Green & Safe, Shanghai

Over that weekend when I was in Shanghai, I met up with one of my cousins who is currently working for an event management firm there. I guess with time, people are getting international, and are geographically mobile, so much so that these days I find a lot of people whom I know, whether close friends or not, relocating anywhere and everywhere in the world. It is interesting to know how the world is getting smaller each day and part of me always envy them for having such opportunities while I am left behind in the trail of dust from their moves. It isn’t that I have never explored this option, but things just didn’t happen in my case and maybe in my line it is a little bit harder in some way. Perhaps I should think that there is a greater reason why the overseas move just did not materialise in my life.

Anyway, on this trip, I decided to venture into the Shanghai subway once more, having only tried it once back in 2009 and deciding never to repeat the experience due to the massive congestion in the train that I totally abhor. However, this time it seemed better, maybe because it wasn’t exactly peak hours when I boarded the train, or I already got used to sardine-packed trains now. Taking cabs aren’t that expensive in Shanghai, even if I were cabbing from Pudong (where my hotel was) to Puxi, but by train, it is probably just 10% of the cab fare and it is probably quicker too. I was pretty amazed that from the station that I found to be near where I had wanted to go, Dong Ping Road, I managed to locate the place where my cousin told me to meet at, about 10 minutes’ walk from the subway.

Green & Safe, or the Green Kitchen, was where he had wanted to bring me to, some place that he frequents on weekends for brunch. Apparently, they serve organic stuff, and although I wasn’t able to find a dedicated home page online except for a Facebook page, you can find numerous reviews. Here’s a short write-up describing the place, from Smart Shanghai, and also some reviews on Trip Advisor.

My cousin was early and he ordered a fruit platter before I and 2 of his friends arrive. Based on their conversation about the order of fruit platter, it was easy to infer that prompt service isn’t a strong point of this deli, because on occasions when they had ordered the fruit platter together with the mains, the fruit platter didn’t turn up until much later, and at odd timings.


But per my cousin, he said they always had interesting ways to display the fruits and you never really know what fruits you will get because it depends very much on what’s available and what is in season probably. This platter that day wasn’t the best that they had, in terms of presentation or the variety of fruits. But it was quite a good appetising start for the palate!

As I pored through the menu trying to decide on what to order (from his recommendations, most things seem to be good which proved a challenge to decide), I also thought that I wanted to try their carrot cake, which was one of the recommended items by some netizens. It is not a big slice so it won’t take up too much space away from your main. The cream cheese frosting on top of the cake was nice and rich but a little sweet for me, but it goes pretty well with the cake, which was still moist and if you can see from the pictures, contained pieces of carrot, which I really liked. 



There were four of us there that day, and among us, we ordered three sets of the same brunch while the fourth had a chicken dish which looked really good too (pity I didn’t snap any photo of it because I felt it wasn’t so nice to photo someone else’s food if we are meeting for the first time!). I had the scrambled egg with salmon on ciabatta (I think), served with a salad of greens and potatoes. 20131205-090409.jpg

This was truly awesome. I am not a big fan of scrambled eggs because to me they always taste somewhat weird or bland, but together with the salmon in it, and eaten together with their self-baked bread, it was delicious! It also helped that the potatoes on the sides were something that I enjoy, being such a major potato junkie, and this is definitely healthier in many aspects as compared to french fries that I indulge in.

Besides the fruits, the cake and the main, there was also this order of a cinnamon roll, served warm and infused with some chocolate sauce thing. I don’t know its exact name since I didn’t photo the menu, but that was one sinful but extremely worthwhile item to indulge in if you love cinnamon rolls. Ok, actually I don’t think it has a strong cinnamon taste if that is what you are into, but warm chocolate sauce on a cinnamon roll, that to me is already part of dessert heaven. For all that food that we had, and together with a coffee each, we paid about 140 RMB each, which works out to be something short of S$30, which although isn’t of course the cheapest thing you can think of or perhaps what some may consider affordable in Shanghai (it is after all such a cosmopolitan city already flushed with many foreigners), but for the amount and quality of food, I thought it was pretty decent. I don’t usually have such big brunches in Singapore so I am not sure about the prices here, but I think S$30 here won’t get you as much.

Address: 6, Dong Ping Road (near Heng Shan Road), Shanghai 200062, China (东平路6号, 近衡山路); in between Chang Shu Rd and Heng Shan Rd subway stations on Line 1.