weekend away

A time of no-holds-barred bingeing, with zero exercise.

Too much food and now that I’m back, the sweet tooth is still acting up, much stronger than before.

This was a highlight of the trip, something we waited almost an hour for, perhaps exactly that. Can’t say for the 3 other meats, chicken was ordinary and I didn’t take any siew yoke or duck, but the char siew was AMAZING. I won’t go as far as to say it’s the best I’ve had because honestly I cannot remember all the good or bad char siew I’ve had in my entire lifetime, but in terms of our Southeast Asian type of char siew, if there was ever such a type, it was nicely charred at the edges with some burnt though, and yet not dry. In comparison it isn’t as juicy as the Hong Kong type of char siew but this was nice and tender, and there were some fatty parts too, which of course I didn’t have because I just don’t like fatty meat.

For all of that on the table which was meant to be for 4 persons, the total bill worked out to be approximately S$15. My friend said it’s about what we would have paid for 4 plates of char siew/chicken/duck/roast pork rice in Singapore anyway but then this is much more meat I’d say? And with an added plate of vegetables!

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