Zion Road Food Centre, Singapore

I love hawker food. Yes I really do. It is just that I have to control my desire to tuck into them because as you know, most of these scrumptious fare that tempt me are not exactly the healthiest choices of food to have. But once in a while, we do give in to temptation. Life is too short to deprive ourselves entirely, so it is ok to indulge, sometimes.

Headed to Zion Road food center one evening and we had these:

Black and white pan-fried carrot cake, the best combination for people who enjoy both and can’t make up their minds which to have. This was really good and fragrant even if their texture were fairly similar. Usually I would have preferred for the black version to be a little smaller in terms of pieces so that it catches more of the dark soya sauce, and for the white it has to have a lot of ‘chye por’. Either ways, I always want to have lots of egg because it adds to the aroma of the dish. But no pork lard please./home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/452/2193806/files/2014/12/img_0779.jpg

Barbecued chicken wings. These were a little sticky I feel, as the skin seems to just stick to my fingers and makes eating it messy. But even as it is oily, it didn’t feel as greasy as battered deep-fried wings.¬†/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/452/2193806/files/2014/12/img_0780.jpg

And who can forget char kway teow! I don’t enjoy having this fried kway teow with cockles but that is supposed to be a highlight of this dish, of course with a fair amount of egg and cured sausage (i.e. lap cheong). However, this is one dish where even if I liked it I find a whole plate of it overwhelming. I don’t have problems wolfing down fried carrot cake on my own but fried kway teow is a bit too much. ¬†/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/452/2193806/files/2014/12/img_0781.jpg


Cornerstone, Singapore

Before I visited the Green Room at Bishan Park towards the tail end of 2013, it had been a really long time since I last went there. Years perhaps. But recently I made another trip there, to check out the eatery that my friend and I almost had our annual Christmas dinner at. I recalled that we stopped by Cornerstone, took a look at their menu and was quite ready to ask for a seat when we thought that we might want to take a look at other places, which was what brought us to the Green Room instead because of its interesting concept.

Apparently, Cornerstone is opened by a friend’s friend, in partnership with someone who is a chef. Or at least that was what I was told. It was a weekend evening after a short bout of downpour which left the air muggy but we decided to sit outdoors anyway because the inside looked like it could be cold.

And yes, I know I said I am cutting down and indeed I have done so, tremendously over the last couple of years or more, but once in a while, one or two beers won’t hurt. I still don’t really enjoy the taste of alcohol, to be very honest, but sometimes it just feels right to partake in this malty beverage, or perhaps wine or something similar.

20140227-094623.jpgBuffalo wings! These were pretty tender and easy to eat, with a fork and knife no less so that I didn’t have to get my hands dirty. They come in varying degrees of spicyness but what we ordered were mild stuff. I don’t see the point of torturing my taste buds with extreme spice that can only serve to numb my tongue and make my eyes water and nose run, isn’t it better to just savour and enjoy the deliciousness of the wings?

20140227-094630.jpgAnd as always, I can never do without fries when it comes to having beer. I am an odd one, who can order fries even with other types of alcohol, say cocktails and yes, even wine! So far, I think only one other friend has indulged together with me in such weird combinations but we just love our carbohydrates that much.

20140227-094636.jpgThese were a cross between thick-cut and shoestring; these days there don’t seem to be many places, at least from the few drinking holes that I know and go to, that serve shoestring fries. Between the two, I prefer shoestring, for some strange reason, I think shoestring fries taste better, or I wonder if it is the McDonald’s effect, since among the fast food outlets, McD’s fries are the ones that I used to enjoy the most, although A&W’s curly fries were also a favourite despite them being usually too hard and stale like they have been fried and left standing for too long.

These fries came with four different types of dips, which is pretty much secondary to me. I can have my fries without any sauces and still think they taste just as good.

20140227-094641.jpgCornerstone is a pretty nice and cool place, but I think I wouldn’t recommend alfresco seating these days due to the dry weather that have led to a high incidence of mosquitoes. Oh and this area is dog-friendly I think. I’ve seen people bringing their dogs there but I’m not too sure which ones allow dogs and where of the eateries they would let them dogs into.


For a long time, I had stayed away from these. But the link was probably never broken. And perhaps I am reverting to old ways.

20140125-225605.jpgAll the sinfulness imbibed in these things.

20140125-225610.jpgThe weightiness that it bears thereafter.

20140125-225615.jpgLiving from day to day is as tiresome as trying to look beyond and ahead. Mounting feelings of wanting to just throw in the towel, surrender but to whom and what? How can yielding be possible when there is no object or subject in sight?