, and there still isn’t news on the Goyard, especially when the latter costs much more than this.

image from shopbop


I have been feeling pretty jaded about some things. Of course I know it isn’t big news that I am feeling this way because I am seldom ever not jaded. Haha. But anyhow, things just got worse recently, so what other ways to make myself happier than to indulge in some spots of retail therapy?

Even when it comes to shopping I can be a major procrastinator and lazy-ass. There are days when I think to myself that I want to go shopping, but either the weather is too warm or the mood just isn’t right. To me, shopping requires the right mood, because I can be at a shop that is conducive for shopping i.e. not too many patrons, stuff are neatly arranged, no pesky sales assistants hovering around, etc., but if I don’t feel the mood I just don’t shop. Or I can be lazy to go into the fitting rooms to try out the clothes, even though I am such a big shopaholic.

That’s where online shopping comes in. Yes, again. Don’t you all think it’s the best invention ever? Maybe secondary to a long list of other things but since I’m on this topic now I think it’s the most ingenious thing ever. :p

The shops never close when it comes to online shopping because at any time and anywhere when you feel like it, you can shop to your heart’s content. Usually, you just need either a credit card or a bank account (for local purchases that uses iBanking). However, there is a downside to it. Although the transaction can be completed in a jiffy, the waiting time for the arrival of parcels can be a bitch, with the numerous rants I see from friends about their delayed parcels testament to this. Personally I have had bad experiences waiting for things to arrive and I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that all my parcels do actually arrive eventually, it’s a case of better late than never right? So to play safe I usually try to opt for registered mail, especially if it’s the first time I’m buying from a particular seller or the value of my loots warrants that extra $2.25 that is added on for the peace of mind.

So as promised, here are what I got recently!

They were delayed for a while but I was happy when I went home on Tuesday night to see both parcels waiting! I actually waited till yesterday to open them though, haha, so I kind of suspect that maybe I’m more interested in the buying in the receiving? I don’t suppose so because I was actually anticipating their arrival quite eagerly!

I still am not a keen fan of cats for all that poop/piss that they leave near my home. I think all cat owners should keep their pets at home and the same for all that cat litter, rather than allow them to roam around and treat the common corridor as their toilet. It’s just so unhygenic and gross. But the t-shirts were too cute to resist, so I got them together with that navy thing at the left that is a cardigan, though from the picture it’s really just a dark lump of fabric. Miraculously, I could fit into the one with the pink cats; I’m not used to the snug fit though because lately, I’ve been a huge fan of loose-fit baggy t-shirts that can literally hide all flaws.

Another cute t-shirt bearing a Miss Marc picture on the front from Shopbop. I really love MBMJ stuff and each season I try to get something with a different motif. I don’t really follow when each season is launched though, but when I see them in the shops I try to look for something to get. Haha.

And because the purchase didn’t qualify for free shipping, I decided to get an accessory, which seems to be the case most of the times. Hehe. So I got this black ring, that fits my index just nicely! I was really tempted to get another nylon tote from them, a really soft and comfortable tote that I have one and like to bring around with me on holidays, but thought it’s quite frivolous since it’s the exact same thing except in a different colour/print? Hmm, I shall continue pondering that, since I have just made another major purchase online and should just hold my horses for now…

And recently, I have been snacking too much for my own good. I think all the things that I eat probably nullify the effects of the exercise that I’m doing…

Coincidentally, the things that I pictured all came in green packaging. Haha.

addicted to online shopping

A package arrived yesterday, or was it the day before, and it contained some angels.

Online shopping is convenient and easy, and as much as I enjoy the brick and mortar experience of shopping, there are some things that can be bought over the internet. Besides, there is always this anticipatory high of waiting for that package, ripping apart the wrapping to unravel the contents inside, and hopefully getting a pleasant surprise. There are hits and misses though, as I have bought clothes online and ended up disappointed because the items were not true to the pictures shown online, or they don’t fit. Nevertheless, it’s always an experience that can be good or bad; just like life where we never know where either path that we choose to take will lead us to or what lies in wait. Online shopping, in that regard, is much simpler because you either like the items or not. Where life is concerned, there are many factors at play which complicate the whole equation so it isn’t just a straightforward good or bad.


Waiting… for something that I suspect is not going to happen. Isn’t it so nerve-wrecking when you’re waiting for something such as a phone call, a letter, a parcel, just anything, but it just doesn’t materialise? I guess it’s the same for a lot of things in life that we hope for, but which may never make the transition into reality.

My friend told me that I should be more direct in communicating with people, suggesting that I should stop “beating about the bush” perhaps. It’s really not that easy I think, probably because I am too used to writing in a way that somehow mask the true intentions of my words. Call it cowardice or diplomacy or sensitivity but I just am not open to confrontations much, so things can only happen this way.

I can’t wait to go for my next holiday because this place just stifles the oxygen out of me. If only life could kill by being what it is, I would have died a few times over. Or so I hope. I’m dreaming of a carefree life but would that ever come true?

On a happier note, I bought some earrings to cheer myself up with recently. Individually, they probably cost about the same or less than a night out of drinks, and the best thing is that they don’t make me feel guilty about imbibing calories and harming my liver, plus they are absolutely tangible and last much longer than the buzz I get from drinking. The only guilt comes from a wallet that bemoans the demise of its contents.

I have been shopping for therapy too, and bought 2 tops and a dress over the weekend, followed by another top just last night. Thought of getting a pair of peg pants because I like how they elongate my legs especially paired with heels, but I’m hesitating because peg pants are loose-fitting around the hip area which may blow my already-ginormous hips up to monstrous proportions. I need someone to give me a second opinion before I decide whether to buy it or not, but then again fashion trends that are seasonal are really not my cup of tea, beacuse I don’t wear them often enough to justify the purchase and then they’re out of season!

indulgences and resisting temptations

So now I have 2 in the family, and considering some from the leather range because they are so nice and soft. I like slouchy bags yet it can be pretty troublesome when I dump too many things into them and have a bitch of a time trying to scour for my belongings in the spacious bag. There were days I wished I had a light in the bag that I can switch on with a flick at times like that, although I was advised I could always use the handphone. Hello, if the phone was what I was trying to lay my hand on, how could I use it as a light source, pray tell?


I had a simple but great dinner last night. Home-cooked food is just so wonderfully delicious but it left me feeling guilty of over-eating. That happens when the food is too nice. And after the meal, the kind brother actually scooped me an ice-cream cone, how sweet is that? As much as I wanted to resist the calories that I would have to work doubly hard to rid myself of, I just couldn’t say no to such a warm gesture can I? So I allowed myself to indulge last night, and a new t-shirt I bought online. Yes, I broke the shopping ban yet again but it’s nothing major so honestly, I don’t consider it to be “shopping”. Case closed.

Right now, I am trying to block myself from entertaining a very tempting thought of high-tea at the Peninsula. I am not a big fan of buffet spreads because these days, my stomach can’t take that much food at one go and I end up wasting money paying for a buffet that I take only sample singular portions of. The high-tea at the Peninsula, as well as that I had at the Willow Tea Room in Glasgow, are a version of afternoon tea of scones and tea, non-buffet-style. It works well for me although I still have some trouble finishing every single morsel of food. Scones I had at Afternoon Tea in Osaka were also great, not too dry or flaky, especially smeared with cream cheese. OMG, I feel like eating them already. Maybe I will have to satiate my craving at the Tiffin Room one of these days… or from what I read somewhere, they serve English afternoon tea at Intercontinental Hotel too! I just wonder how nice they will be… sigh.