Blessings by Laura Story

While on the topic of practising gratitude and giving thanks, the cynic in me mentioned about the difficulty of doing so when one is in the thick of an emotional surge.

For example, how would you find it in yourself to give thanks if you are out in the open without an umbrella and it starts pouring? That was just one of the examples that came out but I’m sure there were more I talked about too.

I was introduced to this song and asked to notice the lyrics; I almost laughed when we reached the stanza that went “Cause what if your blessings come through raindrops”.

But the lyrics were truly meaningful and it reminded me of a post that I read recently of someone whose blog I follow, about how God sets us up, and this song reinforced the thoughts she shared, that we go through trials and tribulations to make us stronger and become who God wants us to be.

I don’t know what is the purpose behind my resignation from my last job, as with all other jobs, the long and growing period of unemployment with little success in finding a job where I’m looking, but I know that God has His reasons for putting me through what I’m going through, but I’m just a little too dense to understand Him and how He is building me up and setting me up for the life that I’m learning to love.

There are people who come and go in my life and it’s indeed disheartening that some close friends seemed to have chosen the flight option when I decided to be vulnerable and open myself up to them. But with people who have left, I believe there will be others who will come to fill the void and space. My life hasn’t been one where there has been any constancy in terms of the people in my life, or yeah the jobs that I hold.. but that’s how my life is and I have to learn to embrace it, and accept that not everyone has a core and steadfast group of friends who will be on the journey throughout life.

It won’t be resignation and losing hope in friendships but it will be something I will need to work hard to understand, accept as a part of my life, and instead live my life how it is meant to be, without a group sticking throughout but rather enjoying the love from those who are here with me during their season in my life.

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