It hurts, when someone tells you that they have too many commitments to focus on, that take up their time, silently acknowledging that because of those, they are unable to apportion any small amount of time or effort to show care and concern for you, even if you have reached out to them, helplessly, seeking some semblance of support.

But what is it that I want from them? And what is it I desire that they have been unable to give, which has planted a seed of bitterness in me. The inability to let this go, has it translated into the inability to forgive that has tied me to them and this trap, making me unhappy?

God’s word tells us to forgive, for it is only when we forgive, that we will be set free. We have to seek what we need from God, because truly only God will come through, man will only disappoint.

Chinese New Year, with its various defining characteristics, is upon us.

The usual hot and sunny weather that I have always associated with this period, the familiar smells of sodium-laced steamboat broths wafting in the air from the neighbours’ flats, the cheesy CNY songs on the airwaves, splashes of red and pink decorating homes and malls… there’s a little bit of nostalgia that is invoked in me each year when this season swings around. As I reminisce sometimes I feel a little sad at what’s gone and never will be recaptured. But memories serve that purpose, and I do suppose that learning to accept that life is never stagnant and changes are what make life interesting, is what can then help me to move on, and look forward.

God has promised a life more abundant when Jesus went to the cross, and it behoves me to trust in the lord and His provision for every need that I have in life.

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