Mediterranean in Hong Kong

It was still the second day of our trip and it was a rainy day. Or rather, it started to drizzle at some point, quite a consistent one at that. We were thinking of where to go for dinner, and somehow ended up traipsing up and down the streets of SOHO trying to look for some place for a meal. As it was a Sunday, many places weren’t open or we couldn’t really tell. We finally popped into a bar/restaurant of sorts, serving Mediterranean food, or was it Lebanese.

I remembered having Lebanese food only once in Singapore, at this restaurant at One Fullerton, though I am not sure if it’s still standing today. Eateries in Singapore come and go too fast.

On the whole, I think I am rather fond of eating so most types of food actually go pretty well with me!

We ordered just 2 items to share, an eggplant hummus dip and skewered chicken. I didn’t expect the eggplant to come as a dip, though I should have known as the dish was listed under “Dips”. Ok, silly me. Anyhow, it was served with a basket of tacos, which initially we were thinking if we could ask for refills, but then we ended up not finishing the basket anyway so this was already quite substantial!It was really dark in the restaurant, so this was the best I could muster after editing the exposure of the photo. The skewered chicken, or actually I don’t recall its name, but it’s supposed to be something like what you would expect from kebab meats. It came all nicely chopped up already on a plate, making it much easier to eat, such as with the taco! It came with a small pot of yogurt-based dip too that was pretty nice and tangy.
Our drinks. A mocktail and a mint tea. The mint tea was of course, as you can probably tell, really strong on the mint factor because of all those mint leaves we are seeing in the glass. On such a cold, rainy night, this was just the thing that could provide some warm comfort.

Our eggplant hummus dip and the tacos! I think it could have been my fondness of breads and such that I am so enjoying this dish. I think I can just eat this without having any of the meat.  Close-up. There was some salsa in it too.
And the glorious plate of chicken, well-marinated and roasted just right! Looking at it, it was a pretty big plate of meat that we also couldn’t finish everything.