a sweet ending

When cakes and coffee turn into breakfast/brunch/lunch all rolled into one.

That’s what weekends are made of, but probably not a good idea nutritionally.

Failed challenge. I don’t think I can cut out baked goods and sweet treats from my diet.

rain rain and more rain

The rain finally stopped after what became an almost never-ending weekend of rain. The weather was gloomy right from Friday afternoon and when the first drops of rain spilled, there was hardly any respite.

Through the sploshing through puddles while trying to make my way from office to yoga class on Friday evening as dry as practically possible, maneuvering a complex network of underpasses and sheltered walkways, to braving the relentless drizzle that fell in light and heavy spurts for a family dinner to celebrate Dad’s birthday on Friday the 13th no less, the drastic dip in temperatures definitely signalled the year-end. As much as I am not fond of getting my footwear wet from traipsing about in wet weather, or even having my clothes feel damp and clammy from the specks of rainwater that inevitably fall onto me, I really enjoy how this whole thing makes the whole Christmas season seem more real.

On both Saturday and Sunday, the rain pressed on in the early hours of the morning when I roused from bed, blinking my eyes open to a cloudy grey sky and shivering under the thin duvet cover (without the quilt inside) that I usually used as a blanket. Hot yoga in such weather felt like an awesome idea to get myself warmed up, and it felt good to just sweat for a couple of hours before once more stepping out to the cold atmosphere.

I read something online about how when we feel a lack of connection to the people at work, whether we just do not connect on a personal level or feel that maybe there is too much toxicity that we don’t really want to be a part of, the article recommended building up on relationships outside of the office. In such situations, we are not going to remain in touch with the people in office the moment/day we leave, so while we are in the midst of trying to leave, it is much better to be able to focus on work while looking forward to forging deeper ties with our friends outside. It is true I suppose, that this could be a way to take my mind off the disappointment or sadness I feel at being left out of cliques or with co-workers who fail to or are simply unable or unwilling to demonstrate the same kind of empathy I display to them. But friendship is never about equal reciprocity, in or out of the workplace. Yet this unequally yoked relationship automatically subjects one party to an automatic disadvantage when this person attaches too much weight or invests too much emotionally into the connection which the other party probably doesn’t at all.

It seems trying on too many fronts at work. Short of being able to finally discover and identify what it is that I want to do that can be a professional pursuit, the simple thought of continuing at this current place for an indefinite length of time certainly makes for a depressing one right at the start of the week, as we count down to the last 15 days of 2019.

dazed and confused

Sometimes I really don’t know what I’m doing to myself and turning my life into. Everything feels like a blur and days morph into one another that I don’t seem to feel that there was anything that was achieved yet I constantly feel as though I’ve done a great deal, otherwise I wouldn’t be experiencing this kind of exhaustion that’s seeping into every inch of my body right?

Spiced Creme Brûlée latte

I don’t usually drink milk-based coffee unless I’ve felt that I had an overdose of black coffee/Americano or if it’s a little late in the day when I felt that a milky caffeinated beverage would do less to disrupt my sleep.

But sometimes I’m intrigued to try seasonal drinks that cafés put out especially at such festive seasons, although to be honest most of them tend to be gimmicky and too sweet for me. I know it’s weird because I am a self-professed sugar addict with an incurable sweet tooth but somehow it differs from thing to thing.

So! Back to the main point. I saw this Christmas drink at Joe & Dough and I just had to try it, even if it’s just for the ‘gram.

Ta-da! I’ve a soft spot for the gingerbread man character and I just couldn’t resist this. Marshmallows are a bonus though they feature even less than secondary in my consideration.

So what’s the verdict on this? To be honest, I had not given much thought to the taste. There was perhaps a hint of cinnamon (from the spice I presume) and maybe because I had requested for it to be less sweet the barista might have been lighter on the caramel (syrup). On the whole, of course it carried a bit more taste than a regular latte would, but it also sort of muted the caffeine notes. The part of the marshmallows that were immersed in the milky mixture were fast dissolving and melting so they went into my mouth pretty quickly for me to really appreciate their taste, if any, and how they complemented the drink or not.

Also, I was trying to position Gingi (my affectionate name for gingerbread man) in all sorts of ways possible to capture the best shot but failed miserably so after a few tries I gave up and proceeded to start munching on the mini cookie. I was sorely disappointed. While I know that gingerbread man biscuits/cookies have a tendency to be less crunchy and are more of a shortbread kind of texture, this particular cookie I had, even the parts that were not soaked in the coffee, tasted soggy and stale. Stale, not in the ‘it’s probably gone bad’ kind of stale but left out in the open for too long that it has lost any kind of crisp/crunch/bite to it.

So, long story short, this is just good for a one-time try to take a photo for my own keeping and posting, but otherwise I will stick to my usual Americano.