Met up with a friend who is back in Singapore from the land of smiles, and after a late coffee she suggested that we head to Koh Grill & Sushi Bar for the Shiok! maki. Well, I have heard of this many times over but never got the chance to try it or never had the inkling to want to try it. But we went anyhow and there was a queue, at about 845pm on a Sunday evening. But at that time, the queue cleared fairly quickly, possibly because most of the dinner crowd was finishing up their meals and the second batch of the late dinner folks could take over.

This was the only picture taken.

20140109-231117.jpgI’m not sure how this name came about but the maki do taste quite good. It’s their signature dish and it’s evident because there was a dedicated staff standing at the counter the whole time we were there just making this. Until the queue stopped of course, and she also started to clean up the place and stopped making the maki. Probably the copious amount of mayonnaise drizzled on top of the maki made it so good, but I think the ingredients that went into it helped too, and then using a naked flame to torch the maki lightly, giving it a slight grilled texture perhaps? I’m a complete novice where cooking is concerned so I should be the last person talking about cooking methods. This version that we ordered was supposedly the original version, stuffed with eel. There is a new version of the shiok maki, comprising of prawns if I recall, so I guess that will have to wait till the next time I visit, if I want to brave the queue once more, or go when the queues are expected to move fast.

We ordered some other food too, grilled salmon and also hand rolls, but since those aren’t the special items of this sushi bar, and they don’t look all that different or special even though they were good, we thought it best to savour them warm instead of snapping photos of them.