Leonardo Dicaprio

Finally I watched the Great Gatsby. It was quite a good movie in spite of its length, which I didn’t seem to feel as the story developed and the mystery behind Jay Gatsby unraveled and the predicament that he eventually got into. For someone who went to such great lengths to build up a mask so believable for just one purpose, I wonder if it is pure devotion or just obsession. And how even with the greatest pretenses and best lies, the truth will always be brought to light.

I thought I was going to miss the movie for good, especially when I am not someone who would really bother with getting DVDs to watch at home. Not even if it is a movie that I had wanted to watch badly. I don’t have the patience for that, and it is different from sitting in front of the TV vegging out over senseless TV dramas or whatever else is being screened on the goggle box.

Somehow actors or thespians as they are called, seem to get typecast after a while. Although I still stand by my opinion that Leo Dicaprio is a great actor who unfortunately has not yet gotten any Oscar nod, each movie that he appears in is not something entirely ground-breaking. Same goes for Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt, two other actors whom I also admire, more the former than the latter though.

From Romeo+Juliet to The Beach to Catch Me If You Can, even the older movies like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Marvin’s Room, to more recent outings like Blood Diamond and Inception, I don’t think the way Leo Dicaprio acts is any more different than the last. Perhaps more polished, and I think despite that many still think of him as a pretty boy, I think he has grown as an actor and is trying really hard to shake off that mould of Jack in Titanic.

I enjoy his movies, even if as I watched the Great Gatsby, I seem to get glimpses of Catch Me If You Can or even the Aviator. And I will still continue to watch his movies in the years to come, as long as he doesn’t quit acting. From the fan girl in me. 😀