in the driver’s seat

An analogy was shared with me recently, as an exercise of sorts for me, to visualise myself as a driver of a bus, heading towards a destination which contains the things that I value in life.

In this bus are several passengers, and my work was to identify and name them, which could be an emotion, a feeling or even a personification of one of these.

I name quite a few, and as I went along I realised how the cacophony that these passengers were creating was causing the bus to detour, to slow down or even to fall into potholes, impeding me from heading towards where the bus was headed.

So what do I do with them?

My first reaction was to offload them. Haha. But I think that wasn’t an option available to the driver, like we’ve seen how the UA passenger was forcefully offloaded and a lawsuit eventually ensued.

The way to respond to them can be to surrender/obey, which really doesn’t help, fight them, which would further cause the bus to slow down or worse head in an entirely different direction because then the bus driver would’ve been distracted, and third, to acknowledge and accept them for what they are. The last seems similar to the first I thought, because both involve not doing anything with/to these noisy rowdy passengers, but therein lies the difference – the driver’s reaction.

Accepting them doesn’t mean obeying. Acknowledging the existence of an emotion or an unpleasant feeling, and accepting it with logic or rationale to refute the untruths, is completely different from bowing in to the crushing weight of the negative emotion, i.e. giving in.

The hard work now would be how I can acknowledge and accept and come up with valid and convincing arguments against them.

Brunch today! Classic Brie sandwich with an Americano. Unfortunately this didn’t seem to provide enough fuel after 2 grueling hours of hot yoga this morning!!

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