finding peace. letting go.

Four simple words, yet it’s probably one of the hardest things to do.

Whether as a believer or not, we are always advised to “let go”. As a believer, the phrase that follows would be “let God”, and for the non-believer, simply it would be to “not sweat the small things”.

Yet there are also those who advocate exercising control over our lives because we are the masters of our lives, the one who charts our own destiny. But we can’t deny that in life, some things are just beyond our control, be it by some divine intervention or cosmic coincidence, and the best course of action would be to just go with the flow and not try so hard to wrestle an ironclad grip on things and thereby subjecting ourselves to the frustration, stress and helplessness when things don’t go our way.

That, is something I am trying very hard to ingrain in me, to not sweat the small things, slow down and accept that not every moment has to be spent rushing from point to point, place to place, that there are some things that are just beyond my realm of control that should not become the source of my frustration, that there will always be those inconsiderate and idiotic beings ‘that’ (sic) I have to coexist with in this world, and take my time to smell the roses, enjoy life for what it has to offer, as I gradually search out and live the purpose of my life as ordained and planned by God.

Because life is short. And moments short lived. Like the fireworks that are set off in the stark night sky, illuminating the once pitch darkness with their brilliance, if only for those split seconds, with aplomb and gasps of amazement from onlookers, only to leave a smoky trail shortly after, returning the night once more to its initial darkness.

There are times like these, when I can think rationally and calmly, that peace finds its place in my heart.

But yet there are also those times when all calmness departs from me like air escaping a puncture balloon, when hell breaks loose and I struggle to gain any semblance of control over how my thoughts run and which direction they head.

Saturday. Enjoy the weekend, before a new week starts again.

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