Happy 2020

Woke up today without the usual amber hues adorning the canvas of the skies that I’ve been wont to see recently on days when I didn’t rouse before the sun started making its way up above the horizon. Has the sun decided to take a longer snooze this morning or have more clouds gathered to conceal the brilliance of its rays so that the world may slumber a little more?

Checked out the weather app on my phone briefly but there wasn’t any rainfall forecasted. The local forecast on the phone app typically isn’t even anywhere near accurate however. The atmosphere felt a little cooler than a point last night when I’d awoken and felt the mugginess which had me reaching for the remote to turn on the fan that brought some respite from how stuffy it felt.

It’s a new decade. Does 1st January signify anything or hold any special significance? I opened my eyes and absentmindedly reached for my phone, seeing a few unread WhatsApp messages, which I then typed in the obligatory Happy 2020 responses. I don’t know if I really felt anything in wishing them that or it was just done out of courtesy and politeness in returning a greeting. To me, this would just be another day, albeit one where I didn’t have to go to the office!

Even yesterday when I met my friend for a late lunch, I mentioned to her how it didn’t really register in me at all that it was the last day of the year and we were just on the brink of a new decade. The yearend, somehow after Christmas was over, had lost its gravity and meaning to me. Is it a result of ageing? Christmas in itself, like I mentioned in earlier posts, has also sort of acquired a sort of bittersweet taste and made me begin to wonder if it will not change from being my favourite time of the year to one where I grow to detest.

Nevertheless… I still pray that this will be the year of alignment for me – with God – in the entirety of my life, all aspects that cover self, career, thoughts, passion, purpose, yoga and relationships.