Dimbulah, Chijmes

I have seen this cafe around in a couple of places but have never really stepped in. To some extent, it strikes as me very much as a tea kind of place, I don’t know why. It’s not that I can’t or don’t drink tea, but my preference usually veers towards coffee. And maybe I am a creature of habit and can be averse to checking out new places unless I am in the mood. So anyway, I did step into Dimbulah one afternoon, where it was actually nice and peaceful at Chijmes despite it being a weekend. Maybe it was due to the drizzle, or it could be that Chijmes is currently undergoing a revamp or reworks of sorts.

Dimbulah serves coffee and tea, but the coffee selection is actually quite decent, like what you typically get in other cafes. And they hail from Australia if I recall, so I guess my preconceived notion of them wasn’t really right. The selection of food available is also quite decent, from readily-available cake-counter stuff to even all-day breakfasts and more. Besides being a cafe, I think they also transform into a bar in the later part of the day because I thought I do recall seeing alcoholic beverages behind the bar counter, but it jolly well have been another place. Coffee is nice and aromatic, as is the Chai Latte that my friend ordered.


The scrambled egg toastie that my friend thought should be a good light snack but turned out to be relatively filling. I liked that it was brimming with its contents, the scrambled egg, bacon and cheese, instead of some other places where you see more bread than anything else.



I just had to order the banana loaf because it was the weekend and I was craving for my baked indulgences. Just check out how generous Dimbulah is with everything. The sandwich above is an example of it, this banana loaf cake is testament!20140618-085856-32336198.jpg

You can see the palpable banana slices in the loaf itself, not just the fibres that we see in the usual banana cakes around. So you can also imagine that with the usual, it’s typically more chiffon/sponge style whereas this is definitely a dense slice. Even for me who tends to digest things really quickly and seldom fill full with just a teeny slice of cake, this kept me bloated for a while. That aside, the taste was also of course good and not too sweet or overwhelming in any area of taste. So yes, maybe the next time I will head to the Dimbulah outlet that’s near my office to check out what else they serve on their menu.