is this the end?

I wonder if this meant that the plug has been pulled for good. There were a couple of April posts that I think hadn’t been exported, and I don’t really get how come the downloaded posts from the file don’t seem to show any images – each image has this little circular cross icon – but oh well. At least I still get to retain the text, and I’ve the back up of almost all the posts already anyway.

I’ve been so tired this entire week it feels like a totally different life I’m leading now. There were things, such as household chores that I had time to do then but now I’m just wiped out the moment I step into my home that I don’t really want to do anything, besides the fact that time just wasn’t on my side as well.

Maybe I’ll need to think about how best to economise my time so that I can still get the minimal done, including laundry.

Or hopefully with time and as I get into the groove of things so to speak, I’ll be better able to juggle this life and not feel so worn out.


2 thoughts on “is this the end?

    • I didn’t read any instructions haha! I only opened the downloaded file and clicked on a couple of the files zipped inside; wasn’t too sure what application my pc used to open them. Will try again though, thanks for the tip!

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