wanderlust busted

The last time I went overseas for a vacation was in November 2019. It isn’t that long ago, since it is March now so it has been about 4 months since. But in the foreseeable months ahead, it does not appear likely that there will be any travel plans because of the unpredictability of the situation that has resulted from the virus outbreak.

I don’t think I can profess to have worked so hard that I am badly in need of a break and vacation because to be very honest, my work isn’t that… tough? As much as I struggle with it a lot, compared to the kind of tough jobs and long hours that some others put in, I don’t think I am in any position to complain that I NEED A BREAK! But, when we are creatures who crave for the novelty of a change in scenery, vacations are a good way of doing so. I once told my friend that my vacations are considered wastes of money because I pretty much do what I do when I am in Singapore, other than the fact that I do not need to do any housekeeping and I do not need to work.

I go for yoga (as much as I possibly and practically can) and then have breakfasts/brunch/whatever, at cafes. I do not really indulge much in local foods, but am happy sticking to cafe food, local-style. Mostly however, since I usually only go to Tokyo or Hong Kong, it isn’t hard to find cafes that serve coffees and sandwiches/pastries. Hong Kong fares better in this aspect, because I can find so many cafes that serve my favourite – Avocado Toast. Tokyo is a little behind on this, but then their pastries and cakes are amaze balls; which of course isn’t that great for me if I am looking to quit my sweet tooth.

That said, it is still a good change. Despite that the routine is almost the same, the differences in the surrounding environment, the bed that I sleep in, the people I see and interact with, the differences in climate, etc., all make for a break of sorts.

Yet…. it all seems quite bleak now because of all the current and potential travel restrictions, border closes imposed by more and more countries globally in a bid to stop the spread and importation of the virus. It almost seems like we are on a regression curve, anti-globalisation if you would call it?

Some people have suggested that I could do a stay-cation, which many are planning to do since we can’t travel abroad – not even to Malaysia now – and the idea of staying in a hotel is kind of like taking a holiday. But to me, it makes no difference. The fact that I will be in Singapore, means that I will do exactly as I do on weekends. The same routine. The only difference is that at the end of the day, the place I return to would be to a hotel, and not my own home. Perhaps I can get a better night’s sleep away from the cacophony created by all the surrounding neighbouring units of my flat, and then I can wake up to a hearty hotel buffet breakfast (which I absolutely ADORE) but I don’t really think that is something I would pay, not yet anyway.

Plus, I am not sure if it’s safer in the hotels, even if they are cleaning the premises thoroughly. Since we have so many imported cases, who knows if someone who has checked in may have the virus but is not displaying any symptoms yet, then the virus would be circulating courtesy of the central air-conditioning system and we would all be none the wiser, breathing in the same air for a good 1 or 2 nights. It’s an exaggeration I know, but it is a possibility anyhow.

So… I don’t know. Let’s see how things pan out.

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