Yay to the fact that the app is still alive and around.


To be honest, while I still lurk and read the posts, I’ve started to grown a little detached. I no longer feel as inclined to post because I don’t know if it will suddenly decide to vanish again. Besides, the community has also grown a little distant. Friendships have formed, been taken offline, and there they have stayed. I don’t think it would be a place where I’ll have the opportunity to make connections that go further than leaving some comments and liking someone’s posts, vice versa.

Perhaps I just am the sort to make friends through the more conventional ways. There are friends I’ve made over the years for whom I can’t really offer up an easy and quick response when someone asks, “so how did you guys meet?” but then it was almost always still through face-to-face meet-ups, even if those happen in the most unlikely times and circumstances.

Oh well, I guess I’ll stick to the same old, and stick to posting here instead.

And.. the combination of sourdough bread, avocado and copious serving of no-salt organic peanut butter… simply divine.

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