creeping doubts

Boleh. Means “Ok” in Malay, I think?

So am I boleh, or tak boleh?

There are always times when doubts start to creep up on us, like a thief, stealthily, attempting to scrap away the peace that we are painstakingly building up each and every day of our lives.

In a short span of a month or 30 days, so much seemed to have happened that time seems to have really flown by and the 720 hours unrecountable.

It is also with this slippage of time that doubts have started forming, following that almost positive-sounding last post I made. I begin to question if indeed I had erred again, stepped onto a path that will cause me to deviate even more than what I thought I’d planned on doing. If I had, then surely I hadn’t learned my lesson, and have plunged myself deeper into a ravine of no return.

But… as I got reminded, life is always full of unexpected twists and turns. Especially in this time and age, borrowing from the overused term depicting our times – disruption – change is prevalent and necessary. We never know where each step forward will bring us. And taking the biblical perspective, even if I might have missed my footing and embarked on a wrong path, God will always make things good and guide me back, cause doors to be opened for my sake; I only need to believe, and even with each step right or wrong, there will always be a lesson to learn and grow from.

I read today, that “every decision we take in life does make us either a little bit lighter, or heavier.” So is it upon us to make that decision that would cause us to feel lighter, and perhaps then, happier and with greater contentment in life?

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