it’s not personal

Comments from other people, that is.

Sometimes when we pen our thoughts on cyberspace, we may be consciously or unconsciously seeking validation from readers, and depending on our own personalities, it may or may not result in a bitter aftertaste if comments that come are not what we expect, or are less than comforting/soothing to our egos or emotional state.

It is always something I need to remind myself of, to take things with a pinch of salt. What I write should mainly be for my own benefit and consumption, as a record of my days and my life, which I can subsequently reflect on or just look back on. If someone derives value from what I had written, all is well and good. If what I had written does not go down well with them or they offer up some perspectives that I am not so happy to read, it is my responsibility to take care of my own responses and reactions. I can never control what others think or say, and there are just so many other things that are beyond my grasp of control.

So I hope this is something I can continually work on and remind myself to be conscious of. There’s really no point allowing myself to feel annoyed or upset over things I can’t change, I can’t control or that do not result in anything other than my own distressed state. Of course it’s easier said than done but we’re all works in progress.

A Japanese sweet egg omelette sandwich filled with bonito flakes. Not too bad but I think I’d still prefer it if the bread were harder and crispier.

The end of the week is finally here. I’m glad and relieved that the meeting calls this week are over.

It’s coming to the end of the fourth week of the “new” work arrangement that somehow turned out to be a little different from how it originally was meant to be. It sometimes feels surreal yet I also acknowledge how stressful it can get, both on the work front as well as the personal front.

There seems to be a lot of thoughts suddenly coming up in my mind but they’re all over the place and don’t pertain to a single topic or theme so I’ll just leave them to stew for a moment.

Weekend is near. Enjoy it.

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