Inertia is a funny thing. And it definitely is affected by the ease and convenience that is associated with the means.

I have not been the most inspired recently to write on the alternative platform, which although makes updating generally a breeze except for its occasional bug, has somehow still seen a gradual slowdown in putting my thoughts down or even documenting what happens on a day-to-day basis.

Even the mere thought of writing here sometimes is quenched from the consideration of judgmental opinions that I do not want to entertain or be affronted with that in their own right already make me question the reason why I would want to subject myself to them. Usually these updates are just what they are, an avenue for catharsis, which though may be replete with questions, are oftentimes rhetorical.

But I must say it’s most likely a certain jadedness in the so-called community, the overall lack of drive in life and physical lethargy exacerbated by mental fog, that’s contributing towards all these.

Despite the above-mentioned, apparently you still can’t take the verbosity out of me though. And so maybe once every now and then, I will make a reappearance.