Ocean Tuna Wrap, Gloria Jean’s

Some years ago, when there was still Gloria Jean’s in Marina Square and also Suntec City, I recalled ordering their cafe latte (my-then usual choice of caffeine) and thinking that it was rather strong. I wonder if perhaps my caffeine tolerance has risen steadily over the years or have the coffee beans that they use changed, but now when I drink coffee at Gloria Jean’s, I don’t think they are as strong as before. Even if on the rare occasion that I order a latte, I think it tastes different from before, despite that usually I’d get a regular black coffee.

Nevertheless, I still chose to go back to them occasionally because it isn’t as hard finding a space during lunch hours. And perhaps the reason is pretty apparent – they don’t have as many options when it comes to lunch, i.e. food. They used to offer sandwiches and pastas, along with the usual pastries (croissants, scones, muffins and a small selection of cakes) but now there is no more pasta served. There are only about three options of sandwiches to choose from, the same for wraps, and now they are selling small curry puffs in two flavours; sardine and curry potato.

I decided to order the Ocean Tuna wrap, opting for it over Beef Pastrami or Caesar Chicken because I didn’t feel like having beef and I am usually quite apprehensive about anything Caesar sometimes due to some places’ penchant to be overly-generous with the dressings used. 20131024-101653.jpg

Upon ordering, the wrap is toasted, but probably just lightly. Although it felt warm to the touch, the tortilla skin wasn’t well-toasted enough and it still felt soft. If I am ordering a wrap in future, I would request for the wrap to be toasted for a longer period of time. The wrap was pretty well-stuffed with its contents, which wasn’t too dry and the vegetables tasted fresh and were still crunchy and not soggy, so I don’t know if these were freshly-made (most likely not).

It was strange though that here, they serve food on paper plates with stainless steel cutlery no less, which besides the fact that paper plates and steel cutlery don’t go hand-in-hand, makes the “dining experience” odd. I don’t want to use the word cheapen because it isn’t as if the wrap was super-duper cheap (but it’s part of a lunch set with coffee/tea) at S$8.80, but paper plates? Some Coffee Bean outlets use plastic plates for their pastry items too, and even if I am not the most environmental-friendly person around, I think maybe investing in a dishwasher might be better?


After it was mentioned by someone that canned tuna makes one’s mouth smell, I got a little conscious about having eaten canned tuna in a wrap that would cause my breath to stink. I like tuna, though not so much tuna mayonnaise because it’s too soggy, but besides tuna chunks or flakes in cans, the only other tuna that I get to eat is tuna sashimi if I go to a Jap restaurant. So the recourse I have for this would probably to equip myself with breath mints to pop into my mouth after a canned tuna meal!

Gloria Jean’s, Singapore

Another of my sinful indulgences. Currently, I still have not gotten sick of the banana walnut bread/cake at Gloria Jean’s.  20130516-105527.jpg

Sometime back, when I wanted to go to the branch next to International Plaza, it was closed for renovation. But it’s now opened again, though I can’t really tell what was being renovated because the place still looks pretty much the same from the last I recalled of it.

And the other day, I decided to power up my old iPod, and amazingly it’s still working! Of course its battery life is rather crap and unstable now though with just playback of a playlist without much scrolling around, it fares much better than my iPhone.


One of my favourite bands (not that I have that many to begin with) and a song I really liked. I haven’t been listening to much music, much less new music, so the songs I have and know are limited to older tunes. As I listened to this, I also start to think about how long it has been since my days of hanging out at pubs with live gigs. That was an enjoyable past, with fond memories to reminisce now and then.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Singapore

I don’t know when was the first time Gloria Jean’s came to Singapore, but I have never really visited it much because back then, I recalled that their coffee were fairly strong as compared to Starbucks or Coffee Bean, and after drinking it I felt a little discomfort. But after some time, maybe due to my coffee-drinking habits taking on an increased frequency, I began to feel that I don’t feel that discomfort anymore. In fact, I liked that Gloria Jean’s cafes are usually easier to find seats at, but that could also be the reason why there are so few of them around, and sometimes they don’t stay around for long.

I think their coffees are pretty decent, although most of the time I order either a latte or cappucino, so it could also be that the milk used made a difference. I haven’t tried to suss out their choice of milk in the coffees, just to see if there is any difference between what they use from what Starbucks or Coffee Bean uses. The food choices are more limited as compared to the other coffee chains but it’s not really an issue for me because there are almost always food for me to take in cafes.

I recalled trying their carrot cake once and didn’t like it because it was too dry. Even from this picture you can see it is dry. That has put me off from ordering any more cakes from them although perhaps I should give them a second chance in future.


On one occasion, I decided to try one of the puffs, which was a bit like a cross between a curry puff and calzone, I can’t decide. But this was quite good, and of course calorie-laden, because the top was a little oily, but these kind of glazed oily pastries do go very well with coffee, because somehow after eating it and drinking hot coffee, it feels as though I am cleansing away the oil in my system. It’s all a very psychological thing which could be true or not, but I just want to delude myself into thinking that, though tea perhaps works better in this case.20121231-092537.jpg

In a bid to steer away from the usual choice of muffins so that hopefully I can also avoid developing the much-dreaded muffin-top, I also started checking out other food items, like the banana walnut cake/bread/loaf. I don’t really remember its exact name, but this to me feels more like sponge cake, and I really like it because there are walnut bits in it (like how I liked the Maison Kayser Pain Aux Raisin Noix) that complemented the banana taste very well and makes eating this not so boring. They offer butter together with this, but I thought it was already good on its own. Ok, it isn’t to say that eating this or lots of it won’t cause muffin tops to develop, but it was just a pun and for using it as a reason to check out more food options. 20121231-092752.jpg

And I wouldn’t be called a carbo-lover if I didn’t try any scones. Gloria Jean’s serve two types of scones, plain and raisin. I don’t think there is a third option, at least not at the usual outlets that I visit, and I have tried both. Personally, I love raisins and so naturally I would enjoy the raisin scone more, but the plain scone is also nice in its own way, and there is butter and jam provided foc to enhance its original nice buttery taste. Their scones are huge, and one is really more than enough to fill you up decently, but I suppose for people who do not enjoy having too much flour at one go, this could come as an overkill.20121231-092919.jpg

Will post up more about them if I try more of their food choices in 2013!