My first Scoot experience!

It was an extremely last minute decision made by an ever-indecisive me to travel for a short holiday, so it wasn’t surprising that I ended up (again) having to fork out a sizeable amount for the airfare. Despite this, of course, what I paid to fly Scoot was still relatively cheaper than if I had chosen the full-service carriers. For some weird reason, perhaps in order to sell the premium seats, the Scoot-Biz tickets were actually on offer at a lower price than the “Fly” option, which does not even include checked luggage. I could have gotten it cheaper but the time factor made it such that by the time I got round to making up my mind, I had to pay more.

Scoot-Biz offers priority check-in with a separate queue, so it was a breeze to get my boarding pass and luggage deposited. The fare comes with this privilege, together with 20kg of checked bags, meals and entertainment (streamed on your own device, e.g. iPad).

The 2 things that they could improve on, one of which I believe is already in consideration and in the works, is online check-in. Currently, they only offer check-in service at the airport, which if you are flying in Economy and not early, can mean long, snaking queues. The other thing I would like to see would probably be the distinction of checked bags for Scoot-Biz customers. I don’t know if they tag the bags separately, but on both out and inbound flights, I realised that I had to wait a long time for my bag to appear on the carousel, even though there were other Biz passengers whose bags came out earlier, together with normal Economy bags. So Scoot if you ever get to read this, a suggestion and point to consider perhaps?


The Biz fare gets you ample legroom, much more than the usual Economy class on even full-service carriers anyway, at 38-inch (as described on their website), and the seats are leather. Well, I don’t really mind if they are leather or not as long as they are clean and keeps me warm in the cold cabin, but it was comfortable for me, with lots of legroom available. Besides, since most people tend to fly Economy for such short flights, it means that the Biz cabin is generally emptier, at least for the outbound portion that I took. The inbound flight was fuller and as such, even Biz was almost full, but I was lucky to get both seats to myself next to the window!

Biz passengers also get priority boarding but there wasn’t any control exercised by the ground staff to ensure this was followed. Rather, the moment the boarding announcement was made, everyone just rushed in, segregated only by the use of separate aerobridges. However, upon arrival, there was only one aerobridge provided, and Biz passengers ended up having to exit through the common door, after a batch of Economy passengers located between the Biz cabin and the door.




Food is included and there are several options available, whether it is a full hot meal such as pastas or rice, or lighter meals like wraps and salads. For a small premium, you could even upgrade your meal to enjoy a Haagen Daaz ice-cream and a premium meal choice. Each meal comes with a Toblerone chocolate bar and non-alcoholic drink, and a complimentary cup of water.

I chose the soya chicken with rice, even though originally I had contemplated a vegetarian curry option. It wasn’t too bad but oddly, the soya chicken reminded me of canned braised meat dices. It was a nostalgic feeling that I got from that, and partly, I seemed to feel like I was eating rice dumplings.



On the return flight, I chose the Teriyaki Chicken wrap, which wasn’t too bad but it was served cold. I don’t know if wraps are meant to be served cold but it would have been nice if it was warmed up, and although I suppose I could have requested for it, I couldn’t be bothered at that point as the return flight was fairly full and the flight attendants seemed to be already having their hands full.IMG_0251-0.JPG

So perhaps I will make other trips using Scoot in future, I don’t know. It isn’t compelling, depending on which destinations I am considering and also the flight departure times. If I could have found flights on other airlines with competitive pricing but other options in terms of the airport and the flight times, I would probably gone with those other options. But if you can get a good fare for the Scoot Biz, I would say, go for it and give it a try!

Pampering thyself (part 2)

Part 2 would invariable be talking about the return trip from Seoul. Obviously on the flight from Seoul to Singapore, there wasn’t the Book-the-Chef service available but I was still looking forward to the food being served because I’ve had the opportunity to try the premium class food a few times when I was working at the airline, and I really do think the quality is pretty decent. I still don’t get why people complain about airplane food all the time like they are eating it everyday for every meal. C’mon people, be a little thankful! And since it’s already paid for, why let the food go to waste right? By saying this, I am not even talking about the premium class food, even in cattle class, whether it is Singapore Airlines or not, I do think that food is fairly decent. At least it is edible.

So for starters, they are still serving the same thing, i.e. satay! I do really quite enjoy the satay, which I have had only one other time I think.

IMG_9971.JPGI had the chance to check out the in-flight catering facility before, the place that prepares all these food and so I guess that led to me appreciating what is being put out in front of us.

Unfortunately, the return flight was quite full. So besides the fact that I had someone sitting next to me as compared to the trip to Seoul, being seated at the last row of the cabin means that I am the last to be asked what I would like to have for the meal, and everyone else seemed to want the same thing as me. So despite that there were 4 choices available, there was no more “stock” of that one option I wanted.

At least the appetiser was quite good though. The satay and the salad made up a little for it. And of course, that huge bun you see on the left. I really like these soft buns that they serve on the plane, sometimes it is the highlight of my meal, not that the rest of the food is that bad, but because I really really had an unfathomable love of bread.


Ah… I really miss this. Where you get the food being served course by course on a tray table complete with table cloth and salt and pepper shakers! In economy where common folks like me usually travel in, we can only be contented with all our food arranged compactly and neatly (usually anyway) in small rectangular trays, much like a tetris game. That is if we are not travelling in those fuss-free flights with meal service where they just dump a burger and some snacks on your table along with a plastic cup of a beverage.

So this was the other main that I could think of eating. I had wanted the fish but it was not available anymore, and I didn’t want sweet and sour pork (which is to me like zi-char and I would rather have that at a zi-char stall) nor the beef.

IMG_9973.JPGThe chicken wasn’t all that bad, particularly since it was served up with a dollop of mashed potato and some grilled vegetables but I wasn’t in the mood for chicken, so I had to do the unthinkable act of wasting it.

IMG_9974.JPGAnd to finish off the meal, I asked for a cappucino! I think I also took some desserts, i.e. chocolates but I can’t recall now already if I took the ice-cream. It really is a lot of food for one sitting but since I have already used my miles to redeem for this flight, might as well enjoy to the fullest right? Call me a cheapo if you want, but hey I don’t get to fly business class otherwise.


Pampering thyself

It is no secret that I enjoy pampering myself, especially when it comes to travelling. I don’t indulge that much, or at all, in beauty pamperings although many feel that I should. Yet I am not a fan of spas, facials and massages, for whatever or no particular reason at all. Maybe I will change my mind one day, but as of now, pampering defined for me typically goes in terms of material things, like shopping, though it doesn’t seem to factor as highly these days, and enjoyment, such as good food and living it up.

Still on that trip to Seoul, yes, my life is all but about looking back. It isn’t that I don’t have anything to talk about, but my blog is called “Beautiful days”, or as it is translated from belle journees, and I want to keep things here as what the blog is meant to record. Besides, dwelling on the depressive and unhappy things doesn’t serve much purpose other than this becoming a platform to air and articulate my demons within.

Ok, back to the Seoul trip. I wanted to redeem for an air ticket to Seoul, but as usual, due to my spontaneity (read: indecisiveness), by the time I had wanted to make the redemption, all the available economy class tickets were already gone. So I thought of giving myself a treat, also as a means of pre-celebrating my birthday, giving myself all sorts of excuses to make this a real pampering trip. I put in a redemption request for business class tickets, which were eventually confirmed despite that at the onset, one leg of it was being waitlisted. Yay! How long has it been since I last flown in the business class… Sigh. So for a noob like me without many, if any, opportunities these days to fly business, I decided to pop by the lounge and was pleasantly surprised that the lounge was a different one from the Krisflyer Gold lounge. Being the glutton that I am, even if I had a good homecooked dinner before heading to the airport, I still went ahead and grabbed myself some food as supper. Hardly supper fare it would appear.  IMG_9960.JPG

I ought to remind myself that if I were to ever consider redeeming business class tickets again in future, I shouldn’t choose a red-eye flight. Initially, I wanted to make use of the “book the cook” service, but because I’d chosen the red-eye flight it wasn’t possible since I did not want to have the meal service before sleeping (i.e. after take off). For this flight, perhaps because it was not exactly a long one, there was only one meal service, either after take off or before landing. I opted for the latter.

A view that I had missed, because I always preferred aisle seats. I was lucky this time round where the seat next to mine was empty! So I could be seated by the window and not face any difficulties getting in and out. Just as dawn broke, I love how the first beams of the rising sun slices through the darkness of the night sky, seemingly bringing forth a strong ray of hope to the world. IMG_9961.JPG

And so breakfast was served! It came one by one, so pardon the half-eaten bun and fruits.IMG_9958.JPG

The main, which I picked the egg frittata. I can’t remember what the other options were, but there was quite a few to select from. It has also been a long time since I had such a full breakfast that consisted of hot food. Mostly, it would just be a big mixture of breads, yogurts, fruits and cheese. Plus coffee of course. The food wasn’t too bad, and I’m not saying this just because this is business class food. Even in economy, I seldom find the food bad and inedible. I know of many friends who complain about airplane food and how they would never eat anything onboard, choosing instead to have their meals before the flight. Since the food is already included in the ticket price, why not just sit back and enjoy it? Furthermore, I don’t suppose they travel that often to get sick of the food? Probably I just have lower expectations and yardstick of comparison where food is concerned.IMG_9959.JPG

View when the sun had fully risen, the beautiful image of a milky sea of white clouds. To live in this moment is to take in the wonderful picturesque display before my eyes and not think about anything that would cause my brows to furrow. After all, all things will work out as planned, won’t they?