Toss & Turn (takeout)

Back from the weekend and it sure was a good break even though it’s just physical absence from the office, being on a course that shortened the work-week of sorts and then led me straight into the weekend. I know it can be just a state of mind, how we feel about the office, the environment, the people, the work, and so on and so forth, but extravaneous factors can contribute to the overall feeling despite of what we personally feel inside.

Anyway, the last time I visited Toss & Turn, I said it was highly likely that I will return, and indeed I did! I was googling around for it online and did read some not-so-good reviews about it because of the price and choice, but it works pretty well for me where a salad is concerned. In Orchard, I think the options can be fairly limited if I am looking for a salad for takeout. Well, cafes nearby do sell salads too but those are generally crafted versions that do not offer me the choice to mix-and-match with only items that I am keen to have.

Last Monday night, I decided to drop in for a takeout to bring to class. It can be a bit messier to have a salad as compared to just buying a bread/sandwich because it does require some effort to concentrate on slicing the greens and chewing them, making sure that I don’t spill the contents of the plastic container onto the table or my materials, so this option will be only for when I have the luxury of time before class to eat. 20130918-132747.jpg

Again I ordered the small portion at S$7.80 and made my own concoction. For the base this time, I chose the greens instead of the noodles because honestly just the noodles alone are enough for dinner already! For the protein/deli, I picked roast chicken again and then kumara (a type of sweet potatoes), which I really liked! Topped it off with edamame beans and dried cranberries. I also decided to drizzle some sesame plum dressing onto the salad because I was wondering if it will be too dry with just the greens. It was ok but only because I didn’t put too much otherwise it might make the whole thing a bit too sweet/sticky. The cranberries already gave the salad the sweetness to balance out other tastes, so perhaps olive oil would suffice for the greens for the next time!

loathe the heat….

After what felt like a really long time since the Ion was opened, I finally took a walk inside on a Sunday afternoon. As usual, the crowds were not letting up yet, evidenced by the snaking queues outside most of the eateries, and the burgeoning lunch-time crowd in the basement food court. After lunch, we went to the newly-opened Coffee Bean, which was a little different from the other outlets I have been to. Perhaps they wanted to go the upmarket way, similar to what BK wanted for its concept store (we stole a peek at the BK store when we walked past but I don’t really see any difference except for the exterior). The life-size ice-blended drink was really cute though, haha, so much so that I was quite tempted to go up to it and take a picture but that is really quite a touristy thing that at this point, I think I won’t do it in Singapore.


Remember the other day I had this craving for chocolates? Since I don’t think I want to risk a guilt-trip with the mud pie, I decided to just pop a few pieces of the Fauchon chocolate that I picked up at Charles de Gaulle. Not too bad, but I am really not a fan of orange-flavoured chocolates. And since I can’t seem to find Fauchon ice-cream outside of Japan (I gave up searching for it in Paris because there was no way I was going on a hunt in that summer heat), chocolates will suffice for now…

Fauchon choc

There is this eatery just beside Shokudo in the basement of Raffles City. I think I have been there just once, when it just opened, and this was my second outing there, right after a Set A at the favourite local coffee joint. Talk about wanting to lose weight/diet/etc. These 2 were a tad oily, but they were good!

streets cafe

Afternoons these days are extremely hot and humid affairs. I really detest the kind of climate we have here because I simply cannot adjust at all and I hate feeling hot and sticky (there is an alcoholic drink of the same name that I do not like as well) when I am not supposed to, i.e. when I am not exercising. Still, it is nice to just sit at the Yakun store at Far East Square, because it is a great place to people-watch, perhaps not for everyone, but I think for the people who used to work in that area, it is amazing how many familiar faces you spot in just a short 30-minute interval.


And the figure of 8, signifying exactly 8 years and 1 day. Happy 8th anniversary!


And I got my birthday presents! The satin clutch that I shamelessly asked for, and eye-masks for my seemingly worsening dark circles and wrinkling skin. I haven’t tried the oxygen foam yet though, but it sure sounds good. O2 is good for our skin!