Commune Living

The Scandinavian theme is all the rage in home decor of late, aside from the industrial chic look that we have been seeing in many local (and overseas) cafes. It is considerably overused and tired, I know, but I suppose if it’s something that I fancy, why shouldn’t I adopt it for my home even if almost everyone else’s home is like that? After all, I don’t think two homes will be alike, with the personal touches that one adds to his/her own abode. I didn’t really get an interior designer to do up my place, even though initially my plan was to do so. To cut a long story short, it didn’t work out as planned, and so I kind of put together a mish-mash of home decor items; whether or not they conform to a Scandinavian theme probably does not matter anymore as long as I think the pieces generally fit together.

If I had my way, and if I had the luxury of a bigger space and of course a bigger budget, I would have bought more items from Commune Home. I really love their dark wood furniture but many of them tended to be quite large and would look over-sized for my tiny apartment. I wasn’t able to keep to an overall light shade for my living room due to my TV console and sofa that actually were a darker shade of natural oak and sort of mahogany respectively, but as a self-consolation, the ‘dining area’ boasts a lighter shade, whereas the ‘living area’ features a darker wood tone.

The bedroom was easier, because it’s smaller and there are fewer pieces of furniture involved. As the divan/bed frame that I got together with the mattress were of a fairly dark grey colour, I could afford a darker colour in choosing a bedside table. I contemplated not having one but ended up getting one anyway, which at the moment is still missing a table lamp. If I had not gotten the table, I would probably have gotten a standing lamp but standing lamps seem harder to find and of course, if and when I eventually get one, it would be harder to transport home.

After looking around a few places, I decided on a square table. Round bedside tables are few and far between, especially when I am not that imaginative in prospecting for pieces that could be used as bedside tables. I’ve seen people using various items creatively as a nightstand but they seem to lack a sense of permanence and I wanted something more clean-looking, so I picked a conventional table.

Commune was running a sale during the year-end, and after looking around a bit more, I decided to get one of their pieces which was priced at 20% discount. It still isn’t considered cheap at about $320 but at least I saved 20%. And it’s pretty solid, seeing as to how small it looks, it actually weighs quite a fair bit.It fits nicely into the little space that I kept between the bed and the curved wall of my bedroom, which made furniture-arrangement a little of a challenge.
The table comes with a single drawer, which is a little shallow despite of how it looks. But I don’t suppose it would pose any problem because I don’t have any plans for it at the moment. As time goes by, I figure that things will start to accumulate, but I really need to be more mindful of the things that I have and keep, to housekeep and spring-clean more regularly and not go back to the hoarding ways! I shudder to think of the sheer amount of things that I accumulated in my old place, over a period of more than 20 years. In that small space that 4 of us shared, while we were packing to move, we threw away so much but yet when it came to shifting, there were still lots to move.

Furniture Shopping (part 2)

Following the earlier post on shopping for sofas, I re-considered the colour of the sofa that I should buy because I thought that against a wall painted in a fairly dark shade of grey, a light grey sofa or a blue sofa may create too much distraction. I tried searching online for some ideas of sofa colours that would suit a dark wall, and the general opinion seems that if I’m furnishing a small room, it may be better to stick to a colour that would blend into the wall, which could help to alleviate the possibility of the living area appearing congested or crammed. The contrast in colour of the sofa would make it stand out, if that’s the intention, but I think I would rather create the impression of a larger room, due to the tight space availability.

Well, maybe you would ask why I would choose to paint my wall a dark shade of grey then, since dark colours are generally supposed to make spaces appear smaller, which is exactly what I wouldn’t want. But I’m not painting the whole living room grey, it’s just one slab of wall, which happens to be the one that the sofa would be backed up against.

Furnishing a home, according to many, is fun and exciting. But for someone like me who can get extremely fickle, it is nothing short of a headache, even if there are not that many pieces that I have to think about. One other challenge is the size of the furniture, as my living area is small and is in a longish-rectangular shape.

That said, it’s something necessary and I think when everything’s settled, I hope I can look at the end product and give myself a pat on the back for a job well done.

For some time, I have refrained from talking about my new home, whether it was during the scouting and prospecting phase, the purchasing phase, the renovation phase (that is thankfully nearing the end, I hope, with fingers tightly-crossed), and of course the furnishing phase. I have left out the cleaning and moving in phases, because I am not looking forward to having to clean up the flat when everything’s done, and making that final transit to moving in, permanently. So why do I talk about it now? Maybe I have nothing else to really write about, or that I feel like writing about. Or maybe I think it’s not that big a deal to have to keep it secret. Well there are a lot of ‘maybes’.

So… after the long mulling on the sofa, I decided to go for the bundled option of a sofa with the ottoman, hoping that the ottoman could perhaps double as a side/coffee-table (with a tray on-top) if necessary, or otherwise it could just be a seat for visitors, since I am getting a small 2-seater. I considered taking the light grey, but I checked with the vendor, who informed that they could only deliver it in January, which is not ideal because I planned to have everything ready, hopefully by the end of 2015. So I picked the dark grey, or as they call it, charcoal.

Hanford Bundle_charcoal

I went down to the shop today and paid for the above. The sales person attending to me told me I had 48 hours to re-think the choice of colour, and if I really wanted the light grey, I can opt to have it, but would have to wait till end January for delivery.

So now that is something that weighs on my mind, at least for the next 48 hours until everything gets cast in stone. And then I recalled that I had another option, or at least that is what I think I may have, which I had not checked with the sales person. I saw another sofa in the online catalogue that looked nice too. Tracy Loveseat_charcoal

Yes, I know. Itchy backside. I didn’t see it at the showroom when I popped by to make the purchase of the earlier sofa. I think this one looks good too, but I don’t know how it would feel, in terms of the firmness of the seat cushions. I should go and find out.

Furniture shopping

Was tossing between this:

Hanford Bundle

And this:picket & rail_kuka

To be honest, I can’t really remember how both felt when I sat on them, on 2 separate occasions, in 2 different showrooms. Tried searching online for reviews of their brands, to not much results. Hmm. Furniture shopping is indeed a headache, even when there aren’t that many pieces that I am considering to add to my tiny little home. I’m thankful for that at least. But the sofa is going to be one major item that will sit in the living room so it will be an important decision to make.