Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Christmas Treats

Not sure if I will be having anymore of Coffee Bean’s Christmas items since this seemed like the only interesting thing. The rest of the Christmas F&B, such as the stollen, logcakes and drinks (that sound like they will be extremely sweet) do not carry as much appeal. But when I eyed the Yuzu Fruit Cake, I made a mental note to try it, and finally I had a chance to do so.IMG_0495.JPG

As you can see from the picture, it looks just like an ordinary fruit cake that you can get from most confectioneries but who sell them in a slice wrapped in clear plastic usually. I don’t actually recall tasting any hint of yuzu while I ate it, probably because I was quite hungry and started devouring it without so much as trying to detect any traces of yuzu. Maybe it is in the glazed part at the top of the cake. Or maybe it is a subtle hint for me to go try it again. At S$4.90 for a slice, it is definitely priced lower than most of their cakes, such as the Carrot Cake which I really like but then again, this isn’t as special so maybe it costs less. IMG_0496.JPGHere’s a closer look of it. To be fair, it does contain quite a lot of stuff in it, i.e. the dried fruits and pieces of walnuts. If you like fruit cake, maybe this is something worth trying but you can probably get cheaper and just-as-nice fruit cake elsewhere. 🙂