It’s hard to break a habit. And I recalled I had a bad habit where I’d become even lazier than I am when the weekend comes, even where one of my supposed passions is concerned. I love writing, there’s no doubt about it, but I usually slack off when weekend swing by, because the other parts of my life take over. So I’ll try to remind myself to be a little more conscientious, as I take a break from revising for my Korean test tomorrow morning…

One of my friends was back in town this week for Easter break (how nice that they get a whole week off why don’t we have that here) and we met up on Wednesday evening. I’m really glad this was a shorter week since today is Good Friday and Thursday was already the last day of the week… We met at ICB for a first round of drinks and her favourite fried chicken wings, before moving on to one of our past favourite live music joint. Past because due to whatever reasons we don’t go there that much anymore. I don’t know how long we stayed or how much we drank but that wasn’t the last of it. There was a third place we headed to to meet some more other friends, before I (and I think she too) called it a night. It has been a while since I drank that much and felt so tired and again I went to the zone that I think I should avoid getting to. I went to sleep past 230am that morning. And I was in the office by 9.

This, I can’t afford to indulge too often but I suppose for a long-time friend, maybe. Once in a while.


I went through most part of Thursday morning nursing a headache and perhaps a hangover and surprisingly still managed to get work done and left only at about 630 from the office to town for coffee and dinner. My body probably can’t take this kind of stress too much too often but I survived the day.

Last night I was still on a 6-hour sleep cycle because this morning I woke early again. There’s something wrong with my body clock or do I just subconsciously fear not having enough time to get things done?


what weekends are made of

It is Wednesday but it doesn’t stop me from looking forward to the weekends. I can be contradictory I know, because there are times when I feel utterly low about everything in particular that the imminent arrival of weekends cease to mean anything even though it does mean that I do not need to go into the office to work. It’s just a feeling that overwhelms whatever positivity there is, but this week even if it didn’t start out too well I am still determined to be positive about the weekend. For what, I don’t really know, but well it’s 2 days away from the place where most people dread, and as much as it’s too short and we don’t understand why we have to spend 5 days out of 7 doing something we do not particularly enjoy and at the best hours of the day no less, it is still a reprieve.

Last weekend was me trying to extend my holiday mood, because after arriving home late Wednesday night and only working a day on Friday, I was still not ready to wind down the holiday spirit. After a short visit to the gym in a desperate bid to sweat away the pineapple tarts, prawn rolls and bak kwas that I had been gorging myself with, I thought to do the used-to-be usual Saturday noon ritual of brunch at Starbucks with a latte, muffin, magazine and music. I quite enjoy browsing Juice magazine though I do not really read it but just eyeing over the colourful pictures of your non-run-of-the-mill fashion spreads and other cool stuff somehow makes my mood lighter already.

The heat and humidity that seemed to be accosting us after a nice bout of cool rainy weather before CNY was a little too much for me to tolerate now, so what better way to cool down than to have some beer in a chilled glass, that although doesn’t keep my beer ice cold for long, was a welcome to the overheated body. And beer isn’t beer without fries and chicken wings, and a pan pizza would have completed the picture of perfection if not for the already full tummies from all the gassiness of the beer.

A Saturday afternoon spent sitting in a bar drinking beer and filling each other in on the happenings of the past days and week was indeed well-spent, especially when the sky clouded over subsequently and it started to pour buckets while we were safely kept dry away from the rain.

It was on to more meet-ups and catch-ups in the night, over drinks and more drinks. Since I already had my fair share of beer in the afternoon, I thought it appropriate to just relax with a milky baileys drink. It made me miss some parts of the past when it used to be a favourite drink that I’d order over the bar at Zouk when I had too much of the vodka redbulls and what-nots. The past is good for reminiscing, and nothing much else.

The Saturday passed uneventfully in a way that is totally acceptable to me; I think all weekends should be like this instead of participating in a mad rush of human traffic that more often than not leave us feeling irritable and frazzled.