my daily dose of joe 

Decided to take a ‘break’ today and just head for breakfast/brunch/lunch right after the class that left me feeling a whole bunch of frustration. Despite I try to breathe and be all zen about it, I just can’t seem to do that during this particular instructor’s class. I know everyone has their quirks and need all the chances and opportunities they can get to improve, to do what they are doing, to be empathised with, to be tolerated, etc.; I need those too, but it’s just so trying each time. 

So well, this is my well deserved nosh after the extended class; yes the class always ends late if it’s this instructor teaching. But I suspect this is just going to be the first part of the supposed breakfast/brunch/lunch because it won’t be enough to satiate me for long. I will start to feel peckish. So let’s just called this brunch. Then I’ll have lunch later haha. But no more coffee later, I think one cup a day is good enough for now. Definitely won’t want to risk losing sleep or compromising the quality of it with an afternoon caffeine dose. And coffee probably isn’t such a wonderful idea with a phlegmy cough that suddenly developed out of nowhere.

Days like these. Simple bliss, comfortably nestled in a lightly air conditioned environment that isn’t freezing like the usual malls, staring and squinting to look out where the glaring sunshine is scorching the ground and people walking past.

It’s June. Time just whizzes past so fast it’s amazing that we have completed 5 months of 2017. Where did all the seconds, minutes and hours go? So many things occurring everywhere else that I’ve already lost track of them. Carpe diem. Because we never know what will happen tomorrow, so it’s important to know our priorities and live life to its fullest like today is the last, not putting off what we have always want to do.


still here.

Yes I’m still around! I’ve neglected this space. I haven’t lost my interest in writing but I just didn’t find it in me to write on anything that would be meaningful. So I have conveniently not posted anything in the last couple of months. 

Also there are other platforms for me to easily share the little things that happen in my life as compared to WordPress. But I’m still alive, all glory to God. And lord, I’m going to trust in You for everything.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Even though I started 2017 wanting to write more, this has obviously not translated into real, tangible action to do so. A month has passed, and this is my second post in as many months. That said, January has been quite a whirlwind, even as usual, nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary transpired. I could not remember what took place in the intervening days, other than the Lunar New Year that came and went just a few days ago. Lunar, because someone on Facebook mentioned how it should not be called ‘Chinese New Year’ as the festival is observed by not just Chinese. The Koreans, Vietnamese too? and several other nationalities celebrate it as well so let us just call it Lunar New Year.

This year, the office held a department lunch the day before the eve, since eve fell on a Friday and it’s traditionally a half-day off for us. For the first time, the lo-hei was an official one. In the past years, I recalled that we had a lo-hei at one of the bosses’ home when we held a BBQ at her place. Then in another year, we got lunch catered in the office and the lo-hei was either provided as part of the catered package, or we got it from outside. Either ways, I guess it’s a new practice that comes with a new boss.

Lunch at the Silk Road was a pretty pricey affair since it’s a special set menu that we were ordering. I won’t comment on the food since I do not count myself a connoisseur of food to say if it is good or bad, but the service definitely was not up to par. The restaurant was crowded, which is understandable since everyone was having their office lunar new year lunches, but they should have already expected it based on the bookings made, yet they made no (does not seem like they did anyway) plans to ramp up their staff to handle what needed to be done. We were one of the first tables there but ended up receiving tardy service; the interval time between dishes were inconsistently timed and they actually missed out one dish entirely until we had to remind them of it. Perhaps it was due to the fact that the set we picked was the lowest as compared to the other tables who seemingly ordered the premium sets?

So anyway it is a ‘free’ lunch for me, and it kicked off with the prosperity yu-sheng, which used smoked salmon instead of the usual raw fish. Not too sure if this was due to the raw fish scare that took place last year. I am not a big fan of smoked salmon but this one was still ok since I only had a slice. I was more interested in the 黄金, the crispy crackers that were so fragrant while munching.

On the eve of Lunar New Year, it’s the usual steamboat reunion dinner. Same as last year, we had it at my brother’s place and the food seems to be much less than before. We just cannot eat as much as we used to because most of us, with the exception of my nephew, are well past the age where our metabolisms can support massive eating.
Just before the Lunar New Year, I was down with a bout of flu and was / am still recovering from having phlegm stuck in my throat. But that did not stop me from feasting and enjoying the new year goodies. Though I do not binge on pineapple tarts, loveletters, bak kwa and the lot, I can actually count the number of pieces I have so far, I really let go in indulging in roasted cashews, green pea cookies and arrowhead chips. These are my kryptonite during this festive season, and they are no less heaty and unhealthy as compared to the others. Oh well, it’s once a year so I should not be so hard on myself right? The 初三 popiah party that was held, kind of like an annual tradition of my family too, again had me indulging in so much unhealthy food. Instead of eating the star dish of popiah, I was snacking non-stop on what my brother cooked with his air-fryer, a housewarming gift he received last year. Haha. So we had things like fries, chicken karaage, and prawn roll!

To balance out all that fried food, our lo-hei was a healthier version though. Put together by my aunt, it’s mainly a ginormous plate of sliced fruits, topped with the sinful sweet sauce though, and of course the 黄金, which my brother added on a copious amount with Lay’s Potato Chips – talk about innovation.

So that is 2 rounds of 捞鱼生 so far. Time to start reining in the eating!


Happy 2017. Although it’s already the third week of the new year.

Philippians 3:13-14 says:

Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind me and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

In this brand new year, I should learn to look forward and not into the past; that whatever has passed is past and put them behind me. It is ok to reminisce but to live in past memories only serve to make us get stuck in a time warp, unable to progress forward.

Well, I don’t know if there is anything that I am hanging on or holding on to in the past that is rendering me unable to look forward or move forward, but I know that action is important. We can have the best-laid plans but if no action is taken then there will never be any breakthrough. I hope that this can be the year of change for me, in all aspects of the word, that I can persevere in making the kind of changes that I want to see in my life.

Being financially-bound by commitments, the biggest of which is the housing loan that I should stop harbouring resentment towards but be filled with gratitude and gladness that I now have a roof over my head and place to sort of call “my own”, add on the various other necessary payments such as taxes and insurance premiums the latter of which medical-related ones are on the uptrend, I may be constrained with pushing forward with my initial plans to action.

That said, I still want to believe that this is going to be the year of change. Changes can come in small steps, but I need to take one step forward to make things happen.

Food for (my) thoughts

Came across a website earlier on, and read some articles that could be useful for me. One of them talks about addiction to food, which more aptly, the article states, could be “eating addiction”. There’s even a slideshow that was created to discuss it, along with groups at risk, prevention and so on.

As I clicked on the various links that expounded further on the topic of binge eating (disorder), a lot about the behaviour and feelings described resonated with me. I wonder if it could also be a case of a self-fulfilling prophecy as I try to draw myself into the box of people who may fall under the diagnosis of BED.

Looking back on 2016, so many things have happened this year that has physically and mentally worn me out. I hope I have made good progress on some fronts in terms of breaking through on some thoughts and ideas that have ceaselessly spun themselves in a spiral within the small compound of my mind. In the coming new year, I also hope that there can be real tangible progress that will move me forward, even if it is just for an inch. It certainly beats staying in the same spot, pondering the next move but never making it.

Movie Review: Passengers

Yes, I am on a roll today. I feel like I’ve neglected this space for so long, and I really want to get back into writing, even if all that I write (willingly) is for leisure and self-consumption. If only this could generate some sort of revenue that can constitute a side income, that would be great and ideal. But then again we do not live in an ideal world and so that is something that I can dream and hope for; if it doesn’t happen that way, so be it. If God has meant for it to happen, it will. If not, then I shall be content and happy just writing as a form of leisure or stress-relieve.

Back to the topic – movie. After the hiatus from movie-watching, in a span of a few days, I caught a couple of movies. The second show that I caught, on Boxing Day, was Passengers. Interestingly, Assassin’s Creed that I watched on Christmas Eve was based on mythology, while Passengers is a sci-fi movie. They are similar in that the subject matter dealt with is hypothetical. To be fair, most movies have an aspect that is hypothetical to a certain extent, I guess that is the reason why movies exist – to cater to the dreams and fantasies conjured up in the minds of humans that is currently not possible.

Passengers went down better with me in terms of how the plot played out; it flowed better for me and was way easier to grasp and understand in comparison. I am not a fan of science fiction, in fact I would have thought that mythology would appeal to me more, but I enjoyed the pace of this movie and its story. The emotional part felt more real to me, and resonated with me more, and the fact that space travel and hibernation seem more realistic than unravelling secrets through a fusion of technology, time travel and genealogy, especially with the apple of Eden thrown in the mix that supposedly held the secret to human will.

I won’t spoil the movie for anyone who is contemplating watching the movie while reading this, so I’m not talking about the plot but it shouldn’t be hard to guess. It is predictable in that way, and there are not many (if at all) twists – that wasn’t meant to be the case and clocking in at slightly less than 2 hours there also wasn’t that much room to play around if plot twists were planned.

Movie review: “Assassin’s Creed”

Aside from a recent (maybe not exactly ‘recent’ depending on how you would want to define it) movie I caught with a friend as part of the showing for the Israel Film Festival in September this year, it has been a very long time since I last caught a movie at the cinema. I cannot even remember what was the last movie that I had watched at the cinema, even though technically I visit the cinema halls fairly frequently.

On Christmas eve, my friends and I decided to spend part of the day watching a show in between our lunch and dinner. What better way to spend the eve of Christmas away from most of the crowds just feasting and enjoying right? Also, since we were at just one location for food and movie, it also meant we stayed out of the downpour that happened in the afternoon, that we were blissfully unaware of until we emerged post-movie.

Anyway, the movie we caught was ‘Assassin’s Creed’. I didn’t really know what the movie was going to be, except for a quick read of the synopsis hour before the movie when my friends asked if I was okay with catching it.

I shouldn’t think that the lack of background on a movie would have affected the viewing, but in this case, it somehow did. Apparently, Assassin’s Creed is based on a video game franchise of the same name, although the plot is original that expands on the game’s mythology. Being clueless about the the video game and the Spanish Inquisition, coupled with very little knowledge about the Templar Order, etc. got me lost in the movie. Whatever connotation I had of ‘Templar’ vaguely linked to what was being depicted in Dan Brown’s stories such as the Da Vinci Code.

Despite that, it’s quite clear and easy to grasp that the Apple of Eden was the object of desire by an organisation in current times, which they tried to obtain via scientific means that somehow to me, seemed very far-fetched and unbelievable. Maybe I am being unimaginative or too pragmatic to appreciate mythology and the vast possibilities that the reel world offers. However, the need to tell the story within a 2-hour time frame could have limited the scriptwriters’ scope in putting in a better flow of the story to render it more digestible.

I could blame myself for not watching it with a more open frame of mind, or it could boil down to the lack of patience to sit through a whole movie these days. It could still be an enjoyable show for those who revel in mythology and oh, based on how it ended (which for me was a little too abrupt), there could be high chances for a sequel.