It can be such a distressing and crippling activity.

It takes another person to ask the right questions to dig deeper, answers to questions that you never wanted to face but badly needed to. That’s what counsellors are meant to do. Yet it’s painful and extremely raw on all fronts.

Why has this been inflicted on me, where did my happy carefree self go to? I’m just a remnant and shadow of who and what I used to be, although I have lost sight of when the little nuances of change had crept in so stealthily, gradually infiltrating my being and polluting the serenity and whatever little bursts of sunshine I ever possessed within.

Would the day come when these chains are loosed from me for good, or that I may catch a glimpse of some speckle of light which I can gravitate to, regain any ounce of sanity and stability in my thoughts, allowing myself to discover and experience happiness once more?