moving on a step at a time

Within a day, I received word from two of my friends who shared good news with me, in relation to their professional fronts.

I knew them at different periods of my life, and although we haven’t always kept in touch since, I’m thankful for the recent reconnection.

While it was gratifying that they saw something in me to trust me with their upcoming changes, the other more noteworthy thing for me was that I was truly and sincerely happy for them. The knowledge of their progress and breakthrough didn’t stir ill feelings of resentment or envy that I am still very much in the throes of struggling in my own professional life.

It was something I would instinctively have felt in the past whenever someone shared some good news with me, and it wasn’t that I wasn’t happy for them. But in that past me, I just couldn’t feel happy for them without at the same time feeling sorry for myself and bitter that I wasn’t also making any headway, wondering when my time would come to experience something good.

Is this what transpires when one isn’t coming from a place of lack? That I truly believe that at the right time, my breakthrough will happen and their blessings DO NOT equate to mine getting lesser. It isn’t a zero sum game because we are all blessed in different ways at different times. We aren’t all fighting for the same thing and I have the full capacity of wishing them well from the bottom of my heart without having to secretly feel a stab of jealousy.